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  1. I'm reading, I like to check in on the Core/SF board for good recipe tips and usually inspiring posts by smart women But I don't often post over here as I am following points plus. But Chelly, I like your attitude!
  2. Ditto to both Shellica and Lee. I also wanted to link to this article - Why the Scales Lie - which may give some more context for what you are seeing on the scale. You may want to post a little more history about your weight loss and what program you have been following, a couple of sample menus, and your exercise routine, if any. That way, we can give you more specific feedback.
  3. My exercise goal is consistency. I am planning on putting it into my calender just like I would every other meeting and treating that time as a relative non-negotiable in my schedule.
  4. I agree with MissShellica. I use the nutritional info first, the specific product (if I can find it) in eTools, and then the generic info from eTools. I also make exceptions for alcohol and sugar-free foods (because that was a specific instruction from WW).
  5. Kait617


    Like everything else, it depends on how lean the chicken or beef is, what cut, and whether you are measuring pre or post cooking. Raw chicken will be less points for the same weight because there is water in it that cooks out when you cook it. The cooked chicken is more dense so more points. Explained another way, 3 oz of raw chicken will be more like 1-2 oz of cooked chicken. So, 2 points for 3 oz. of chicken raw is about 6 points for 3 oz. of chicken cooked. Make sense? I've found that my standard portion of chicken - 4 oz raw- is the same amount of points (3) as it was previously. I did this by checking the nutritionals on my chicken specifically and by looking it up in the book.
  6. On E-Tools, no-sugar added hot cocoa is 2 points. It is still a little unclear how to account for SF foods that are not in e-tools.
  7. On E-Tools, a sugar-free, fat-free envelope of hot chocolate is 1 point. Hope that helps!
  8. Great thread! At big holiday meals, I can usually avoid food pushes by saying I already tried it and it was delicious, or that I plan on having some in a little bit. It helps to keep a glass of water or something in your hand so you look occupied, too!
  9. So far as I know from Sbucks, its only oats and water. Probably just a glitch in the eTools.
  10. Hi Nita. Welcome! You'll find a ton of great support on here. I would encourage you to NOT skip meals - part of doing Weight Watcher correctly is eating at least your daily points every day. For sustainable, long-term eating habit change, you need to make sure you are getting enough nutrition for your body! Food is fuel and you need to make sure you are getting what you need. If you don't, you'll find yourself hungry and probably going off-plan. Look forward to seeing you around!
  11. Actually, many many buddies on here find that not using the 35 WPA is NOT the ideal way to lose weight on WW. The plan builds in those 35 points so you can enjoy snacks in moderation, get in all your healthy 8s, and navigate tough situations. I've been able to stay on WW for a long time because I use those 35 points to avoid feeling deprived. I think using a replacement for wings is a great trick - but do you need to eat 29 points worth of chicken breast to feel full? That seems a bit extreme to me. What you ended up doing sounds great! There have been times I've used all or most of my WPAs in one night (birthday dinner, holidays) but I would say that you shouldn't make a habit of it.
  12. There is a good BBQ-esq recipe that calls for salsa/ketchup, diet soda, and chicken. If you google "Cola Chicken Crockpot" it should pop up a recipe. DH and I make it all the time!
  13. Hey All, I saw someone (on another website) mention making polenta in the crockpot and was wondering if it was something any of you have tried - I know how the SiFi/Core Board loves their gadgets! TIA! Kaitlin
  14. The best way to do this may be to look up sorbet recipes - no added fat necessary. Getting ice cream texture without either cream or chemicals (as in low-fat ice cream sold in stores) will be difficult.
  15. Kait617


    Also, sushi made with brown rice is Core/SF which makes me think seaweed is, too.
  16. Just popping in to say hi everyone! You are all doing great!
  17. Just to add my 2 cents - I usually have 4-5 for breakfast, 6 at lunch, 2-4 in snacks in the afternoon/before dinner, and the remainder for dinner. I also usually know what I am going to eat for dinner ahead of time so I can plug the points into my days plan. Sometimes it is easier for me to work backwards from dinner (which is usually a full meal shared with my financee) and adjust breakfast and lunch accordingly.
  18. I was thinking about this recipe this morning, so bumping it up. And hi in case any of our old friends are out there
  19. This was great - my DF and I both loved it! Thanks!
  20. 3.5 according to WW.com. It's also a Filling Food.
  21. I think posting daily menus (whether I am on Core or Flex or SiFi) is the key to staying on plan. Way to go! As a side note, tuna packed in olive oil is not core/sifi. Even when drained.
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