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  1. What does this consist of? Also does anyone know if whey protein powder is a core food?
  2. You look wonderful! All that hard work paid off. Thanks for sharing. Oh and Go Tigers!
  3. I am so excited!! I Love Allie and allison they are two of my favs. I especially like Allie her routines are so much fun and she reminds you to check form throughout her routines.
  4. This is a little late because I have been travelling a lot for work. I have missed the firm workouts! Here is my goal for the week. Tuesday-Aerobic Body Shaping-DONE!! Wednesday-UCB-DONE Thusday-Fat Blasting Cardio..changed to ABS DONE!!! My favorite Friday --TBD Saturday-Total Muscle Shaping
  5. CONGRATS!!!! Keep up the good work=) Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.
  6. newme7

    I made GOAL!!!!

  7. I love my new balance shoes. I kinda have wide feet and I found these to fit the best. I don't do a lot of running but mostly run/walk alternating. They were comfy right from the first workout. I am also using them for aerobics(the Firm) and they have been great for that also. Good Luck
  8. Well I did Express Cardio Yesterday for the first time and it was so much Fun. A little different than the others. It will definately take me a few times to get the moves all the way down because it is pretty fast paced but a great addition to my collection. Thank You Tiffany!!! Maybe after dinner I will get a chance to do my new Firm Yoga.
  9. Well this is going to be a short week for me since I was out of town. But I plan on working hard. Here is my plan: Tuesday-Express Cardio & 3 mile walk DONE Wednesday-Ultimate Calorie Blaster DONE Thursday-Total Muscle Shaping-DONE Friday-Fat Blasting Cardio + Yoga Saturday- 3 mile walk and Jiggle Free series TBD
  10. A tankini showing a little skin. I would love to be able to dress simple and look good....jeans, flip flops, a little tank top and a necklace to dress it up. It looks so cute and stylish on girls at the bar. If I wear it I look like a slob.
  11. Congrats on making lifetime!!!! You look great. And you have a great attitude.=)
  12. Last week my workouts got pushed aside due to family emergencies. I didn't do two of Firm workouts that were planned=( Although I did try and walk to make up for it. Heres hoping to a better week and put all the bad things aside. Heres my plan Sunday-Total Muscle Shaping (DONE) Monday- Aerobic Body Shaping(DONE) Tuesday- Fat Blating Cardio & Hips Thighs & Abs(I Flaked...it was 92 in my house) Wednesday- Ultimate Calorie Blaster(DONE) Thursday- Out of Town Friday-Out of Town Saturday-Out of Town The hotel has a gym and pool so I am planning on getting lots of activity in while in Flordia.
  13. http://exercise.about.com/cs/exerciseworkouts/a/workout_center.htm There are a lot of good ideas on this site. Have fun.
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