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  1. Quizno's is AWESOME! I haven't eaten at any other 'sub' place since I first tried Quizno's. My favorite is Sierra Smoked Turkey with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on whole wheat. It's a very big sub for just 7 points! Try it, you definitely won't be disappointed! Sonya
  2. Hi Keira, That sounds very yummy! Even if I don't bring it to the potluck, I'll be trying it out at home! Thank-you!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm invited to a potluck here at work and am looking for some good, OP potluck ideas. Keep in mind I'll have to make it the day before as we are having it lunchtime. I'm open to any and all input that you may have! Thanks, Sonya
  4. Hi Christine, Thanks for the recipe! One of the girls here at work was telling me about a recipe very similar to this one. It sounds yummy! Will have to make it really soon! Sonya
  5. Thanks so much for this information! I absolutely LOVE these subs and was always guessing the points value for them! The Sierra Smoked Turkey is my favorite!!!! Sonya
  6. I'm so proud of you Andrea! You look awesome!! :bcbsalute
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