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  1. can you tell me what site that was that you found that you could change your hairstyle..was it free?

  2. I did this yesterday, it was my first too! OMG, it was so exciting! haha and yummy!
  3. If you want to do this but the 9 weeks seems to aggressive, try this one, http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-detail.asp?articleid=26 Its a couch to 5K over 16 weeks..might be better for people who are carrying extra weight. A bunch of us just started this program in the T20's board. Im really liking it..Its less confusing as you can choice when to run your mins..Check it out and Great Job to all of you~!
  4. Thats funny, every grocery store does that here..most of the places its a dollar..
  5. I would guess that the juice has alot of sugars in it causing it to be more points. Im sure that all canned fruits (in juice) are like that.
  6. Thank you so much for your repsonse! Thats awesome!
  7. Hi, Im wondering if anyone can give me some info on excersises that are targeted to your hips? A friend of mine was asking aroudn if anyone knew any good workouts for her hips, she thinks they are huge (they're not) and wants to slim down. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Drink more water! I always try to drink more water when I am pmsing..that helps to keep the water flowing But if that doesnt help, be comforted to know that at the end of your week you will pee it all out :angel
  9. Okay I lied, the nutrition info is so deceiving..My leader was so upset at the meeting on Saturday because she ate alot of these cookes..we worked them out to be 1 pt each also or 4 cookies for 3 pts..Very devastating for some people..My leader actually gained!!
  10. All of these cookies are different nutritional value. I know that my maple ones are 1 pt for 2 cookies..but some of the others are higher..make sure that you check the box..Also the nutritional value varies from Canadian to American products even if they are the same thing..I know that skinnycow ice cream sandwhiches are 3 pts here, but 2 pts in the states..SO use your slider!
  11. I had my WI on Saturday and I lost 2 more lbs, bringing me to a total loss of 25.2lbs! So I got my fridge magnet
  12. Hi Lori, Here is the link to the website.. www.slimjim.com I couldnt find nutritional info so I got the number for you 1-800-242-6200. Hope that helps.
  13. I had my WI on saturday morning and I have lost another 1.4 lbs for a total of 21 lbs! I was also thinking about this a bit, since they day I gave birth to my son (who is over a year old) I have lost almost 80 lbs! Thats crazy!!!
  14. bskc1991- I totally agree that it is helpful to be reminded to stay on program. But to be told; "That's not an excuse. Husbands want a skinny wife." Is just plain ludicrus! No body needs to be made to feel shameful about their weight. And to be told that her husband wants a skinny wife is just so odd..so is she supposed to leave and think, "oh no, my DH is going to leave me for a skinny wife" ? LOL! Just horrible. I hope she goes back to the 50's where she came from. Sorry, but that really offends me, and if it was me who was spoke to like that, she'd have another thing coming to her!
  15. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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