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  1. Welcome to BCB Peggy. I can't even begin to imagine how heartbreaking your loss has been. I think that Robin gave you some wonderful advice. BCB is here to help with Weight loss but you have to deal with this horrible tragedy. If you don't deal with it and talk to somebody about your feelings it will consume you. I just watched the recent season premiere of Losing it with Jillian and she worked with a family who lost a baby 20 years ago and to this day it was still tearing their family apart. the husband coudlnt' talk about it so they never properly dealt with it, grieved and moved on from it. It really effected their entire family and the families weight. I think that you should start there. WW is a wonderful program....it works if you work it, but you have to be able to work it. ((((((hugs))))) I wish you the best of luck!
  2. Good afternoon buddies, Well this weekend was AWFUL. I was a good girl on Saturday, didn't use any extra points and then it hit me....at about 7pm I was with my family waiting to be seated at 99 restaurant when I felt really sick. I took my mom's car keys and went home and my brother's friend ended up driving everybody home after they ate. I threw up like every other hour with diahhrea and everything all through the night saturday and all morning and afternoon on Sunday. Probably about 6 or 7pm on Sunday night I started to feel alittle better and at least stop throwing up. it was a doozie of a stomach bug. the only good thing that has come out of it is that I was down 3lbs this morning. LOL. Now i have to work hard to keep it off. I am a little tired and not 100% today, but at least I don't feel sick. I'm not too hungry which is good, have only made some good healthy choices so far today and being after lunch I still have 19 pts left for my day and havne't even touched any of my waps. :-D I hope you all had a better weekend than I did. I missed my sons soccer game AND the super bowl party. Boooooo! Oh well, at least I feel better today. My son is leaving for Florida with his soccer team on Wednesday. I'm praying that he DOES NOT get sick while he's in florida wihtout his mother to take care of him. That would be awful....I was trying to get him to stay away from me yesterday, he was only near me for about an hour out of the whole day. *fingers crossed* HOpe everybody is having a great OP day! XOXO
  3. Well I was up .8 this morning. Not as bad as I thought it would be having PMS and being bloated and having cravings all week. so this week I will be much better and I'll have TOM which will help with the bloated and PMS...my worst week of the month is the week BEFORE TOM! I'm usually fine during TOM for the most part. DS had a basketball game at 9am this morning, right after WW.....then he and I went to get our hair cut. He cut off all his beautiful curly hair and now has a very short hair cut that he can create a faux hawk with. It's very cute! He can pull of just about anything! LOL. I just got my hair trimmed and colored. I'm trying to let it grow a bit. I get sick of short hair, then let it grow and then cut it again after I get sick of it long..LOL. Well i'm off to another basketball game for 6pm. I will probably use some of my extra points today because I have no points left for the day...went to a chinese buffet for lunch...it was so not worth it either....not good food at all.....disappointing when I waste money and points on something not very enjoyable! :-( Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. XOXO
  4. Good afternoon buddies, Just a quick post because my lunch is almost over. Sorry I didn't post last week or this week. Things were very stressful at work and I had to spend a lot of time writing lesson plans a whole new way and handing them into our new principal. this is nothing I've ever had to do in my first 3 years of teaching and with the new ELA program it was so much work and so overwhelming. I cried a few times and eventually got everything done. Needless to say, last week , I gained .6 which isn't bad at all, but still in the wrong direction. This week I'm PMSing because TOM is right around the corner, so this is that one week out of the month where you want to eat everything and anything. I did do my 2 days of c25k week 2, and today will be my day 3. I did my ballroom dancing lessons on Monday...so I did get some exercise in...but not as much as I usually do. Just bloated and BLAH thanks to wonderful PMS. Sometimes being a woman just isn't fair! LOL Anyway, I was only up 1lb this morning and with my eating choices and not 100% with my journaling, it could have been much worse than that. I have weigh in tomorrow morning and today I'm perfectly OP and hitting the gym after work. Hopefully I can take a little of that 1lb gain off...we'll see what tomorrow brings! :-( Diane: I'm with you on the eating. I can get the exercise in at least 3 x a week no problem....i'm fine all day at work and then when I get home....I eat stupid, pointless, empty calorie snacks. I really have to get some will power! I"m fine when DBF is over, I don't think about eating late at night when he's there talking to me and distracting me from wanting to munch, but he's only there once or twice a week. I also agree on following through and finishing the c25k. I've started it a few times and haven't gotten past week 3. Well week three is coming up and I plan on getting through it and past it. I may have to stay on week three for an extra week or so, but I plan on getting past it this time! :-) We can do it, I want to jog a full 5k by the end of spring. Adele: Good for you! I'm so proud of you with quitting smoking AND losing weight. You'll be in Onderland in no time! I still have a ways to get there...I just need to get on the ball with being 100% OP...when I am, wonderful results....but when I just follow the program half way...I usually maintain or gain a little.....no my goal. L.A. is getting closer and closer every day! Quinny and everybody else....sorry I didn't have time for any more personals. I have to go get my students for math. I'll try to be back later tonight! XOXO
