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  1. I just got some potentially earth-shattering news...that I may be calculating points incorrectly for many things, and I really need to know if this is true!! I do a LOT of baking. When I started WW, I switched to using all whole wheat flour to help reduce the # of points used. For the whole wheat flour I use, it's 3 g fiber, .5 g fat, and 100 calories per 1/4 cup. That's 1 point per 1/4 cup. So, as I've made pancakes and muffins and bread and pizza dough and cookies, etc., etc., I've calculated points with this number in mind. Pizza dough with 3 cups of whole wheat flour = 12 points for the flour at 4 pts per cup Cookies with 1 cup of whole wheat flour = 4 points You get the picture. I've been really happy about this because I really like whole wheat and I love being able to eat all the things I used to eat, just "lighter." Someone told me recently, though, that I'm calculating it incorrectly. I should calculate the entire portion at once, not per 1/4 cup. For example, if I'm using 1 cup of wheat flour, I should count it as 3 points fiber, 400 calories, and 2 g fat. She said my whole wheat pizza dough should be 24 points and not 12 because the system "tops out" at 4 grams of fiber. You can see why I'm panicked. To me, if 1/4 cup = 1 point, why would 1 cup = 7 points (using her theory)? That just doesn't make sense to me. To me, a recipe uses 'building blocks' of ingredients and you should be able to deconstruct it and have the individual portions equal the same amount of points as the whole. Can someone help me out here???
  2. I have that in my left foot. It started when I gained a lot of weight and then went back to my step aerobics classes. I ice it as soon as I get home from class and I never, never walk around barefoot at home...always in shoes to give support. It makes a huge difference. I'm also going to try that stretching exercise that someone else mentioned earlier!!
  3. Thanks for the replies! Kimberly, you're right. We do LIGHT lifting and work with weights for a total of about 10 - 15 minutes per class, but it's broken up into 2 and 3 minute segments throughout the cardio workout. I usually do lift, during those segments, until it feels like I can't go much more...I guess that's muscle fatigue. I do rest upper body on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I will just take it light on Tuesdays and heavy on MWF. Thanks so much for the input, everyone!!!
  4. Just curious...I go to aerobics classes Mon - Friday and they have interval 'arms' strength training almost daily. Some days my arm muscles hurt, and then I don't lift the next day. Some days they don't, and those days I do left. Sometimes I lift 3 - 4 days in a row. We're just talking 5 lb weights but I want to make sure I do this right and don't do any damage! Do I *have* to wait a day in between muscle groups, even if I don't feel sore?
  5. Hi Aimee! I already posted once but just read your last post with latest gain. I'm so sorry!! I know exactly what you're going through because I started on a tough workout regimen about 3 weeks ago and even though I was OP, I gained, gained, gained every week and I was so discouraged, I was about ready to quit. What worked for me was that I had to hide my scales. I am a compulsive weigher and I really needed the #s to tell me whether or not I'd had a good week. So, if I'd done well and got a bad # on the scale, it was like I HADN'T done well. It was just too discouraging. It almost knocked me off program. My husband hid the scale for me, and I just pulled out a pair of jeans that I couldn't pull up. I'm trying them on every 3 weeks and if I'm losing weight, they'll eventually fit. It's frustrating not knowing what I weigh, though, but it is the only thing that works for me with all this exercise. Hope this helps!!!
  6. Well, I have 3 or 4 days a week of 1 hour workouts with strength training intervals. It's always the arms and sometimes abs. Hope it works!!
