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  1. YES...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Panini's as well !!!
  2. Hi all... Just thought I'd share this "new" find for me (although I think it has been out on stores for a while). It's Lean Cuisines BBQ Chicken Pizza -- 7 Points, and it cuts out your PMS craving (sweet and a bit salty, but not too salty); the bbq sauce is sweet and it's sooooooo satisfying!!! I wasn't looking for anything sweet or salty afterwards!!!! Just thought I'd share Theresa
  3. Freighofers (sp?) 100% whole wheat. 1 point for 1 slice. I've been eating this bread for years !
  4. LOL!! Thank you everyone for your help, I got something else to eat besides that - "Cheesesteak Pizza" - it's probably a lot of points, but I still have flexpoints and AP points left, so I think I'll be okay (crosses fingers) although AFTER I finished eating, about 5 minutes later I got on the scale and it according to it, I still lost 1 lb., so I don't even know how much I lost - HOPEFULLY more. Is it true that if you weigh in after eating you weigh more (hmm, i guess that is common sense huh?)
  5. Hi there Buddies I am hoping someone here can help!?!? I woke up Wanting a rice ball (rice, some peas, a little ground beef all in a ball w/bread crumps on top). I want to have one for dinner, and actually have a good 8-10 points left for dinner. I was wondering if anyone knows the points of a rice ball?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated ! Thank you!
  6. ^^ LOL!!! I should get my skates in today - and like you I'm gonna practice in my apt. til I feel comfortable enough again going out in the parking lot or something lol, but I honestly can not wait - I use to love it when I was younger !! I tried roller blades, but they just are not the same .... enjoy your roller skating Lizzy
  7. OMG - this is sooooooooo funny - I just bought a pair of REGULAR skates (can't do inline either)!!! I just hope I remember how to ride them (haven't ridden regular skates in YEARS)....have you started yet??? Did it just come back like natural??? I can't wait to get my skates !
  8. Okay - so I want to make steak on my George Foreman Grill tomorrow, but I want to start marinating it in the morning, etc...now I am single, and would just be cooking for me, what kind of steak would you recommend by size/points??? Also, any steak tips to marinating (probably a lil oil, garlic, pepper and salt)?? Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated!!! Have a great day buddies.
  9. Okay - so the walking will eventually help then I am assuming...I'm just trying to get my jeans up over the butt/hips area and I guess it's way too soon - I'll give it another month - by my birthday (May 26) is a good goal !! Thank you for your help !!!
  10. Hi Buddies ! I was wondering if anyone can direct me in the right direction - I'm looking to trim down my butt/lower abdomen and hips, and really need some help with exercises that are helpful for this?!?! I walk almost every day, but I think I need to do more to focus on those other areas. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated !
  11. OMG - thank you soooo much, I didn't know they had a nutritional guide there - so for my donut it was 6 points - phew and I was gonna put it as 10 - thank God I looked there (Thank you again)!!!!!
  12. Okay - I had a "Chocolate Filled donut" at dunkin donuts this morning...and I went on Dottis site and said it was 5 points...but for some reason I don't want to believe something this good can be so little points?!?!? Anyone know for sure if that's the right point value?!? Thank you in advance for your help!!
  13. These are one of the STAPLES for me - I absolutely love them!!!
  14. ^^^ Awesome - thank you very much Misty !!! LOL - I ate exactly a cup too -
  15. I have a question...How many points is it for a cup??? Does anyone know???? It says on the box - 2 oz. = 3 points...but I don't have a scale to weigh it...any help would be appreciated
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