  5. Good evening buddies, Well I had a great weekend. Didn't do too much, stayed perfectly OP, but used about 29 of my 35 extra WAP's for a wonderful brunch this morning. It was kind of a ritzy place, and it was soooo delicious. I didn't go to overboard, only tried very small portions of all the things I liked and DBF shared one plate for desserts and took bites of things we liked...not entire desserts. We both left very satisfied, happy and not too full. After brunch we went over to the mall and ended up at Hannoush Jewelers and DBF put a down payment on a diamond ring. :-D I'm a very happy camper. I know that he will probably ask me sometime when we go to L.A. in April. I am just soooo happy to be one step closer to being engaged. We've been together for 5 years. It's about time. we will probably be engaged for a few more years before we can actually get married but we will have the time to plan and save up for the perfect wedding! I'm so happy! I didn't do any formal exercise this weekend because it was more of a QT time with DBF weekend, but we went to a friends party last night and I did about 45 minutes of line dancing there....DBF couldn't believe how much I was sweating just from line dancing..ha ha ... I earned about 4 aps from it, which is good. Tomorrow night is ballroom lessons, then Tuesday and Wednesday I will do the fat burn/cardio kickboxing class at the tae kwan do center with my fellow teachers....and then hit the gym on Thursday and Friday! Hoping for a nice loss again on Saturday and now I have even more motivation...although a wedding isn't in the near future it is more realistic and in my grasp and I have a few years to be the beautiful bride that I've always wanted to be in the perfect size dress! :-D Life is good. Diane: YOu better get your booty back up on that wagon girl or I will personally drive to Rhode Island and drag you back on it myself! :-D (((kick))) YOu can do it girl!!!! One meal of fish and chips and one serving of icecream can NOT sabatoge all of your hard work unless you continue to make poor choices! XOXOXO Adele: It is much easier to have a workout buddy. Occassionally I have one, but not for the gym. I usually go there by myself after work, but when i take a class and do the dance lessons and line dancing I do it with friends and it is sooo much more enjoyable! I hope you can find a workout buddy! Congrats on staying smoke free! I'm so proud of you! XOXO Kim: Sounds like you had a very enjoyable day! Good for you for getting that walk in. I can't wait until it gets nice out again! I love to be outside but I do NOT like the cold! Quinny: Sorry to hear that the kiddos were sick. Hope they are feeling better. Glad you are able to start exercising again but if your ankle still hurts don't push it. Better to take an extra week than to make the injury worse! XOXO Well DBF just left so i'm going to get into bed and watch a movie! Take care and let's have a great week!
  6. good afternoon buddies, Just wanted to post quickly that I lost 1.8 lbs this week. Yipee!!! Finally a decent loss! It feels good. Gives me just the motivation I need to keep moving! I went country line dancing with some friends last night...it was sooooo much fun. I was sweating my ass off and dancing all night! It really is a good form of exercise. Well I have to run. DBF is coming over today. I'll be back later or tomorrow! XOXO
  7. Good morning buddies, so far so good for me. My scale hasn't moved much but oh well...I know i'm doing better and exercising and I feel better and that's what is important. yesterday I had a margarita and some chips and salsa at Chili's so my scale possibly could have went down a little but with those two things yesterday, it probably just went right back to where I started! LOL....bad girl! Adele: Glad you're back!!!!! I'm so happy for you that you quit smoking. That is sooo wonderful. Has hubby quit too? Wow, that's a lot of money you're saving. When I look at the price of cigarettes I can't believe that people still actually smoke...man it's an expensive habit! Keep working on the eating, I am doing the same, it's not perfect, but it's soo much better than what I was doing and when I work out I feel guilty spoiling the workout with bad food so I do even better. :-)
  8. Good evening ladies, Well I am taking a break from exercise today. I did c25k saturday and Sunday, Wii fit and abs on Monday, fat burning/cardio kick on Tuesday and Wednesday and tonight DBF is coming over, so i'm going to relax and spend some QT time with him. Tomorrow i'm going to hit the gym to do day 3 week 1 of c25k and then i'm going country line dancing in the evening with some friends. No drinking or eating after dinner, just going to dance and get in an extra workout before weigh in saturday morning. Kim: ha ha yes I am a very busy person. Always on the go. I like it that way. :-D I complain about my son but he takes after his Mom!! LOL Great job with the running, i'm hoping eventually, after doing the c25k that I, too, can be a "runner" someday! ha..that just sounds funny. But my goal is to start with a 5k in the spring! We'll see where I'll go from there! Quinny: 3lbs is great in two weeks. I hope the result is the same at weigh in. I was down a little at the beginning of the week but I still seem to be remaining the same on my scale, even with all the exercise. Frustrating!!!! I won't give up, i'll just keep doing what i'm doing and eventually something will give. I do know that I feel better, my healing is going well, no pain, scars are all closed and just time will make them less tender and less red. I have more energy, no more heart burn...all because of the work out and journaling and staying OP. Why do I ever stop? It makes no sense to me!! LOL Hope the rest of you girls are doing well! Stay OP and get in that exercise! XOXO
