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  1. -can of refried beans with salsa or frozen roasted bell peppers stirred in -green smoothie -shredded wheat, ff milk, banana -baked potato with salsa/ lettuce/tomato and leftover taco meat - big salad (peruse online restaurant menus for ideas) I definately second Peg's idea of freezing portions that you can grab. Pandora's idea of making a big batch of something you like is excellent, too. Catherine 295/238/170
  2. Happy Mother's Day=) What Core dips have you guys come up with? I've been enjoying a lot of crudites and some dehydrated veggie chips--what are your favorites? Catherine 295/241/170
  3. Welcome to core=) My staples are= ff yogurt (love to stir it into frozen fruit for a quick frozen yogurt) fruits and vegetables (fillling, healthy and bulk up a plate) whole grains like bulgar, brown rice and barley try soycheese , senora lupes is my favorite avacadoes chicken breasts Its amazing how many meals we can make with this stuff=) Deli meat isn't core because it is processed with non core ingredients like sugar.You can find some that are-- if the ingredients are core, its core. My family's favorites are= -tacos ( i use greenleaf lettuce in place of taco shells, or count the points) -split pea soup, chicken ww noodle soup, beef stew,10 bean italian soup,other soups --meatloaf with oatmeal, garlic, egg, salt andpepper, covered in core marinara -ww spaghetti and lean meatballs(with oatmeal binding) -chicken breasts with different sauces like-dijon, curry, marinara,garlic and herb - breakfasts are cooked cereals like malto meal, grits, oatmeal (banana sweetened..fruit salad with ff yogurt, shredded wheat with ff milk and a banana..and green smoothies ( mild flavored greens like romaine or spinach blended with sweet fruit like watermelon, pears etc) Peruse the core recipe forum and see what catches your eye. Don't get overwhelmed--just a simple lean cut of meat and some salad and vegetables is a normal meal around here--but sometimes I get the energy to cook something more elaborate like oatmeal brulee or carol's chocolate core cake. I look forward to readingmore about you, I'm glad you joined us=) Catherine 295/242/170
  4. Have you eaten the chimichanga yet? Or still craving more? While out to eat last night I thought of you whilst eating chips and salsa=) You could try making baked tortilla chips with a sour cream dipping sauce like this- avacado cilantro garlic tomatillo salt ff sour cream, or if you need the wf Anyway, I'd been thinking about you saying that what you mostly wanted was the fried crunch and the sour cream--maybe these will hit the spot. Catherine 295/242/170
  5. Yes, I not only feel a lot of panic (hey theres a lot to panic about in todays world) but a lot of irritability--and with 3 kids.. I just don't want to be a screeching, impatient witch. I love your tea idea, Ive been having some in the afternoons or nighttime when I feel like I want coffee. I think I might still have regular coffee if ever I were to go out for coffee with my husband..or if I decide to become a deranged painter, or am in Kona, Hawaii.... but for now I need to mellow out, not ramp up=)> Thanks for all the help you guys. Catherine 295/240/170
  6. Yes, I do put a whole cup of milk in my coffee. It's like a latte. I used to put a gigantic amount of coffee creamer in my coffee. So much that it seriously derailed me my first time on flex, I even decided it was going to be a "free" item for me....well thankfully ive lived and learned. I loved your suggestion. Thats what Ive been doing. First I bought 2 small cans of 1/2 caf, and a larger decaf can. I finished the 1st 1/2caf yesterday and this morning poured the decaf and the other 1/2 caf into a larger full caf jug kept for this reason.So its a 1/4 caf now? Then I'll move on down from here. Catherine 295/240/170
  7. Some people like the freedom to choose whatever foods they want. Some people like the freedom to choose to eat until satisfaction and the freedom from counting points. Choose whichever one makes you feel free=) Catherine 295/243/170
  8. Hi=) I have been drinking coffee every morning for so so long. Recently, Ive started drinking only one cup of half-caff with 1c milk. Help me remember why coffee isn't good for releasing weight, please=) why? 1. I get really irritable 2. It makes me feel like I need to eat someting to mellow me out 3. It takes the body 24 hrs to get rid of the amount of caffeine in one cup of coffee, ive read 4. stress hormones created by caffeine cause mood issues (very guilty) 5. a general stress on the liver/body which uses a lot of digestive energy to detox instead of its usual job of fat metabolism What are someother good compelling reasons, buddies? Catherine 295/243/170
  9. Carol, if you like them raw and cooked, you'll like them in smoothies too. You can eat them every way=) After I drink one, I feel like Ive had several cups of coffee, but very mellow and not jittery. Catherine 295/243/170
  10. Every morning=) I like them savory as well as sweet. I can not believe the amount of energy I get from these. I'd double and triple check that you have to cook greens to make the calcium available.. Sweet favorites so far= 1. watermelon and spinach--a great one to start off with 2. pear,romaine 3. pineapple banana romaine Savory= 1. parsley, kefir(or yogurt),green beans, garlic clove and salt 2. cilantro, kefir ( i make it at home with kefir grains& ff milk), serrano pepper, garlic clove, avacado 3. a pestoish one is in my near future=) Catherine 295/244/170
  11. Hi =) With the worldwide food shortages and rationing, along with price increases/dollar dropping are any of you guys storing food or growing a garden this year? Catherine 295/245/170
  12. thick