  7. I've been walking a few nights per week for about a month, but 2 weeks ago I started an intensive cardio program. I have about 70 lbs to lose. I'm worried that my program isn't "well rounded" enough and that I might be getting too much lower body workout? Would love some opinions. I've also gained weight my first 2 weeks on this program. Gaining muscle or...? MONDAY, TUESDAY, FRIDAY 1 hour step with strength training intervals WEDNESDAY 1 hour low impact with strength training intervals THURSDAY 1 hour Zumba (no strength training) SATURDAY 1 hour step with no strength training SUNDAY 45 minute walk I also walk a night or two during the week, in addition to my morning workouts. Is this "too much" of one type of exercise (step)? Is my exercise routine well rounded overall? And...most important...will this help me lose weight?? I have done step for a few years (with a recent 1 year break) and I'm worried that my body is "too used" to it to make much of a different. I do get a great sweat/heart racing every workout, though. I would appreciate any feedback...thanks!!!
  8. Same situation here...grrrr! I guess I'll have to toss the scale for a while too. Keep up the exercising!!
  9. I rested today and felt better...will try walking tomorrow. Thanks!!!
  10. I started working out 2 weeks ago. I haven't done it steadily in a while but I am fairly active. Anyway, so I started walking about an hour a day with my husband, 5 days a week, and taking a step class the other day, for 6 total days of exercise. The past few days, my hamstrings...particularly my right one...have been really, really stiff. Today was my day for the aerobics class, and it downright hurt. It FINALLY loosened up after about 40 minutes. I always stretch out before and after my walks but not as much as I should, I guess. So now I have these sore hamstrings and wondering if I should take a few days off...which I do NOT want to do...or keep stretching/walking and hoping they loosen up and get used to the activity? Advice, please!!!
  11. Yeah, I was reading online today and it looks like it was the sprinting that did it (without stretching first). ARGH! But what do I do now? Do you think I could still play next weekend? I'm hobbling around like Frankenstein's monster and not sure if I should try to stretch the muscle out every day, or try to take long walks every day (so that I get *some* exercise), or do absolutely nothing, or ice it, or apply heat, or...? I've gotten contradictory information from different websites. Thanks so much!
  12. I joined a softball team a week ago and my left quad was really sore afterwards. I wasn't sure why because I exercise frequently...why would running a few laps around the field hurt my quads? Was it swinging the bat or tossing the ball (which I never do) that somehow caused a full body muscle stretch/pull that messed up my quads?? Anyway, I didn't work out for the whole week after that...just a little walking. My quads felt tight but not too bad. 2nd game was last night. As soon as I tried to run (and I'd done 4 miles of LIGHT walking to warm up!!! Even specifically stretched my quads), *both* quads seized up and I could barely hobble. The whole night was a wash and today, both quads are stiff, sore, and throbbing. Can hardly walk and running is out of the question. I drive a stick shift and it's agony to drive and try to work the clutch and the gas. WHY would the little bit of activity that I did cause this kind of damage? And what can I do about it? I already took a week off and it apparently didn't help. I really want to play in next week's game. Thanks!!
  13. Thanks! One of my co-workers thought that I just stretched a tendon (not a hamstring) and I just need to stretch - a lot - before tonight's walk. Fingers crossed!!
  14. I've been walking a lot lately (along with my regular classes at the gym) and have gotten to the point where I really enjoy these nightly walks. Yesterday I went all-out and walked for 1 1/2 hours (about 5 - 6 miles). However, I noticed a pain in, I guess, my right hamstring on that last mile. It's still a little sore today. I'd like to go for another walk tonight, just an hour, but didn't want to "damage" anything. I definitely have to take tomorrow off, so I hate to skip tonight too. I don't feel the pain when I'm sitting down, just when I'm walking. It's a little "pull." Thanks!!!
  15. I really hit my workouts hard this week...four days in a row of intense squats, lunges, kickboxing, step class, etc. My butt and inner thighs were so sore, I skipped last night's workout and went for a walk instead. Tonight, though, I really want to go to class (step)...but my muscles feel just as stiff and sore. Should I sit it out or go through with it? Seems like I read somewhere that your leg muscles were strong and could be "worked out" every day. And it's not like I'm new to exercising, I've been exercising regularly for a couple of years, just decided to kick it up a notch. Would love to get some advice. Want to work out but don't want to injure myself!
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