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  1. Well, I'm down from a run to a jog to a walk
  2. Anyone here trying out WW's active link?
  3. I haven't visited this forum in awhile, but in 2011 WW's redid all their points system and then revamped it in 2012. You probably should sign up for meetings for a month just to keep up with the new stuff.
  4. Just curious, how expensive are they?
  5. I must have 20 of Leslie Sansone's Video's & DVD's Walk away the pounds. I just need to get motivated to do them.
  6. Welcome. I haven't been real regular myself. I love the ww's scanner. Try that and see what you think
  7. I just have one question I need to ask you....how do you figure out the Activity and extra Weekly points in the program?
  8. Thanks so much for recommending this for me. I'm dropping ww's online completely for this. There's also a cool app for the iphone. It also has a very coool scanner.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I'm also using www.myfitnesspal.com which has nutritional values and a very coool scanner for my iphone.
  10. I want to make my own homemade tracker on paper, in a nice notebook, where I can put my own reward stickers, etc. Any one have any ideas?
  11. Wow! Great question. I'm going on a four mile walk this morning. It's been over two weeks since I exercised.
  12. Boy, that's a hard question. I broke my ankle 8 weeks ago and I'm starting all over again. I took a 4 mile walk outside this morning. It took an hour and 43 minutes. I had to rest alot. Etools counted it as 5 points. So I guess I'll probably do what you do, just count the intensity and use the calculator. I really don't have a favorite, I probably have about 20 of her exercise programs. I just hate exercising in the house. I always feel I don't exert much effort, as compared to outside.
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