    Raw Core

    Marilyn, Thank you so much for your response. I am/was skeptical about the protein issue, thank you for your caring and detailed response.I'm going to continue with the 75% raw for now, for the aforementioned reasons. It's not like Im seeking out a gimmick to be able to eat a bunch of bacon=) Nothing wrong with enjoying salads and smoothies=)> Catherine 295/245/170
  13. thick

    Raw Core

    Thats why Im asking, I know you guys have read a lot about every nutritional idea, and have a lot of intelligent opinions. I guess at this point I'm still doing this because- 1. I really feel good & alive, very energetic. 2. I find that I take longer to chew raw food, thus making it easier to reach satiety before I have overeaten 3. makes core food list seem like an almost sinfully delicious treat=) Thus my default treat is a veggie omelette or some tabouli, not pizza kwim?
  14. thick

    Raw Core

    Well, its only my 3rd day. Ive read that people soak and sprout their legumes and grains, then eat them, raw. I'm sure Ill give it a whirl at some point--but for now I am including cooked food--but the cooked food I am choosing is core only. I'm just shooting for mostly raw--e.g. ww couscous salad or pilaf with over 75% veggies, some grilled salmon in a huge salad, cooked black bean soup with a ton of fresh, chopped raw veggies thrown in before I eat it etc.. Catherine 295/245/170
  15. Hi=) I have been reading a lot about, and even 75% following a core raw diet. What do you guys think about the raw food diet? I know a lady who does it, and at first I was convinced that it was a form of anorexia--but after looking at other raw food people's before and after photos--it seems they are all bikini weight. Basically, they say that the enzymes in food are destroyed by heating over 105 (i think) and the protein available in raw food (i.e cabbage, raw nuts, leafy greens) is superior to cooked proteins. This is why a horse, elephant or giraffe can live, grow and thrive on a diet of greens. It's the amino acids that form proteins that our bodies fit back together as they need them, we don't assimilate complete cow proteins into muscle, our body breaks down the protein and uses the amino acids to form a new self made protein. According to what Ive read, and Im going to keep reading, all of the amino acids our bodies use to make proteins are more easily available from a raw diet. Anyway, just some food for thought. What I'm doing is raw most of the time, and core foods the other 25%. This is my plan today= B- 1 c ff milk in coffee Green smoothie- ff kefir, 1 bunch cilantro,1 serrano pepper, 1 garlic clove, fresh spinach, salt (tastes like mexican restaurant green salsa) S- banana & raw walnuts (2) L- leftover burger salad (tomato, lettuce,onion, pickle, jalapeno, lean burger) S- sliced cucumbers w/salt hot tea & ff milk D- tacos- folded in romaine lettuce leaves(from my garden!)w/ avacado, tomato, taco spiced sunflower seed pate 2T (2)and alfalfa sprouts and fresh salsa dehydrated zucchini "chips" with salsa and guacamole limeade w/ honey (1) S- planned but havent been wanting it marinated mushrooms (tamari, italian herbs, olive oil & garlic) Okay guys, what do you think? Catherine 295/245/170
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