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  1. Katie, great site. Thanks for sharing. I continue to believe you're an angel!!!! Healthylady
  2. Well, mine was black hammer. 2% here. Healthylady
  3. Well, I want to join again this week. Sunday: 60 min aqua aerobics class; 35 min weight lifting Monday: 30 min alliptical, 20 min walk Tuesday: 60 min water aerobics, 60 min strengh and tone, 30 min weight lifting Wednesday: no exercise Thursday: 60 min Pilates, 60 min aerobics, 35 min weight lifting Friday: 60 min water walking, 30 min elliptical Saturday: Healthylady [ June 21, 2004, 12:47 PM: Message edited by: healthylady ]
  4. You look fantastic!!!!!! You're our inspiration. Congratulations on your incredible weight loss. WTG! Healthylady
  5. Katie, I absolutely adore water aerobics. I take 4 aqua aerobics classes a week, and I can only give fantastic reviews to working out in the water. Healthylady
  6. Michelle, truly amazing!! Congratulations!! Give yourself a huge hug for all of us. Healthylady
  7. Congratulations on your great success. Maintenance should be easy if you remember what a tremendous commitment it took for you to get to goal. Never lose this perspective. WTG. Healthylady
  8. Congratulations, Dee on rediscovering parts of your body. Good job, buddy. Healthylady
  9. Dawna, you're my hero!!!! getting up at 4:40am to exercise!!! Wow! Sunday: 60 min yoga class, 25 min weight lifting, 15 min crosstrainer Monday: 60 min aquaaerobics Tuesday: No exercise Wednesday: 60 min aquarebics, 30 weight lifting Thursday: 60 min aquaerobics Friday: Away Saturday: Away Everybuddy have a great week. Healthylady [ May 26, 2004, 11:54 PM: Message edited by: healthylady ]
  10. I have an overuse injusry called "iliotibial band tendonitis. It's also called "runners knee." I've seen a podiatrist who recommended physical therapy along with modalities. I spent weeks doing the PT, and taking it easy with my exercises. But, once I returned to regular excercise and the PT was over, I notice that the pain has returned again. I'm at a wits end! Can any of you relate to this condition.? And if so, is it curable? The pain in my knee sometimes drive me bananas. Thanks in advnce for direct action that helps alleviate the pain. Thank you very much Healthylady
  11. Ready to join this wonderful group of exercisers. Monday: 60 min aquaerobics. Tuesday: 60 min aquaerobics, 60 min strengh and stretch clas, 40 min weidht lifing Wednesday: 60 min yoga class, 25 min walk, 20 min crosstrainer Thursday:No exercise - knee pain (ITB syndrome) Friday: No exercise Saturday:No exercise - knee problem Thanks, Dawna, for doing this. Healthylady [ May 22, 2004, 10:42 AM: Message edited by: healthylady ]
  12. OK, I'm joining this wonderful group of exercisers. Sunday, 60 aqua aerobics class, weight lifting, 10 min crosstrainer Monday: Day off Tuesday, 30 min waalk Wednesday: 30 min walk Thursday, 60 min Yoga class Friday: 10 min crosstrainer Saturday: 60 min water aerobics, 60 min water ai chi, 20 min weight lifting Thanks, Dawna. Healthylady [ April 24, 2004, 02:37 PM: Message edited by: healthylady ]
  13. Fantastic achievement. Congratulations. You're my hero. Thanks for being our inspiration. Healthylady
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