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  1. You look Great! Your dog is so cute!
  2. YOu LOOK great! What an inspiration! You will be at goal in no time.
  3. You look awesome! Can you give us some tips?
  4. Hey Gals, Thanks for all the tips. I appreciate positive feedback! I actually did have the cereal in my salad yesterday w/ yogurt dressing. It was fabulous! Thanks again, Yvonne
  5. does anyone know why we must eat our cereal with milk?
  6. I thought about mixing the 2 cups dry shredded wheat cereal w/ 2 tsp. olive oil and some dry ranch dressing. Mix together to coat and bake at 350 for 15 minutes just to allow the flavors to set in. Would this be core?
  7. Hey Guys, I'm REALLY starting Core today. I have had some health problems that threw me off track but now I am ready. I wanted to know if we can make crunchy snacks out of our Core Cereal such as shredded wheat? This morning I REALLY wanted a salad so I added some shredded wheat for crunch. It tasted great. Do ya'll have any suggestions? Thanks, Yvonne
  8. I saw your pic last night too. You look great. How did you feel about the way that your pictures were showed? I felt like they used your pictures and others as advertisment for the Biggest Loser website diet. What did you think?
  9. You LOOK great girl!!!! I'm built very similiar to you. Where can I get the sailor suit??? Thanks, Yvonne
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