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  1. Wonder if you could put the hot sauce in a spray bottle and spray it on lightly. Just a thought. It sounds wonderful - LOVE hot sauce! Thanks for the tip!
  2. Yum! Will definitely have to try this! I LOVE Buffalo Chicken...just not all the points! And I'm with you all on the FF Ranch!
  3. Paris, your photos are great! You look mah-velous! Way to go!!!! :bcbsalute
  4. They are good, but like some of the other posters, I can't buy them. They are so light (read: non-filling) that I can't stop at one. They probably would be good to serve to company though, and may buy them for that reason in the future.
  5. WOW! This is great news! I've gotten tired of buying the reduced cal/low fat varieties, and once home finding out they are totally not worth the points or the cash! Thanks for giving us the go-ahead on this one!
  6. How funny! Amy - loved the points you made!!
  7. WOW! What a deal for 1 pt. I don't eat chips often, but once in a while I will have them as a snack. I love being able to have individual portions, so there's no temptation. Will look for them next time I grocery shop. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. America'sSweetheart - great idea on the 3 point snack! Love the cheese and the 100 point packs!
  9. I got mine at Meijers, but I've seen them at Giant Eagle as well. Good luck!!!
  10. I got a box of these the other day while I was grocery shopping. I was prepared for a rather bland taste, but they were surprisingly good! I'm not much of a breakfast eater, so these are perfect to get me going.
  11. I bought the apple...not sure why. I'm not really an "apple-flavored" person. It's okay, but I'm sure those that like apple-flavored things would like it. I think I'd like the peach better.
  12. Are they located in the bakery or in the bread aisle? Thanks!
  13. OHMYGAWSH! Now that's a deal!!! Please let us know what brand it was, or is all ready-to-eat basically the same points value? I can see where it would be great for a BLT sandwich!
  14. What a bummer! I bought both of these this week at the supermarket and was looking forward to getting some recipes for them. I really liked the reduced fat pie idea with the cheesecake pudding. Sorry to hear it didn't turn out as expected. Has anyone tried the lemon sf/ff pudding yet?
  15. I have also seen them at Giant Eagle...I'm assuming they will be available at most grocery stores soon
  16. I picked these up last week also, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! My DH saw them in the fridge last night and went to grab one, I about had a heart attack! There aren't many things I would feel so strongly about, but don't mess with my Starbucks!
  17. I bought the 32 oz. size of Dannon plain, non-fat yogurt.
  18. Ooops! Guess that is a pretty important bit of information.... For a whole cup it would be 3 points.
  19. Got this from my meeting this week.... 1 large container of plain yogurt 1 small box of sf, ff chocolate pudding (dry...DO NOT prepare) Mix both together...and store in yogurt container. Ready when you want a serving. Top each serving with ff Cool Whip if desired. Really helps cure my chocolate craving, and lets me get my dairy servings in a little easier.
  20. Well, I haven't been able to find it yet, but I decided while I'm waiting for it to show up in my local stores I would add some Benefiber powder to my regular yogurt. Seems to work just fine...I don't notice it being in the yogurt, and I like the thought of it there than in my coffee...
  21. WOW! This sounds awesome! I love yogurt, and I just started taking some extra fiber daily...this would surely help! Thanks for sharing!!!
  22. I've been doing this for years with green beans...my kids can't get enough! The longer you cook them (I use beef bullion), the better they are.
  23. I totally agree with you on the walking shoes being stiffer. I wonder if that's why my legs are getting so tired (not enough cushioning along with the stiffness of the shoe). I'm really excited to go out on payday and shop for a good pair! Are there any that you personally recommend I look at Lainie? I realize that I will need to try them on, etc., but it would be nice to have an idea where to start. This is the first time I've ever shopped for running shoes, and I'm really excited....mostly because never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be able to run, walking wore me out, and now here I am jogging and running for 2 miles at a time! Yay me! I'm really hopeful that running shoes will make a difference in my endurance!
  24. Thanks for the info and links, Frisky! Looks like I'll be investing in a pair of running shoes for myself...NEVER thought I'D be saying that!
  25. I just recently started running on the treadmill...I've been doing the walk/run training and am now running more than I walk (YAY!), but I notice that my legs get tired after a few minutes even though the rest of me isn't. I've been wearing my walking shoes for this, and am wondering if there would be any benefit to getting pair of running shoes. I really don't know what the difference is, or if it would help any. Any advice? Thanks!
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