  9. Hi ladies, Just a quick post. I got my butt kicked last night at a cardio kickboxing class and i'm going back again tonight. OUCH!!! I have to run, working at the McDonalds for an hour near my school. It's McTeacher night and its' a fundraiser for the school I work at! I ate dinner before so that I wouldnt' be hungry and tempted to eat that nasty food! LOL. Adele wanted me to let you all know that she is having issues with her computer and signing onto BCB and that she will be back as soon as her computer is fixed and she can sign on again! I'll be back either later tonight or tomorrow. Keep up the great work ladies and stay strong!!! XOXOXO
  10. Good morning ladies, Well I am back to work today. I had to leave a little earlier to vote for our new MA Senator this morning. I have been perfectly OP since Saturday, so i'm hoping for a great loss on Saturday morning....going to keep it going strong all week! Diane: your post made me smile! What an awesome epiphany. YOu know, I am also going to adopt it. My DBF thinks i'm HOT and instead of arguing with him, i'm going to believe him and love who I am regardless of my weight. I am still going to work hard at reaching my goal, but i'm going to stop beating myself up and do what makes me feel good, which is eat right and exercise. We will get where we need to be, but we also need to be happy and not miserable on our journey! XOXO Thanks for the eye opener! Quinny: Sorry your ankle still hurts. That sucks. Maybe some pilates or yoga, something slow and easy on the ankle but still able to get some kind of workout in? Enjoy the empenadas....I love them. Now I think I have to make some this week. Mmmmmmmm!!!! Kim: I don't even know how you can get up at 5am to run. Kudos to you girl! YOu must go to bed early. That is something that I just can't do. Stupid me put 24 on late last night and I was up until after 3am watching it because after the first 2 hour premiere I couldn't NOt watch the 2nd one it was THAT good. UGH....i'm running on 3 hours of sleep today! NOT GOOD!! LMAO Lea: Do not give in and do NOT drink! It's a goal you planned for yourself and it's a good one. I know it's frustrating but have you measured yourself at all? maybe you've lost inches instead of pounds, that happens sometimes! Whatever you do, do not give up!!!! Your body will catch up eventually....just know that what you are doing is good for you, your body and your health. That should make it all worth while!!! (((hugs))) Well I must go teach my kiddos.....talk to you all later. XOXO
  11. Good morning buddies, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I had a very relaxing weekend didn't do much of anything except sports on Saturday and then last night spent the day home in my PJ's, then family came over for a nice Sunday dinner and then I met some friends out to see a friends band...we had a lot of fun...dancing all night! It was great exercise...I was a sweaty mess! LMAO I only had 1 drink and i was a very good girl. I spread my waps out over the weekend and I earned 15 aps and didn't use them yet so i'm looking good for the rest of the week. I did c25k days 1 and 2 on Saturday and Sunday. My feet are killing me dancing in heels all night...ha ha. I am going to hit the gym for 30 minutes on the arc trainer and some weights and then ballroom dancing again tonight! :-D Hope everybody has a nice MLK Jr. day!!! I am enjoying sleeping late, getting in some exercise and just enjoying having the day off!!! XOXO
  12. Good morning ladies, Well yesterday was a great day! This morning i woke up and was down 1.4 on the scale. Funny, yesterday I was exactly the same at WW and this morning i'm down. Go figure! I am going to do some sort of exercise today, maybe hit the gym or do a walk and some wii fit! We'll see. I love having tomorrow off. Tonight i'm meeting some fellow teachers and a few friends at a local club to see a band. One of the singers works with me (paraprofessional) and his band is great. It's an old school R & B soul band. Can't wait. I"m going to have 1 drink and do a lot of dancing! :-D That's the plan!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! XOXO
  13. So I was downloading the C25K podcast that diane posted here on the thread and I was talking to my DBF. He told me that he could create my own personal podcast if I wanted him to with music of my choice. I was so excited...so he went to coolrunning.com to get the original podcast so he could download it and find out how much time each recording was, etc. when he came across the Iphone app for c25k. I was sooo excited. for 2.99 I downloaded the application that keeps track of your progress as well as lets you use your own music from my phone with the c25k running program. I did day 1 week 1 today. YIPEE...it was GREAT!!!
  14. Good afternoon ladies, Well I didn't have a gain this week, but no loss either...stayed exactly the same! :-( Oh well, guess i need to work even harder this week! HOpe you are all having an OP weekend! XOXO
  15. Hey Ladies, Well I'm off to the gym to get in a good workout before weigh in tomorrow. Send me skinny vibes please! We had a huge breakfast today at school, of course the day before weigh in, so i'm really looking at just trying to eat a salad for dinner. I want to lose at least a lb tomorrow! *fingers crossed* Rebecca: Sorry to hear about your marital problems. Yes, i'm sure that everybody has them. That's why I've never gotten married. I figured if I wait until i'm 40 to get married, then I'll still be happy and with my husband into my elder years. :-D In all seriousness, I hope that everything is okay and works out for you! XOXO Lea: Good choice in the workout department. Anytime you choose to workout over eating pizza and beer you chose right! :-D YAY!!!!
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