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  1. Hi, ladies! I don't know how good I'll be about checking in...I'm a WAH mom now (still teaching, just doing it online now)...which is a crazy wonderful blessing and challenge... But, I did want to check in! Jack is 7 months now, and the best workouts I get in are when the weather is nice. He loves our jogging stroller and is really good about letting me go on hour-long walk/jogs. I've also recently gotten 30-Day Shred (Jillian Michaels) and LOVE the intense 20-minute workout because Jack will (usually) let me get through that. This week I hope to get in at least 3 hour-long walk/jogs and do level 1 or 2 of 30-Day Shred at least twice. I miss my hour-long FIRMs, but I've learned that if I want to be successful in getting workouts in I have to alter my expectations. Nancy and Joanne, it's so great to see familiar faces when I check in after a long time away!! Lesh
  2. Thanks, everyone! We really are so very excited! I managed Total Muscle Shaping yesterday and hope to get some cardio in today. Have a great weekend! Lesh
  3. Hi, FIRMies! Wow, it sure is good to see that there was no lack of FIRM drama while I was MIA. LOL! What is happening at that studio, anyway? Joanne, thanks for the update on the new vids! Quick Lesh update: I'm 9 weeks pregnant (first u/s last week--got to see my peanut and hear the heartbeat!--very cool!). This is my first pregnancy, and I have to say, it's kicking my butt. I sleep A LOT! That said, I'm obviously not OP, but have been eating as healthily as possible to avoid unnecessary weight gain. That hasn't been too tough since my normal sweet tooth has diminished substantially since I've been pregnant. On the other hand, I've been pretty terrible about working out--just so TIRED--but, I try to squeeze at least a couple of short workouts in per week, more if I can. I've been spending a lot of time at babyfit.com where I can track my food, exercise, etc in terms of pregnancy goals, and probably won't have too much time to check in here, but I wanted to say "Hi!" and let you know where I am. I'll be back regularly in October! Lesh
  4. Okay, based on your goals, here is my advice. However, take it with a grain (or five) of salt, b/c I'm not a personal trainer. I taught fitness classes for awhile and worked around a bunch of PTs, but have no real credentials other than reading a lot and loving fitness. 2x/wk (never two days in a row) Strength Training: Because you're a runner, I recommend high rep, low weight stuff. (You'll find conflicting advice on this, but personally, I run better if I'm not lifting too heavy) You're still working to failure, but you should do sets of 16-20, so you'll be using lighter weights so you can get all reps in. I personally love free weights for this rather than machines. Also, the FIRM and Tracie Long Training are great if you want home videos. 1x/wk Speedwork: no more than 2 miles, do either fartleks (random lengths of speedbursts at random intervals) or measured speedwork. Look for more info on speedwork at CoolRunnings. You never want to go "all out" during your speed intervals, just crank it up a little to challenge yourself. 1x/wk Maintanence Run: This is your 5k at a comfortable speed--this isn't your day to push it. 1x/wk "Long" Run: This is the day you push distance, not speed. Work up in mileage no more than 1/2 to 1/4 mile per week--you have time and this assures you won't injure yourself. Feel free to run a little more slowly than maintanence on this run. I'd add ab work to your Speedwork and Maintanence run days. Also, if you have a super busy week, you can do your strength training on those days (but not your long run day), but I recommend keeping at 5 days if possible. Good luck!!
  5. What are your goals? Do you want to increase strength? Improve your 5k time? Increase your distance? Improve core strength/balance?
