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  1. This is Judy's DH. She is home and doing well.
  2. I have not left, just been gone for a bit. I am having carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow (Thurs.) I have been really busy getting some cooking done of stuff to have around after surgery. My DH is really good at helping me but is terribly lost to be in the kitchen by himself so wanted things he could just heat up in microwave. I also wanted to have a clean house as it will be hard for me to clean for a while after surgery. I had carpal tunnel surgery in 1991 on both my right and left wrists which were 6 months apart. My surgeon said carpal tunnel comes back in 1% of people who have had the surgery before. Yikes, I do not like being in such an elite group.
  3. I have not been here for a while so when I loged into BCB and saw this post. I had a heart attack and was almost in tears. See my OT post to see what has been going on with me.
  4. Happy Birthday, Sue. Hope you had a wonderful day.
  5. DH and I took 2 paintings that DH's great grandmother painted to an art restoration and framing place to have cleaned and restored. We also are having another picture framed. I also having my cousin’s christening gown which my mother embroidered framed in a shadow box. So far I am impressed with this restoration place. We first got estimates on framing the 2 pictures at Michaels and was not impressed at all. I had no help from Michaels but the art restoration and framing place made suggestions which I really liked. I can't wait to get them back but I will have to be patient as it is going to take 3 months to have the paintings restored. Other than this I may get a little house cleaning done.
  6. Hi Everyone, It has been cloudy today and I would like some sun. At least it is not raining. I have been doing some major cleaning especially our 3 spare bedrooms. Two of them had become catch all rooms. I needed to clean them to get them ready for when both daughters and granddaughters visit this summer. They will be here at the same time and I am so excited. The time is going to go so slow. I hate bra shopping. One year I went to Macy's to get fitted and spent $50 a piece for bras. DH was not happy with me but I was so tired of bras not fitting. They were the best fitting bras and they lasted a long time. The last time I bought bras I got a sales clerk at Penny's that knew what she was doing and was able to get bras that fit well. Several times I have had sales clerks finally tell me that I would just have to live with ill fitting bras. What, I don't think so. I left without buying anything.
  7. I had a really fun day yesterday. A friend and I went antiquing and out to lunch. I bought 4 tea cups. I only have 2 spaces in my wall cabinet but I want DH to build me another one and I thought he might be more apt to do it if I had tea cups and no place to put them. Two of the tea cups are rather different. I woke up this morning inspired. We have 2 paintings that DH's great grandmother painted that DH has been bugging me to get cleaned and restored. I have put it off but got them out this morning and well take them in early next week.
  8. I am excited!!!!!! Both daughters and granddaughters are going to visit in July. They will be here at the same time and we are going to take our 5th wheel and go to Moses Lake in E. WA. We have beds for 4 people so 2 people will have to be in sleeping bags. It should be fun and can you tell I am really looking forward to having them all here! Tomorrow a friend and I are going antiquing and out to lunch so do not know if I will be able to get on-line in the morning. I spent too much time on the computer yesterday so my wrist and fingers are really hurting today.
  9. DH and I went to church yesterday and then had a quiet Easter with just the two of us. We had a nice phone conversation with DD #2 on Sat. and DD #1 on Sun. DD #1 is having knee surgery tomorrow to repair a torn ACL ligament. My appointment for a nerve conduction test is Apr. 23 but I am still hoping for a cancellation.
  10. Veronica, I hope you have a wonderful day!!
  11. I know of 2 people besides you that are having problems with vertigo. I wonder if there is some bug going around.
  12. I said I was seeing the doctor tomorrow but meant to say I was seeing him this morning. I saw the doctor and I am now scheduled to see a Neurologist for a nerve conduction test. If the test indicates that I have carpal tunnel then I will be referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon for surgery. I could not get an appointment for a nerve conduction test until April 23 so I hope there is a concellation before that.
  13. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know I am still here but have not been at BCB for over a week. We were in Florida for a week and even though I took my laptop I was just too busy to get on. Now I am in extreme pain from carpal tunnel so typing this with left hand. see dr. tomorrow.
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