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  1. I bought the Banana flavor last night. I mostly bought these bc it says that they are made from whole wheat flour. That is a much HEALTHIER snack than the WW snack cakes that are white flour and full of white sugar.


    I can't ever just eat one of those.:mad:

    I'll try these soon.

  2. i'm going to get a couple of these.


    My family loves to eat pizza Sunday night after church. This would be a better choice for me.

    We eat cheap Tortino's pizza from the oven and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. That show has all of us crying. Yes, even my hubby.


  3. Rasha,


    I actually start to itch when I exercise.

    I use to say it was because I am ALLERGIC to exercising!:crazy:

    But my doctor told me that it was caused from a release of histamine and taking an antihistamine would stop it. But benedryl makes me slllleeeeeeppppyyy:sleep:

  4. Daisy,


    I have a mini trampoline that I purchased from a sporting good store it cost around $55.00.

    I jog in place on it and walk on it.

    I actually do WATP on it and move to the floor everynow and then.

    What makes it so tough is the resistance as we move up and down on the trampoline. It also is very good for building our BONES!:jump_jack

    That's right! It will make your bones stronger.

    Just start off at 5 minutes a day and add a minute as you can.;)

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