  6. Hi, buddies! I'm going to attempt to keep this post upbeat, though I've been anything but lately. Long story short, I'm struggling. Getting back into the swing of counting points has been difficult, and the scale isn't budging. SO...since I'm committed to this and know the scale lies (especially right before my period and right after picking up strength training again), I'm doing what I need to do and checking in with my buddies to keep me accountable. I know it will come. I know I'm doing the right things for my body, and I should be doing these things independent of any number on the scale. Back to FIRMing . . . I did two FIRM workouts last week. I can't begin to tell you how humbling it is (as someone who worked her way up to regularly taking 15s on the fanny lifter and sometimes 20s) to have to start back at 3s, 5s, and 8s again. But it's good for me. I can focus on form and feel less intimidated about getting back into strength training. Luckily, I kept up enough with the cardio that my heart can still handle to workouts just fine. That's something I focus on when I feel like I'm starting over. I could hardly breathe when I first started FIRMing in 2003--and that was without weights. Here's my plan: SUNDAY: Complete Body Sculpting - DONE! MONDAY: Twenty minutes elliptical + stretch - DONE! TUESDAY: Rest - DONE! WEDNESDAY: Aerobic Body Shaping THURSDAY: short walk or elliptical FRIDAY: Jiggle Free Arms SATURDAY: Walk or rest
  7. Good evening, FIRMies! I can't tell you how happy I am to "see" you all. I need to check in here more often. You're an incredible motivation! Thank you so much for the warm welcome back. Pat (you were the one who asked, right?), I write romantic comedies. Thanks for asking! I'm unpublished, but treat my writing like a second job b/c that's what you have to do to get published and (eventually, after much blood, sweat, and tears). I'm knee-deep in the submission process from my first completed MS, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I didn't work out yesterday....oh, I remember a time when not working out all weekend would have horrified me, and now I seem to just take it all in stride! I'm happy that I checked in here tonight though b/c y'all have inspired me to make time for something...even if it's just 20 minutes on the elliptical. I'll be back with my plan.
  8. Hi, FIRMies! Sorry it's been so long. I've been swamped this semester, working about 60 hours a week, trying to keep up with my writing...so, of course taking care of myself fell by the wayside. I went back to meetings two weeks ago and have my second weigh-in today. I'm happy to be back. I know this works for me. On the fitness side of things, I'm hardly the same person. I've been lucky to squeeze in two or three workouts a week and they haven't been much. This week, however, I'm looking to start a new pattern. I'm glad to see you're all as inspiring and motivational as ever. Lesh's Plan SUNDAY: 20 min walk/jog done MONDAY: 35 minute walk done TUESDAY: TBD (something with weights ) WEDNESDAY: TBD THURSDAY: 5 mile walk (sister and I plan to walk in the morning) FRIDAY: C+S of some sort SATURDAY: rest SUNDAY: rest or short cardio
  9. I am SO SORE today it's ridiculous....I think it's not only from the run, but from doing Tracie's Endurance for movement about 12 hrs before the run. Hips, rear, hamstrings -- ouch! Here's my plan for this week: SUNDAY: canoeing MONDAY: 2.5 miles TUESDAY: FIRM Yoga WEDNESDAY: TLT Strength in Movement THURSDAY: 40 min run w speedwork FRIDAY: FIRM Arms + short run w speedwork (here or Tuesday) SATURDAY: rest or 7 miles (here or Sunday) SUNDAY: rest or 7 miles
  10. Not even eight in the morning and I already have my 6 miles in...woohooo! Way to start my weekend! (now off to shower off the salt - uck!) lesh
  11. theirs is $45 -- which is a great price for a shock absorber. AND in almost every woman's mag for the last couple of months they've had a coupon for $10 off. if you order online, just be sure to get whatever size you where in a regular bra. i'm a 38C and the 38C in the sports bra is perfect. best, lesh
  12. I just blogged about this awesome new product and realized some of you might be interested... http://blog.myspace.com/leshiadiane Happy workouts! Lesh
  13. You deserve that. And bravo to your husband for delivering the best possible line... Sounds like he knows how lucky he is, and that's what matters.
  14. Isn't it a great one, though? And, I promise, it actually gets tougher each time you do it! Hmm...now I'm wondering if I want to spend my afternoon with Christa (as planned) or Tracie... ... SO many great workouts, so little time... I'm very excited....it's supposed to cool down this weekend, so it shouldn't be too outrageously hot when I do my long run. I do think I'll get the run out of the way on Saturday morning, though, instead of Sunday...it's silly, but I get really nervous before my long runs (as if my body's suddenly going to lose all the progress it's made in the last year or something), so I don't want nerves making me tense all weekend. Have a good day! Lesh
  15. Go, Nancy! That's an intense one to do at 9pm! I'm loving the pink, but sad for its inspiration. Joanne, do you mind saying which FIRMie it is (just her board name, of course)? If so, that's okay. I'll track down some pink, myself. Be strong! Lesh
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