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  1. Thank you SO much, Joanne! Is there room for one more in the Firmies thread?
  2. I am brand new to the Firm, and I have the five 'add-on's' from the latest system. My problem is I don't know how to set up a rotation without overdoing anything! I have: Burn & Shape, Cardio Sculpt Fusion, Total Body Toner, Cardio Inferno and Total Body Time Crunch. Any idea would be really appreciated! THANKS!!!!
  3. Can two tbsp of Newman's Own Olive Oil And Vinegar Dressing be used for the daily oils? It would be perfect on vegetables. Thanks!
  4. Thank you, ladies! I'm taking a trip to Kmart tomorrow!
  5. Hi, all! The Transfirmer and I don't get along! However, I would like to give The Firm a try without the steps. My Kmart has Total Body Time Crunch and Burn And Shape for $9.99 each. Do you recommend them? Thanks!
  6. I did Supercharged Sculpting! Okay, it was with no weights, but I did it. I had the step at 14" and was doing the reverse leg exercise. Well, after about two of those, that wasn't going to work. So, I just did them with the 8" box. Thank goodness, I lowered it, because about three into at 8", I missed the box and tripped right over it. I picked myself up and carried on! As what Pam says, I have a lot to look forward "toe-wards". :bcb_grin
  7. I'm going to give this a try! Sunday: Supercharged Sculpting - DONE! Monday: Rest Tuesday: Supercharged Sculpting Wednesday: WATP Walk Slim - 3 Fast Miles Thursday: Aerobic Body Shaping Friday: Rest Saturday: WATP 3 Miles Express This will be my first attempt at The Firm, and I hope to have the same remarkable results as all of you!
  8. I just previewed Jiggle Free Abs, and it looks great. My question is how many times a week can it be done? Thanks!
  9. Joanne, yes, it's me! I haven't been away, just lurking, for a long time! I have my six week exam in a couple of weeks, and then I hope to get at it. Thank you for the answer, and I'll go easy on the weights, when I get brave enough to try. You look AMAZING, and your bit in the infomercial is the best.
  10. WOW! You look amazing! Congratulations!
  11. Joanne or anyone else who has used the new Firm system. Would these workouts be better (I know not to use the word easier) for a new (again) exerciser? I've come off of two pregnancies (one a sad end last year, but a healthy 4 week old now) and I do have the Transfirmer, but I want to 'ease' into the Firm. I'm back on the bandwagon and will be starting with WATP, but hope to be Firming soon. Thanks in advance!
  12. I don't have access to DaVinci, but we have a new World Market loaded with Torani. Last night I bougt a bottle of the Almond, and mixed some in oatmeal this morning. Absolutely amazing! Next time I'm there, I'm getting several extras so I don't run out.
  13. Hi, everybody! It's been crazy (and late!) at work this week, and I'm just now taking a moment.... Had to post this, according to a thread over on Leslie's site, in the next few months, there is going to be a FIVE MILE WALK. Here it is: "Wow I just emailed Nancy with another question I had and asked about the 5 mile walk and she emailed be back so quickly! I'm so impressed. What great service. She said the 5 mile walk should be released in a couple of months! Yippee I can't wait." Let's all hold a good thought and hope this is true!
  14. Hi everybody, I'm watching my Vikings (actually ahead, so far!) and thought I'd start this thread. I'll post as I go. Monday: WATP - 2 mile done! Tuesday: WATP Abs - 3 mile done! Wednesday: rest Thursday: Walk Strong done! Friday: WATP Express 3 mile done! Saturday: rest Sunday: Have a great week! :bcbsalute :bcbsalute :bcbsalute
  15. Yeah, Tiffany!!!! Wow, only 5 to go. I'm rooting for you! Don't feel bad, I blew the challenge too. I guess it's not reasonable for me to do an hour a day. At this time, that is. Let's try something different, just exercise six days a week! That's a big honking challenge for me. My problem is I've been getting tired of WATP, it's seems same old, same old to me lately. The latest Firm (Transfirmer) is at Target now, I'm thinking about getting it, just to do something different. I'd still do WATP, but it would be great to have an option. I do have a Tae Bo DVD, but when steps first came out, I loved doing that. Not that me doing the Firm would be pretty. We'll see what the weekend brings.
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