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  1. hey i have face book now look me up lindsay phillips

  2. Mrsdela

    WW Cookies?

    i didn't like the choco chip ones, they were nasty tasting (to me) and gave me a stomach ache...just mho. C
  3. they aren't fried. they look like french fries.
  4. I am going to try these. I think I may put some chunks of drained mandrin oranges in them...not sure...or maybe top with ff whip cream and a mandarin orange...bet they are great! thanks for the great summery idea...next potluck, here I come! C
  5. Mrsdela

    Kashi Pizza

    i loved it...have tried a couple of them...I like ww pizza and whole grains...maybe that is why. I do mostly make my own with a low carb wrap and put it on a hot baking stone to bake...works great, very low point.
  6. i eat this on top of 1/2 cup brown rice...very very filling and stays with you.
  7. If you don't mind "waisting" some spray...try this...spray it into a tsp and count how long it takes to fill it up. I doubt that quickly spraying each side of toast is more then an 1/8th of a tsp...a tsp of oil to us on ww is actually quiet a bit...when I make my homemade popcorn I cant use more then 1/2 a tsp or else it just is kinda icky to me... Just adding my 2 cents... mrsd
  8. thanks for reminding me of the burgers...when I first started ww I would make my own "big mac" with these... 2 pieces of sara lee nf low carb bread 1 point 2 boca patties 2 1 slice ff chedder cheese 1 2 tsp ff miracle whip 1 rsp relish 1 tsp catsup (all the above mixed together)1 lettuce soo filling, and soo yummy! try it!
  9. the second recipe is the one I am used to ~ thanks! Mrsd
  10. THANKS! We were talking about fiber intake at work, and I said I have this great recipe...lol...I bought the cereal and brownie mix today...and I am making it and printing the recipe and taking it to work tomorrow! Again ~ THANK YOU! Mrsdela
  11. I used to make brownies with all bran cereal and brownie mix ~ can't find it no matter what I search or do...not that I am a pro at searches... If anyone has it I would LOVE it...THANKS in advance! mrsdela
  12. Mrsdela

    Smart Ones

    my favorites are the sante fe rice and beans and the pizza, too...I wish they were less pricey, and less sodium...they are good in a pinch, for sure. mrsd
  13. I have been wanting a ww scale, but they run $50 around here...that is a bit much for a scale for me right now. I love the sound of them, how accurate they are...I like the idea of the tony little one that even measures hydration.... Cynthia
  14. this is soo soo cute,thanks for sharing! Cynthia
  15. I think this is a question for your ww leader ~ I am under the "impression" you can add benefiber to things to reduce point value ~ people add it to brownies, ect....that I have heard. Kinda same concept as the bran cereal or bean brownies....I am interested to see what you find out. MrsD
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