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  1. Thanks Bob! I was just wondering because before there was a thread for new mom... Where did it go?
  2. Hello! I'm a new mom but an old WW adept. I've been on the Flex plan for a long time. I am BF so I want the best foods for my DD. I have 33 points with the 10 BF points. I have started to eat core for the last week but find I am still counting. I think I'm scared I'll eat more than I should. Do you still count and/or write? When I look back at my previous journals, I find I tend to eat lost of sugar, prepackaged foods. I really want to eat healthier. Any advice is welcome, Sophie
  3. sofffy


    I bought some salsa and saw it is very low in points but with what should I eat it (except nachos of course!)? Any ideas? How do you use your salsa?
  4. I am back and want to lose 15 pounds. I am allowed 21 pts daily plus 35 pts weekly. Should I: * eat 21 pts every day and on the w-e eat the 35 bonus? * eat 26 pts every day (35 divided by 7 is 5 more each day) * eat 21, 31, 22, 30 etc... (make my metabolism wonder) What works for you? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. sofffy


    Thank you all! I went to a meeting tonight and am down 0.4... It's a loss! Not big but still a loss. I am down 8 pounds in a month. Not bad after all. My leader said to continue using all my 32 points allowed a day but she recommended not to use the 35 bonus points. I am confused, should I use them or not?
  6. sofffy


    Hello buddies! I posted this on the NEW MOTHERS thread and thought I could have help here also! Well, I started WW one week after giving birth. The first week, I lost 3.8. The second, 3.2. The third, 0.6... This week, it seems that I haven't moved. On my scale, I even weigh more! I don't understand... I am going to my meeting tonight, I will see what the real deal is. I am journaling, drinking the water... I am eating 32 points a day (I am breastfeeding). I started walking 3-4 times a week but don't count the AP points. I don't use all the 35 points, sometimes none. When I did WW two years ago, I ate 20 points a day and lost every week. Now that I am 20 pounds heavier, the weight has a hard time to go away. WHY??? *Am I eating too much? Should I drop the number of points? What will happen if I eat less? (27 for example) * Should I eat the 35 points? I feel that it will be too much and that I will gain. * My period started again today. Could that be the problem? I don't want to get discouraged but I really want to drop the pounds and wear my clothes. I maintained at 145 for many years. I don't understand why my body doesn't want to go back to that weight fast... Thanks for helping me!
  7. Good morning! I woke up, got on the treadmill and walked 20 minutes! It's a start!
  8. Hi everybody, I have been on WW for 4 months now and read the post everyday but I don't write much! I bought a treadmill in November and used it 4 times a week until the beginning of February.... I have to go back! I would like to join your walking group if you don't mind. *What do you all do when walking on the treadmill? Do you watch TV? I know that I get easily bored but when I stick with it, I feel sooooo much better. *Is it a bad idea to walk an hour before going to bed? Sometimes I get home at 7:00 pm, I have to cook diner, eat... I only have time around 9:00... Anyways, would like to be part of a group, I think it will motivate me. My weight is 138 pounds and I can't seem do lose more... I need to exercise!
  9. Thank you everybody! This helps!
  10. Thanks for your responses. I am asking this question because I am not losing anymore weight... I drink the water, exercise but it seems that when I eat the 35 points allowed, I don't lose... I may be at the 'plateau'... I am a very slow loser and I would like to start losing again! I still have 8 pounds to go!!! Any tips?
  11. Hi everyone! I was wondering if I could still lose weight even if I eat all my 35 weekly points allowance? I realised that there are some weeks when I really need them! Sometimes, I'm fine with my 20 points a day. I guess it's normal. I wanted you guys to tell me if you still lose when eating the extra points. Thanks;)
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