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  1. Good job Katie!! I'm still doing well, getting used to not counting points is weird, but I have consistently either lost weight or maintained (I did bump up that one week but was back down the next week) To those having trouble losing, you might try going grain,dairy and sugar free for a while as those foods are the most pro inflammation-you could still count WW points, you'd just be eating a whole lot more veggies, fruits, lean meats, eggs and nuts. One can get good calcium from leafy greens, almonds, eggs, etc. milk is not necessary-or take a calcium supplement with D. You might also try upping the fat content just a tad if you go this route, as that can stimulate your metabolism and get things going again. (go with a little pat of butter (the only dairy I allow myself because of the high fat content-doesn't contain much casein at all) in a baked apple with a sprinkling of walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, or olive oil based salad dressings or avocados, lately I have been doing coconut which is supposed to have a thermogenic effect-good for hypothyroid-coconut milk with fruit or virgin coconut oil for sautees instead of olive oil) I just had a turkey patty with a red cabbage saute containing red cabbage, apple, onion, fresh ginger and garlic, carrot, sesame seeds, nutmeg, allspice and cloves done in olive oil. Was good anyways, just a suggestion-hope things get moving for you both soon! Becky
  2. Hi all! Sorry, I've been posting over on the biggest loser thread, I"m not doing WW due to food allergy issues, I acually have not tested but I cut out dairy and grains and saw a major improvement in my asthma, was able to cut out my steroid inhaler completely. So I"m eating paleolithic, and am actually still losing weight on it so it's good! Adele-wow, sucks that you're allergic to beef but at least now you can avoid what you're allergic to! If you're allergic to cheese, you're most likely allergic to all dairy I believe, cheese is supposed to be one of the least offending of the dairy group becuase of it's lower casein and such. Anyways, I"m debating going and getting tested or not, I find that this WOE is easy and I feel better.....don't know-let me know what you decide to do! Becky
  3. Hi all! Well, weight loss is still happening but I"m no longer doing WW-I hope you all don't mind! I'm definitely not leaving the competition! It just got easier to go all paleo since I'm not eating dairy or grains for health reasons (I had pizza 2 days ago after 1.5 weeks no dairy, no grains, and had a really bad asthma flare that evening-pretty much confirmed one of my triggers is either one or both of those things) I'm pretty sure if I did calculate points I'd be within my point range, but there's no reason to since all I eat is meat, veggies, fruits, eggs and nuts. Anways, thought I'd let you all know! As for this weekend, we're going up to a local resort to pool it all weekend with the kids and my inlaws, major fun! I'm planning on going with meat and veggies at any restaraunt we go to (seafood would work too) and bringing nuts, hard boiled eggs, and dark chocolate with me as well as my own salad dressing We'll cook some up at the resort too so I'll bring veggies for salads, fruit, and perhaps a roast in the crock pot to just plug in up there and leave all day. It's much easier for me to refuse foods because of my asthma than because I want to be thin (sad as that may be!) Becky
  4. Congrats Mimi, what a great loss!! Accomplishment for the day (yesterday now) was breaking out the push mower for 45 minutes-accomplishment of the week has been staying with my antiinflammatory diet 100% for a week GO RED!! Becky
  5. Go Red Team!!!! I peeked at the scale today and it's down almost 2 pounds, so hopefully it will still be down monday night I've been getting in good exercise push mowing my yard and doing other yard work I'm still not counting points but I think I"m close to core so it's working (no dairy, no grains, no artificial or trans fats-just veggies, fruits, nuts, lean meats, eggs-is that close to core?) It has been helping my asthma! Becky
  6. Hi Everyone! Mimi congrats on the pregnancy!! Hope your nausea gets better I haven't been counting points well cause I've been trying to get used to my eating plan (no grains and no dairy, no artificial colorings/preservatives, no unhealthy fats and no sweeteners although I have been eating those trio nut bars that have a bit of rice sweetener on them and 70 percent dark chocolate) it has been working for my asthma though, and I know I haven't gained any weight! So today I'm tracking the points I don't think I've eaten so many nuts in my life LOL-and I've been craving avocado. Mmmmmm......I think today I might drag DH to the local fruit stand. Talk to you gals later! Becky
