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  1. I like Fiber One and Fiber Plus bars, assorted fruit, a small container of mixed nuts, babybel cheese, Laughing Cow wedges, high fiber bread and some lean roast beef or turkey with some low fat mayo and maybe some spicy mustard. I keep sliced tomato, onion, sandwich sliced pickles and lettuce for sandwiches ready to build and/or go if needed (kinda like a picnic) ;-)
  2. Well, the bad news...unemployed again. The job lasted 4 weeks. Back in the PJ pants and Tshirts. I'm having a harder time sticking to the WW plan but, I'm doing my best. I keep telling myself "life happens."
  3. Maybe you could look up their website and have them shipped to you. I do that with some products that I can't get here anymore in North Carolina. I can get Miss Merangue cookies almost any grocery store here.
  4. Go to the Home page on this site. The Weight Watcher's Points Plus calculator is free for your use or here: http://www.healthdiscovery.net/links/calculators/ww_point_plus_calculator.html But, it won't tell you what your PP limit is, sorry. Mine is 33 points plus. I'm 47 years old. 219 lbs.
  5. You are going in the right direction now. I, myself am doing WW online "only" now and I was very successful doing both years ago but, can't afford both right now. At least I'm back. I regained the weight I lost 4 years ago, plus more, for a total of a 75 lb. weight gain. I took pictures of myself this time in a bikini (ick!) and will keep up with new pictures of myself monthly. I've been unemployed almost a year and my clothes are extremely tight! I got a job and start next week!! I've been living in PJ pants and Tshirts! Welcome back, Renee...you can do this!!
  6. I'm back as well (after 4 years/75 lb. gain) with a lot more faith than I had before. I'm 47 yrs. old now and I know it will be harder but, I feel if I'm making healthier choices I will be healthier and that is all that matters to me. I found that eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables help me the most with 8 glasses of water or more per day. Sticking to that everyday is hard for me, though. I have a very low income and my husband doesn't eat any fruits or veggies and I'm the only with an income. He is a meat and potatoes man and cooks Country style (lots of Crisco) and loves to deep fry. He cooks dinner. But, anyway, enough about me, this is about you....Welcome back, Sandy, you are heading in the right direction!! You can get to goal if you tell yourself you CAN. ;-)
  7. I'm back as well and determined to stick with it for life. Old habits never keep the weight off. This is a lifestyle change. Welcome back. You can do this!
  8. Thank you for the calculator, waiting to get one also
  9. Welcome! Glad to have you here! CW - I can't seem to figure out how to start a new thread. Please, tell me how. Thank you!
  10. You look so much younger! WOW!
  11. Maybe your body is getting used to the points you've been eating. Are you eating high sodium foods the day before weigh-in? Are you weighing-in at the same time of day each week? I weigh-in in the morning after waking up with no food or drink in me yet. What are you wearing each week when weighing-in? These all can be factors. I eat all my points, plus some on occaision and still have been loosing weight. Good luck! You can do this! Never give up.
  12. My fiance says I look fine as I am and it's on the inside of a person that matters. Shakes his head about what I eat (we eat totally different). He hates fruits/vegetables and thinks what I eat is gross. Since we got together I gained 60 lbs. I've had enough. I had to do something about it. He cooks with lots of butter, crisco and such and he has always been at a healthy weight. We cook separate now and it makes him mad. He will not eat leftovers and lots of food gets tossed in the trash.
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