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  1. Hi there - I'm not sure if I'll be a runner, ever - but I've started making baby steps. My DH has always run, and did the Boston marathon a few years back. Now that we live in the southwest (with its perfect climate right now), I've started to run - jog? with him. It's really freaking hard - but it does get a little easier every time. I'm not sure how far I got in a given spurt - maybe an 1/8 of a mile before I start to wheeze? My recovery is getting a bit better, so now it's 1/8 jog, 1/8 walk, jog,walk,jog, walk until the end of the trail. I have 2 problems. First, I'm terribly uncoordinated. When I think too much about it, I'll have issue walking, mush less running. DH is helping me with this, but sometime I tense up anyway. Any thoughts? Second, my knees are not the best. I've never been treated, as the've neevr gone out - but they creak and now they ache a bit. My left knee (which I twisted badly years ago) feels a little weak soemtimes. Is this similar to sore muscles, or should I be very careful? (Mother has arthritis in her knees and was nearly incapacitiated while living in the damp Midwest, Dad has had knee surguries, but because of soccer injuries). Thanks all!
  2. Hi - I was really helped out by the Attacking Anxiety program. Something less pricey are Lucinda Bassett's books. These aren't about weight loss per se, more about changing the way you think so you can achieve your goals.
  3. Now that it's winter, I find it harder to drink straight-from-the-cooler water. Brr! I usually spike it with some hot water, but I'm also loving caffine-free herbal teas... breaks up the monotony, and counts as a water. I've sampled many latey, and here's my reviews. Unless noted, I never add anything to the tea (sweetener, lemon, etc). I like my tea straight. Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry. This one tastes as good as it smells, and it smells like a fresh baked blueberry muffin. It's fruity and intense, without any bitterness or acidity. It has a nice, sweet finish. I recommend a long brew for this one. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime. Aptly named. It a very gentle, soothing tea. It has a relaxing hebal scent – this is a tea to breathe in as much as drink. The taste is subtle – chamomile and mint are the main flavors – but it’s not boring like chamomile, and not sinus-clearing like mint tea. Ahhh. Celestial Seasonings Decaf Mandarin Orchard Green Tea – Light citrus aroma, nice flavor. If you like green tea, this would be very nice. Not up my alley, though. Twinings Sunset Rose. Extremely nice tea. It has a gorgeous aroma – very floral, with a little zing of ginger. The taste is very well balanced – some citrus, mint, spice. This tea can get very sharp if brewed too long, so taste as it brews until you find a spot you like. Twinings Red Bush. Rooibos tea – nothing else added. This smells awful (comparatively), and the taste left something to be desired. It reminded me of black tea. However, the tiniest sprinkle of sweetener made it surprisingly good. The tea is has a natural sweetness that needs to be coaxed out a little. The more I drink it, the better it gets. Bigelow Mint Medley – no surprises – it’s mint tea. It’s got a lot of spearmint, so I prefer it to straight peppermint tea (unless I have a cold, in which case only peppermint will do).
  4. I have the Walk Away the Pounds 1,2,3,and 4 mile walks. They take appx 15 min per mile. All of them are pretty much the same, just the length of time is different. All the videos use the "Walk Away" weights... she yammers on and on about them - they're little 2 lb balls. I have a set of 3 lb handweights, so I just use those. You may want to give the videos a test run (since there seem to be a ton of her vids). Check your library, and use the wonderful inter-library loan system to get them from other libs.
  5. I really like the Walk Away the Pounds videos - they're over before you know it. But my heart belongs to my balance ball. Love it soooo much. Most discount stores (TJ Max, Marshalls, etc) have them cheap. They usually come with a video, and other workouts are here.
  6. I was searching for Balance Ball exercises, and found this searchable exercise site. JACKPOT!!!! Enjoy, buddies.
  7. I do Flex, so I'm not sure if this would stay core, but try skipping 1 C of the milk and using 1 C of frozen fruit (I like cherries or strawberries with the choc). YUM.
  8. Out of milk this AM, so I improvised. It was very good! 1 C frozen blueberries 1/4 C light vanilla yogurt 1/2 C water 1 Tbs ff/sf vanilla pudding powder (to me, this made it taste cobblery) Ice as needed. Blend, enjoy!
  9. LC pizza is WAY better than SO pizza! They have a new deep dish variety - Spinach and Mushroom - 6 points, and it is wonderful. I like to add more mushroom (they only put on about 1). 6 points, and so satisfying! I find that LC is almost always much tastier than Smart Ones.
  10. Thnaks for the suggestions! I'll look into all the options. Hopefully the local libray or video store will have some of these - I hate to buy things without a trial run first!
  11. Now that it's getting cold, my activity level is dropping. In nice weather I hike a lot, but ick now. I have a balance ball, and that's OK - but I usually do the 15 minute routine that the ball came with. I have Gaiam's Balance Ball for Beginners - and while that's excellent I admit I do not often feel the urge to spend the time with it. Also, it's all toning. I need a sweaty routine. I'd like an aerobic routine, but one that does not have too much flailing around. The issue is complicated by the fact that my apartment is tiny. I have Tae-Bo, but it is very difficult to manage in my apt - lots of knocking into things. So, my request is for something kind of quick & fun(ish), that has you pretty much in one spot. Any suggestions?
  12. This is such a usefull thread! I do my journaling in my BCB journal. If I just write it down in my notebook, I get lazy. Something about having a public journal makes me better about it. Yesterday's food: Breakfast coffee - 0 apple - 1 Lunch turkey sandwich with hummus and lettuce on light high fiber bread - 3 Dinner - Fried tofu nuggets 1/2 block Extra firm tofu - 4 2 tbs veg oil - 4 2 tbs cornstarch - 1 3 tbs peanut sauce (homemade) - 6 Water - 48 oz Total points - 19 My points allowance - 22
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