  7. 2.3 pounds for the red team, watch out blue and black!! Becky
  8. RED TEAM SW = 142 for competition GW = 130 Weigh in day = monday Week 1 (6/23 โ€“ 6/29) = 139.7 Week 2 ( 6/30 - 7/6) = 137.2 Week 3 ( 7/7 โ€“ 7/13 ) =136.2 Week 4 ( 7/14 โ€“ 7/20 ) =135.5 Week 5 ( 7/21 โ€“ 7/27 ) = 138 (yikes, must be retaining water!) Week 6 ( 7/28 โ€“ 8/3 ) = 136 Week 7 ( 8/4 โ€“ 8/10 ) = 136 Week 8 ( 8/11 โ€“ 8/17 ) = 135.2 Week 9 ( 8/18 โ€“ 8/24 ) = Week 10 ( 8/25 - 8/31 ) =
  9. Go Red Team, woohoo!! I'm limiting myself to foods alllowed on an anti inflammatory diet for the first week or two (cause my asthma is so bad right now!) and counting WW points for those foods, so it should be interesting! (foods allowed are most fruits and veggies, nuts except peanuts, lean protein grass fed preferrable, and certain grains and legumes that are non gluten-dark chocolate is included in some and I"m including it! LOL) So far so good, had an egg, some broccoli salad, almonds with a date and a nectarine. I'll weigh tonight at work! Becky
  10. Melissa- count me in! I've been having difficulty getting motivated again after vacation so this will be just what I need! Starting weight is 142 Becky
  11. Hi all! I'm doing well so far, finished out my half week yesterday and let myself use up some flex pts., other than that I've just been using my AP's every day. Today was easier since I got my permanent crowns put on and was numb for a while so I couldn't eat. LOL-then I took a run with the dog for 2 miles, that felt good. I've got to build back up to my 4 miles. DH had me make homemade whole wheat bread today and I had a slice and counted it as 3 pts, but I don't know if that was accurate or not....oh well, it can't be that far off! It was yummy too!!! My DS is begging me to play chess with him before bed so I'll do personals later! Becky
  12. Hey again, well I weighed myself in at 141.3 today, weird huh? 2, probably more like 3 weeks of eating junk-must have been all the snorkeling hehe-Anyways, I'm not complaining and I think I'll go for 130 in this next round of TBL. I just read this article about Jillian from TBL and she was 170 as a teenager-that was really motivating to me Then this other lady that works with her was talking about her "heavy" weight of 140 and I had to roll my eyes LOL. To Adele and Melissa, one day isn't even going to make a bit of difference in the end so I say don't sweat it Long and slow keeps it off longer anyways, right?? Doing well on my eating plan even being at work, happy day! Becky
  13. Hi all, I'm baaaaack!! LOL Vacation was GREAT, the kiddies snorkeled with us this year, they really did well, and Ed and I got to do a kayak trip by ourselves, lots of relaxing, we saw prince caspian twice in the movie theatres, lots of beach time, lots of sun. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted to which wasn't all that great but with all the exercise I didn't put on too much, so I'm now back at it And it actually worked out well cause I went long enough to start feeling icky and got totally motivated to eat health again I'll weigh tonight at work and see what the official gain is. I'm sure it will come off pretty fast. Welcome to the new people in the last month or so! Sounds like everyone is doing really great with the TBL competition, I'm so joining next round! Theresa I love your new avatar pic, you're looking so good! Carrie I can't believe about the 10/8's, way to go!!! Melissa I see you are almost in the 100's, woo hoo! Hi to Linda and Quinny! Becky
  14. Hi all! Sorry I have been MIA-I didn't really pay attention to my eating this week so wasn't journaling or on here But I stepped on the scale today and lost 3 pounds-??? I don't get it! But I'm not complaining LOL so now I weigh 137, and I'm back on track and journaling-I'm not going on vacation till May 10, but it's 2 weeks where I don't plan to journal, just try and eat relatively healthy so I'm going to skip this TBL competition and hop into the one after that if that's ok-I will still hang around here though! Anyways, I'm at work so can't write very long, I'll talk to you gals soon! Becky
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