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  1. Thanks again for responding, everyone. Backtobasics: I'm sure Core is much easier to "plan" for. You don't really need a plan at all as long as you have Core allowed foods on hand. Unfortunately, Core is a license to binge for me, so I'm not on that program. Thanks anyway!
  2. I'm sure this isn't a huge deal (I've seen people report spectacular losses on this site!) but I wanted to share a mini victory with the buddies! When I started WW a week and a half ago, I muddled through my first week and on Monday when I weighed in this week I was up two pounds to 160. I was a little discouraged, but I pushed forward. I got on the scale this AM and I'm 154 pounds, which means I lost 6 pounds this week alone! I think the first WI I had was right in the middle of my body adapting to coming of a SEVERELY low carb diet (roughly 10-15/day) and readjusting. Not to mention, it was right after the weekend. I considered changing my WI day, but I think I'm gonna leave it to keep me honest... Anyway -- I'm happy to report I feel better and I've got 12 pounds to make my 10%! I am so happy! The best part is, unlike the low carb diet I was on (I'm sure those work for someone, but not for me at all), I'm losing weight in a way that I'm POSITIVE I can stick to right on through to goal, and for the rest of my life. I am so HAPPY right now!
  3. I do what Stefnee does, except I use Heinz One Carb ketchup. She might too, but that lowers the point value some, I think.
  4. Any idea why mine (grown from the bulb) are gorgeous and green but not blooming? I planted them MONTHS ago. They're in containers in case in matters, and I've fertilized them. The only thing I can think of is that they're in pots in gardening soil instead of potting because it was all I had. Could that be it? Can I move change out the soil without making them mad?
  5. Has anyone knit clapotis from Knitty yet? I want to, but the pattern looks SO complicated - which is weird, because the garment doesn't. And may I just say - I have a few special things I'm saving to knit in smaller sizes, but I think all my buddys should have at least ONE thing on needles for themselves at all times. Even if you're not comfortable putting all the work required for a fitted garment, socks, shawls, and cardigans are more forgiving size-wise. I hate to see my buddies sell themselves short and deprive their needles of the beautiful things we can create. So I say all that to say -- Knit for yourselves buddies! You deserve it, and you're worth it right now!!!!!!
  6. Awesome responses - thank you! After a few more days OP, I've found what you all say to be true - especially if you're cooking, it's much better to plan. It's easier now that I'm finding OP recipes and learning to cook in a way that's more points friendly. I realize the problem was that ALL of my meals were pretty points heavy, so choosing to eat one thing over another really wasn't easy, because it could send me over. Now that I've restocked my fridge and pantry with mostly points friendly food, whatever I pick up is relatively low, so I can kinda interchange my meals a little easier... I do love to plan, and I wanted to try to adapt the organizedhome.com version of that menu planning grocery list (like another poster mentioned) to my new lifestyle. I think I just didn't have the right recipes in rotation, was all. So what I do now is a combo of what you all suggested - I chose 20 recipes off the WW site and I just pull a few according to what we might eat for the next few days, use the shopping list function at the site, and it generates a list of what I need. I add basics, and I take it to the store. Easy! Now I just have to figure out how to get these breakfasts and lunches together. I just don't know what I like to eat in the morning! All these years eating, you'd think I knew exactly what my go-to breakfast would be. Anyway -- thanks for the responses. You rock, buddies!
  7. Just an update and an extra thanks to everyone... After gaining 2 pounds on WI day to 160 (dunno WHAT happened there???) I am proud to say that I lost what I gained AND another 2 pounds. Weighed in today at 156. It works! I'll need another week or two to say NO trepidation...but there's definitely less trepidation...
  8. When I began at the beginning of this week, I thought that I would plan my meals the night before. I'm doing that, but I'm finding it a little tedious. Also, I'm finding that it doesn't allow me enough flexibility. Say I don't happen to be in the mood for the "ricotta and fruit" breakfast I'd planned, and there happens to be a one or two point difference between than and what I want. I don't feel like I can decide on the fly to change my mind, because it depends on whether I allowed a few extra points at the end of that particular day, and if can afford the points for the day. I thought about planning for the week, but that feels overwhelming. I feel like perhaps it might be a good idea to just come up with a few interchangeable meals that I memorize and swap during the week, but I can't quite wrap my head around how I'd do that. How are people handling planning?
  9. She does, indeed! Looks like she's saying: "Shh...they can hear you."
  10. Me too! I'm also a knitter. I know some of the postings aren't recent but there seem to be a lot of us! Yay! I'm planning on casting this on the day I make goal: I cannot WAIT! I'm knitting Sonnet from Knitty and The Clementine Shawl from a recent IW. Yay. Knitters!
  11. Well this is super heartening. I know, (as RedLeslie reminded me - thanks RL!) that it's a lifestyle change I'm after - and I know me. I can "be healthy" and like it. But I've been healthy and enjoyed that and not lost any weight at all. It's good to know that one can be mildly "scale driven" and have success anyway - which you obviously have, Mod, based on your stats. Congrats! I'll definitely use the health benefits to get me through tougher times. Great suggestion. Red Leslie - I'll hang on to that fact that you believe in me until I can effectively believe in myself. It's not that I don't feel like I can "do the plan". I promise you that. I know I can eat on plan, I know I can work the guidelines with some practice and determination - I know it. I have no issue with the things I CAN control. It's the things I can't really control - how my body responds to my new healthier lifestyle - that worries me. I just have a hard time believing that all of this will translate into weightloss. And I need to lose weight. I must. Someone mentioned that staying on plan and losing would generate some faith in the process. I thought about that a lot last night. I bet that's exactly what's going on. I hope it works out that way. Anyway - thanks for helping me hash through it buddies! I appreciate it.
  12. I chose the Chicken and Shrimp Sizzler. It was a chicken (I estimated 8oz.) boneless, skinless and shrimp (5 medium) - both grilled. It came with mashed potatoes (I called it a cup and a half), on a bed of cheese (which I didn't eat, but which I counted, because I'm sure some melted onto the rest of the entree in the preparation). I wasn't in the mood for a salad.
  13. What do you do? Do you not eat? Do you have a standard choice that you know you can make no matter where you are? I was in this situation today and considered getting the house salad, but that's REALLY not what I wanted. I mean, I didn't want the prime rib or anything either, but I wanted a decent dinner since I'd eaten minimally and carefully all day. I went out with DF and ended up in the Friday's parking lot on the fly.... I made decent choices but I came home and counted them (I may have overestimated by a LITTLE but not much) and ended up with 21.5 points. Good thing for me I had MANY flex points and 2 AP points to use up today and I'd eaten light the rest of the day. Anyway - I'm rambling. The question is - how do you handle it when you get caught in an "eating" situation where you don't know the points and don't have a way to find out right then and there?
  14. Michelle - that's heartening and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your experience. Bunkaroo - Same to you. I felt the same way about not weighing - but I did and now I'm glad. Thanks for responding. Mod - I also appreciate your perspective. I definitely have some health concerns, so I can certainly relate to that approach and I will keep your advice in mind. Right now, the scale is what's most important to me. Hopefully, I'll get to a place where eating is about health and not just size. I should be there now - the warning signs I do have are not small ones - but the thing I want most right now is to not be heavy anymore. It just affects my quality of life so much more than the thread of diabetes and heart disease do right now, you know? Not exactly the smartest approach, I know, but it's honestly where I am right now. I'm curious, based on your post, if you think meetings are necessary to succeed? I have an online trial for a week, and was wondering if I "need" a meeting for this to really be effective for me... Thoughts?
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