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  1. Hi, I am thinking of joining Curves as it is right next door to work and so it would be super easy for me to get there during my lunch hour. I don't know anyone who has actually joined though and am wondering what people think of it - either what you have experienced yourself or what a friend of yours who joined thought of it / thinks of it... Just looking for opinions Thanks -Ally
  2. Thanks CW! I am dwaddling along - so will count 1pt per 2 miles. I find the time cos I am currently unemployed Although that changed today - I start a new 6 week contract on Monday! I miss working and having the routine, so have been out and about walking to keep me away from snacking (which is what I tend to do when I have no routine to my day). -Ally
  3. Hi, I can't find my WW info on APs. I am currently walking 6 miles per day at a low intensity. Could someone tell me how many APs I am earning (my stats are below). Much appreciated!!! -Ally
  4. I recommend the Enell sports bra. Weird wee contraption - but works brilliantly. You wear it like a waistcoat and it has hooks and eyes up the front from just under your boobs, almost to your chin (not quite - but it makes a formidable holder). I am definitely large up top and this is the best bra I have ever found. I don't move an inch! It kind of flattens them to your chest. Not a glamorous look - but on an eliptical no one looks glamorous anyway. -Ally
  5. If you are really struggling, perhaps you need to concentrate on more vegetables. 0 pt ones. Stuff them in there And water... How long have you been on 17pts? -Ally
  6. Hi, I think that that would be an unwise move (just my view), but here is why I think it wouldn't be smart. 1) WW points in different countries are based on different systems / formulas. This means that 1 point in Ireland is not necessarily equal to 1 point in the USA, or 1 point in New Zealand. 2) You have a points value of 17. By increasing to 19 AND adding 35 Flex points you are going to be eating A LOT more food than you should. Can you see that leading to weight loss? (I can't). I think you might need to focus on how to eat 17 points in a day, rather than trying to switch countries! Could you post a day from your journal so we can help you out? Make helpful suggestions for you? -Ally
  7. Interestingly she kept gaining rather than losing. I suspect she wasn't really being that accurate. That's impressive - although possibly a little Obsessive??
  8. Once again thank you! And congratulations on becoming a Moderator - I think that that must have happened while I was away :bcbsalute -Ally
  9. Really!! Wow! I was expecting this to go completely the other way and I seriously thought this would require some replanning of my rest of the day! Thank you!! -Ally
  10. Hi people! I just treated myself to my once weekly trim chai latte. At a different cafe to normal. I watched them make it and they used syrup (not SF) so now I need to know the expected points value of NORMAL Da Vinci Chai syrup. Any clues?? It wasn't measured either - just a splosh into the milk. At a guess maybe it was a tablespoon (???) Any help would be really appreciated. I'm not worried about going over budget for the day - just want to make sure I can happily plan dinner tonight. Thanks -Ally
  11. Hi, Like other people I work in my treats. I plan for my chocolate pieces, I plan for my blue cheese. I plan. Period. I tried not to eat "Junk" but it backfired as one day I blacked out and ate and ate and ate. And I had no way of knowing what I had eaten (I couldn't remember even eating it - except I felt sick and could taste the junk food in my mouth). I felt so guilty that that had happened, and that I had essentially set myself up for it, that I vowed to be more responsible about making workable changes to my eating habits! So now I plan. And since then I have not had a major problem. -Ally ps. "blacking out" as I call it was one of the major reasons I came to WW. I still haven't conquered it completely. But I am getting it under control. I also need to point out that I dealt with the above episode by estimating the points I had eaten to the best of my ability and then being extremely careful for the rest of the day and onwards. I didn't wait til the next day, week or whenever. I jumped straight back on (having sorted out my head and plan of attack first).
  12. I use halves as well. One woman in my meeting claimed to use 1/4's ???!!
  13. ok - thanks! Now tell me what corn bread is -Ally
  14. What's a Corn Dog?? It sounds a little odd to me! -Ally
  15. Hi, I think the general rule of thumb is 5 0pt items = 1pt. But I also think people have varying attitudes to that stuff. Hope that helps -Ally
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