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  1. Wow...thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, jen. You are awesome!
  2. Oh thank you so much Jenn. I definately have started MAKING the time...I work out at least 4 times a week 1 hr at a time....It's more cardio than anything. I think I get it now though...I 'm going to switch off days with cardio and strength training. THANK YOU
  3. Thank you for the reply...yeah that would be great if you could share. I have been doing Richard since May i worked out diligently but slowed down after about 2.5 months....I bought another video thats a bit more intense....since losing my weight I have noticed my upper arms are a bit "flabby"....not very cute I've tried working the weight machines at the gym, but don't seem to be doing it right because I'm not sore.....so I'm an open for any suggestions....thank you again!!
  4. I have been doing the Richard Simmons dvd's...they have really worked for me. The only problem is I am not losing any inches....I have joined a Gym but have fallen out of the "work out mode" I've started working out with Richard again but would love some ideas on good workouts either at the gym or home targeting losing inches.......please help!!!
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