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  1. This sounds wonderful. I'm going to make it for dinner tomorrow night!
  2. This sounds really good! I love dips and salsa, so appreciate any variations. Thanks for posting it!
  3. This sounds absolutely divine! Something the kids would definitely eat, and I could actually share with them. Thanks for posting!
  4. That sounds like the PERFECT meal! Have it on my shopping list already! Thanks for the info.
  5. Yum! These sound really good, and low in points. I'm not big on breakfast, so these sound perfect. I've already been to Walmart twice this week...and it's only Wednesday! Maybe I'll have to wait until next week.
  6. Things went very well at Buca last night! The 10 of us ordered 3 different main dishes, so there was a variety of foods. I had a small portion of my favorite Italian food, and I drank a lot of iced-tea with Splenda, too so that helped me fill up quick. With 10 of us there, there was a lot of talking and catching up, so I wasn't so focused on this table full of food. I left feeling very proud of myself for staying OP and within my points range. I even came home and put in 2 miles on the treadmill! Thanks for all the suggestions and support!
  7. I so want to be a runner! I keep trying to do some of the programs I've seen in magazines, where you walk 5 minutes, run for 1 and build up from there over the weeks. But that running one minute even kills me. I get really bad shin splints (even with stretching beforehand), and just can't seem to get the breathing right. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  8. Wow! Seems like WATP is the majority vote....must mean it's good. Thanks for all the suggestions! I just looked and my library has copies of some of the WATP videos. I'll check them out (no pun intended).
  9. This sounds REALLY REALLY good, but a little high in points for 1 slice. Wonder if it's because of the margarine? Might have to see if I can doctor this a little (using light bread and low-fat or ff margarine), but sounds like something even the kids would enjoy.
  10. Yummy sounding! With all the ingredients I love! Another good recipe for this weekend! Thanks for sharing it!
  11. The weather just turned downright chilly here today...cool enough to get the fireplace going. These pancakes sound perfect for breakfast tomorrow! I even have pumpkin in the pantry Can't wait to try them!!! Thanks for posting!
  12. WOW! This is awesome...I had seen these not too long ago and thought, "Who would ever buy this stuff." NOW I see all the wonderful opportunities to use them. Thanks for reminding me. And those meringues sound wonderful!
  13. I found a bunch of different SF flavors at TJ Maxx.
  14. Just wondered if anyone had any advice on what I can order at an Italian restaurant that wouldn't be too points-y. We are taking my parents out for their 50th anniversary tomorrow night at Buca di Beppo. Unfortunately this restaurant doesn't give an online menu or nutritional values. I know I can have the salad sans dressing, but I'm more concerned with the main course. I know they recently cut their portion sizes to feed two people, so will definitely be sharing an entree. Would welcome any and all suggestions! Ali
  15. The toasted marshmallow sounds awesome!
  16. Bought the Cookies & Cream bars over the weekend......WONDERFUL!!!! I can't believe they are only 2 points! I also got the WW Ice Cream Sandwiches, and had one of those today, they are WONDERFUL as well. It's so nice to have a special treat that isn't a point killer.
  17. Carol, I just read your quote in your signature. Cracked me up! I can just HEAR Dr. Phil saying that! Love it!
  18. I've never been one for breakfast at all...I usually not human until noon. But since I've started WW, I'm making breakfast a must. Today I had an english muffin (2pt) with egg beaters (1pt), a slice of ham (0 pt. (for 4 slices it was one pt. so actually one slice would be .25 pts - not worth counting)), and a slice of cheese (1pt). Tasted just like a McMuffin, but only 4 pts not 11:D . And it really only took me 2 minutes to make. Now that's my idea of cooking!
  19. Just curious if anyone has an exercise video they recommend for beginners. I have some step aerobic tapes (and a step), but I don't think I'm quite ready to start all that hopping and tricky movement. I'd like to start with some basics and work my way up. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Ali:exercise2
  20. I'm speechless! You have done an amazing job! What an inspiration to us all!:bcbsalute Thank you for sharing your site with us.
  21. I came across this thread while looking for this exact topic! Imagine that, LOL! I HATE water. Honestly! I can't drink plain water, even bottled water....I actually gag.:eek: Now I'm sure this is all in my mind, there's no argument there, but it makes it impossible for me to get my 8 glasses in a day. Someone recommended this Sam's Choice "water" from Walmart. It's called Clear American, and it's caffeine, calorie and sodium free. It comes in all kinds of flavors, and is carbonated. I can drink this and enjoy it, and would even go so far as to give up diet soft drinks in place of it. What I'm wondering is, would this this actually take the place of my water that I'm not getting? I would love to think that it does, because up to this point, I'm lucky if I drink one glass of water a week! And I'm sure that my body is paying a price for that. Please tell me this is an acceptable substitute
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