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  1. Thanks, Cheryl! Now you have to post the stuffed pepper soup recipe!
  2. Hey Buddies! Update...went to my new doctor today. I really like her. She treats the whole person and doesn't always rely on drugs. She uses alternative treatments as well. We are a good match. I'm healthy. Just a little regurge (heart valve not closing entirely), but nothing notable. I'm clear for exercise (can't believe I'm saying this, but...yay!). She gave me a script for xanax (sp?), because my palpitations are most like due to anxiety. So, I will take it as needed. Judy, I had no idea you were in Hawaii. I'm jealous! I hope you had a fabulous time. It must be so beautiful there. My niece and her husband are stationed there, but I will probably never get there to visit. I missed your post on trip details. Great news about your mammogram, Wendy. I'm always relieved when that is over and the results are positive! I have this out of body experience when I'm having mine done. It's so difficult to be exposed like that, but it is so necessary. Soya, I never got off the horse! It's just my weight loss pattern. I take two steps forward and one back. I'm used to it now. I think you're doing great! Those two pounds qualify as maintenance. You're rocking the program. Keep it up. It's inspiring to see how you reign it in when you're up a little. Well, ladies...time to do a little online shopping and relaxing. Have a great OP day tomorrow!
  3. hey buddies...just a quickie...Cheryl, knew you would enjoy Zumba! It really is fun and a great workout. I know what you mean about personal space. It would happen to me too. Praying for Wendy's friend. Scale up +1. Here we go again! I can take it...nerves of steel! Hello to Sandy, Lilith and Judy!
  4. I was just reading...wasn't going to post, until I saw that Cheryl will be doing Zumba! I am soooooo jealous. I haven't been able to do it since this summer. I'm going to the doctor's on Thursday. Hope she gives me the all-clear, so I can get back to the activities I love. Seems like you're doing them for me, Cheryl (Zumba and yoga). I wish I could benefit through osmosis! Btw...I love the title of the thread. Lilith, you are doing the right thing by concentrating on the Beck book. I really believe that changing the thinking is the way to go. Continue to focus on health as your goal, not the numbers on the scale. Being healthy is a long-term goal...always a work in progress, something to strive for daily, even when at your healthy weight. It keeps you focused. Hey to Sandy, Judy and Wendy. Have a great OP day tomorrow.
  5. Hello Beautiful Buddies! I had the day off today, which gives me some spare time to post. We have been busy with company, redecorating and doctor's appts. I went for my ecco today. No results yet. I had to find a new primary care doctor. I really haven't had one for quite a while, and it seems like every time I go for some medical treatment, they always ask me who it is, and I thought it was time to get one. So, I have an appointment with a new doctor a week from Thursday. I have to admit it feels good to have one now. I guess it's the coming thing. DD1 is going to specialize in family practice, and she's been interviewing for residencies. They really are courting her big time. It's not a competitive field but in demand kwim? Anyway the weekend eating was more than normal, but I still posted a half pound loss this morning (138 now - 2 away from healthy BMI). I remember last time I was on this journey. I would lose very slowly (like now) and have weeks where I would be out of control with eating and not gain an ounce. That would give me license to do it again (since I could eat anything I wanted and not gain.). Well 60+ pounds later, that strategy didn't work out so well for me. I noticed now, though, that when I saw the loss this morning, knowing how I ate more than usual over the weekend, my thinking has changed. I thought, well...stay the course with those good healthy eating habits. I really have to restrain myself from setting a weight loss goal (like 135 by Christmas), since I have limited control of the numbers on the scale. So, no weight loss goals for me, but I continue to strive to keep my food journal on a regular basis. No strenuous exercise until I've seen my doctor, though. Soya, I'm glad you're back in the saddle again. You really weren't out of it for very long, and you caught it just in time...2.5 lbs. is nothing. It reminds me of my mil who has always been thin...she catches herself in the 2-5 lbs. range and reels it in. So, gfy! Wendy, date night always sounded like fun to me. DH and I get some time out together (but not always alone) every other weekend. It would be nice to have a regular week night each week just for the two of us. What kinds of things do you do on date night? Cheryl, congrats on the loss! You are so steadfast. The blips are just blips. Everyone has them. You will be at goal before you know it. I hope the gks are healthy now, and that you stay that way too. Sandy, I hope the stomach pain is resolving. Like Cheryl said...could be a bug. If it continues, you should get it checked though - just to be sure. I kwym about the night walking. We don't have street lights in our development and neighbors still walk around 5-6 PM. It's really hard to see them. I rounded a corner last night and almost took a couple out! You have to drive down the middle of the road to avoid them. Fingers crossed for weigh in on Thursday. Judy, way to go with the fresh fruits and veggies! Hope you're having a great week! Time for me to do some online Christmas shopping. Have a great evening everyone!
  6. Sorry if this isn't the correct place for a question. I wasn't sure where to post it. Please look at my signature and tell me why I can't write any more than what you see. Even if I try bolding what is there, the error message comes up that I have more than 600 characters. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  7. Another one to try! Thanks.
  8. Sounds delicious. I'll file it for after the holidays! Thanks.
  9. I have always done the same!
  10. Trisha20

    ahh I'm baack!

    Not necessarily. I'd eat most of them and most AP's as well. You wouldn't want to get caught at goal with so few points that you feel like you are starving. That just sets you up for failure.
  11. Welcome! Any movement is good to get you started (park farther away from entrances, take the stairs, etc.), then build from there. I think it's important to enjoy whatever you choose for activity. Then it doesn't always seem like work!
  12. Excellent idea! I never thought of doing this, so I added everything separately. Much easier and more convenient this way!
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