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  1. I need to finish up laundry today and get some housework done. School is calling me too... I need to study. Specially since I missed yesterday. Don't like that. But I had to. We had to go to court for another issue. The chilcdren are crazy now. 16 y/o failed Bible classes she had. The easiest one, and she failed it! *sigh* And the 11 y/o can't open his mouth without a lie coming out. I'm just in a mess with these children of mine. The 11 y/o has some mental disabilities, but still knows right from worng, and the 16 y/o is just simply bull headed and thinks she knows better than everyone else does. I know raising children ends someday, but then I'll have a 50 y/o to finish raising...... and I don't think he'll EVER grow up.... Anyhoo~ just wanted to touch base and tell you all hi and I'm still alive! Althoughbeit..... barely...
  2. Hey all~ Just finished another 3 miles on TM. That's my goal each day, whether walking or running... 3 miles. Today I only walked.
  3. What an awesome time! Have a blast house hunting! (It can be a beast, but don't just settle for what you think you want...go for what you KNOW you want!) Congrats!
  4. Hiya Lisa! You snuck in on me when I wasn't looking! Nah, we didn't get the snow, but it's been cold here lately. Cold enough to have to have the woodburner cranked up! Brrr! (Thought spring was coming!) Amanda (in Colorado) got the snow though... she couldn't believe it! And our other Colorado dd (Amber) woke up to snow on Easter AM... she said she thought she must've gotten the holidays wrong and it was really Christmas! LOL!
  5. Tanya~ Meetings, meetings, meeting! They never seem to end, do they? I hope you get to feeling more up to par too! We have alot of gals not feeling well these days, don't we? Bean~ Good to meet you! You're an inspiration by going to the gym already today! AND... drinking a gallon of water? Wow.... guess I should try and get back to that routine again!
  6. Nancy~ Hope you get to feeling better real soon...
  7. Good morning Buddies! Had court this AM. People trying to get more money out of us than what we have.... of course.... gosh, I hate being poor! (In reality, we aren't. Just hard times have hit everyone these days, I think.) Anyhoo~ Mr. and I are going to the park and get some wood the park cut down, and get a head start on next winter.... We're also going to get busy and run a few errands beforehand... so there really isn't too much on the agenda today. I've not done my 3 miles yet today, but I plan to before to much longer, cause he's asked me to cook tonight, and I'll need to start that about 3p or so! LOL! He made me an awesome omlet today... it was 10.5 points, and well worth every bite! (Figured it up on my WW recipe builder). Lynn~ Hi. Good to see you. Karen~ I wanted to say thanks for your tips you posted yesterday. Good ideas and tips! Brooke~ Here's hoping that ankle gets better real soon! I used to own my own motorcycle. Loved every second of it and wish I still had it.... Sandy~ Hi and Howdy!!!! Tanya~ I can relate to the pizza issue. I'm the same way. Don't kick yourself, but Pick yourself up and do better today! We're all with you on this one! Hiya Christie and Lexi! ~ She'll get her days and nights arranged soon... sounds like an awful good baby already though! Blessings! I'd better scoot (Matlock is almost over and dh will want to leave), but wanted to pop in and say hi.... I'll try and come back later on, but if I don;t get a chance... hello to all that come after me! Love and hugs to you all!
  8. Apparently, I need the exercise more than I thought (to clear the cobwebs from my brain)... the above post was made by my alter ego, who joined a couple of years ago..... So "HI EVERYONE!!!!" It's really me, Julie !!!!!
  9. Oh my goodness Christie~ she is one beautiful little girl! How proud you must be! Thank you for showing pics for us.... And you look radiant! I need coffee.......
  10. Morning Karen! Haven't go to talk to you in awhile (even to say Good Morning!) and now here I am off to bed! Glad you had a good day with Kais! I'll see ya'll after while!
  11. Howdy do everyone! And no one give Katy any crap today.... she ain't in the mood for none of youse!!! Work went well last night. Nothing major happened, and everyone lived, so that's a good point, I suppose. Have to go back in tonight, *yuk, yuk, yuk!!!!* So what's our WW plans for today? Mine are to: * Drink my water * Eat ALL my points (and not have to use junk food to get it) * Do my gazelle for 30 minutes this afternoon when I wake up. I'll have to post my menus the day after when I am working, and although I stayed within my point system yesterday, it was a bust. I didn't even eat until after 6pm, which is rediculous and then I had to eat 2 brownies to get all my points in! Here was yesterdays fiasco: POINTS® Tracker entries Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Morning2 cup(s) black coffee0 Subtotal0 MiddayNo entries for this meal time. Subtotal0 Evening2 1/2 serving(s) Campbells Noodle O soup4 24 item(s) saltine crackers6.5 2 item(s) brownie9.5 Lean Cuisine Meal - Quick-added food5 Subtotal25 AnytimeNo entries for this meal time. Subtotal0 Food POINTS values total used25 Food POINTS values remaining3 Let's learn from our mistakes, and NOT do as I do..... Cmon gals! Let's get it movin today! Todays meals shall be better.... even though I have to work tonight at 6p, and have already eaten a brownie for breakfast (my supper or midnight snack...)
  12. Ok. So this is weird. Where is everyone today?
  13. Good morning to you all.... I'm up "trying" to get 3 children up and ready for school, and although I heard a few grunts and groans coming from rooms, I have heard nothing since. Guess I'd better go give another yell or two! LOL! Plans for today are to finish up laundry, stick to plan, and do a bit of housework.... Have to work tonight. *Blech* Goals for today are: Stay OP Drink my water Exercise~ 40 minutes on treadmill What are your WW goals for today?
  14. Good Wednesday morning gals! Time to rise and shine! Up and at 'em... let's go!
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