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  1. Hi everyone, I'm also back after gaining almost all my weight back over the past few years. I want to start the new WW Beyond the Scale comes January. I had much success with the old 1-2-3 program but not so much with the point plus. I know it's a brand new program but I'd like to get you guys' feedback - what do you think of it?
  2. Hi Luanne, That is exactly what I am thinking about doing. Flex for a month, hoping for a 2 pound a week loss, then back to the current program for maintenance. Never again will I ever stop counting - huge mistake on my part.
  3. Hi all, I have had great success with the 1-2-3 and then Flex programs about 7 years ago(I lost between 45 and 50 post-pregnancy pounds). Reached my goal weight, then stopped counting points completely (what was I thinking !?!?!?). Fast forward 5 years and I have put a few pounds back on (like 20 or so) so I decided to join again after last Christmas. I have to say I was a little surprised by the new program but gave it an honnest try. Managed to lose about 10 pounds and now, with just about 9 to 10 pounds left to go, I find it's just not working for me anymore... and I am getting frustrated. I think I am going to try and go back to Flex for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference, even if just believe in the program again. Just wondering if anyone else had the same experience and decided to go back to one of the old programs (1-2-3, Flex, Turnaround, Core, etc...).
  4. Thanks all for replying! Luanne, did you get this from the Getting Started booklet that Mickee mentionned? I am doing the pointsplus online, does anyone know if there is the equivalent of that booklet in our eTools?
  5. Hey everyone, So we are supposed to take 2 portions of healthy fats and oil daily (3 if you are pregnant). I am just wondering if my intake is sufficient. I take 3 gel caps of omega 3-6-9 in the morning with my vitamins, and then I take 2 teaspoon of ground flax seeds. Is that enough to be considered 2 portions? Also, I am tracking the flax seeds in my daily points but I don't know if I should be tracking the omega - there is no nutritional info on the bottle.
  6. Dang - I had spag the other night and didn't specify it was whole weat. My eTool gave me 5 pts but in reality it was 4 pts. Oh well. On the other hand, I had an impossible time finding points for spaghetti sauce on the eTool. I was able to figure that 1/2 cup of bottled sauce was 3 pts (any type it says), but we always add tons of veggies and some lean ground beef so I don't really know how many points that comes up to. I suppose I should enter the ingredients in the recipe builder...
  7. If I understand your question correctly, I think the answer is yes. I also changed my settings so that it uses AP's before my WP's. And if I don't have AP's accumulated yet that day and it has no choice but to go into my WP's, I can "buy my WP's back" by exercising. For example, Sunday I went over my daily points by a few. But I didn't exercise that day so I had zero AP's. The tracker went into my WP's to get these points. But Monday morning I exercised and I noticed that I my WP's went back up! Hope this makes sense and that it answers your question!
  8. OMG!!! You just made my day! I just loooooooooooove persimmons! Yay!
  9. According to my eTool, 1 portion of fat-free Miracle Whip is 0 pt and 2 portions is 1 pt. Can't remember the serving size by heart though! 0 fat 3 carbs 0 protein 0 fibre
  10. Patflat71


    What about activity points? A brisk 20 minute walk during lunch will give you 2 AP's to make up for the difference.
  11. Further to Kimberly's response, I would have to ask - are you talking about hunger or cravings? If it's hunger (as in you hear your stomach growl) the zero point snacks are a good option. I myself like to have a shake of protein powder and 1 cup of skim milk. Yes, it's extra points but at least it's good for you. If it's cravings, I would try to chase the thought away by either exercising, taking a bath, chewing gum, drinking water, or go outside and weed your garden. Keep your fingers and mind busy!
  12. I've been a big pita fan for the past couple of years. Mine aren't the WW brand though but they are about 70 calories a piece (just about the size of your opened hand). Never read the ingredients, I figured it fitted in my points so I was allowed eating it. I'll check to see if they contain HFCS...
  13. Hi All! I eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables each day however I tend to eat more fruits than vegetables (as Marge Simpson so eloquently stated before, fruits are nature's candies!). Unfortunately, I find myself quite bloated and gassy and I am wondering if it's because of all the fruits, or perhaps I should not mix some of them. Here is an example of the fruits and veggies I eat on any given day, hopefully someone can help me pinpoint the source of my little problem!: Breakfast .5 banana for breakfast 1 small pita 1 tsp light peanut butter am snack carrots (about 1.5 cups) lunch some kind of salad (tuna salad for example) 0 point veggie soup (big bowl!) pm snacks 2 cups of grapes 1 apple coffee supper 1 cup Whole wheat spag .5 cup home made spag sauce (lean ground beef and... tons of veggies) evening snack usually something like oatmeal or 1 point cookies.
  14. I came across 2 recipes that are for the most part Core with a few little points here and there. Nacho casserole: (layer the following ingredients) Lean Ground beef (browned in frying pan and drained of all fat) Taco seasoning (count your points here! It will vary depending on how much ground beef you use) OR (as SodaCracker suggested) use chili seasoning, hot peppers and garlic for all Core seasoning Onions/peppers/tomatoes diced in big chunks FF sour cream salsa FF grated cheese (mozzarella or cheddar, whatever you like) put in oven at 400 until cheese melted. You could serve extra salsa, FF sour cream or pureed avocado for dip. For chips, use pita bread cut in triangles and place in oven just long enough to harden (like chips). 1 point for a small pita, that's a good handful of chips! Doughless Donair Pizza: (same layering as above) Lean ground beef seasoning for beef Diced tomatoes and onions Kraft FF coleslaw dressing (kind of sweet tasting) FF grated cheese Over at 400 until cheese melted. Use pita for crust if you like, but just as good by the spoonful!
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