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  1. I used to do this, years ago! I'm thinking of starting up again.. You don't necessarily have the same amount of points each day either, and that's good to keep your body guessing..
  2. I eat core foods, but still count points. I use my WP for sweet things on the weekend. I'm losing at 2.3 pounds a week. I exercise my arse off too.
  3. It comes off quickly in the beginning and then starts to slow down. .5-2lb a week is a good loss. Congrats!!
  4. Yeah, 2 points for a whole can? That isn't bad at all!! I'm checking them out at the store when I go later. Thanks!
  5. patience26


    JHMO - What happens when you stop taking diet pills?? You gain it right back. I don't see the point in them, except if you just cannot keep the weight off, and under the care of a dr. I cannot take diet pills because of my thyroid, but when I did, when I was younger, they didn't work for me, and they made me feel weird. And as far as the side effects go, why would anyone put themselves in that type of situation and have oily diarreha all the time from eating fat even if it's a little bit. I like my fat in my foods and I stay within my point range. I'm a yo yo dieter, that's because I fall off and get back on. I'm on this for life. Take care and whatever you decide, I hope it's the right choice for you. God Bless.
  6. Who's made this? And do you need to warm the pop?? Thanks!!
  7. NEVERMIND!! I found it, yay!! http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=52278
  8. I made this before, but lost the recipe. I know in the recipe it has pierogis, mushroom soup, peas and chicken, but I don't remember how much of each item! Can anyone help me?!? Thanks so much.
  9. This is a great place for a buddy!! Welcome!!!!!!!!
  10. Are you eating your APs? Drinking water?? Anything can stall weightloss... I hope more can give better advice than I can, gl!
  11. Welcome! It's great to have a support buddy like that. Post often so we get to know you!!
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