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  1. Have any of you tried it with Carrot Cake and pumpkin? I have that and I am craving a carrot cake muffin. Thanks, Tree:headover:
  2. I am making this tonight, will it matter if I don't brown the hash browns? I did not get that step in my meeting the other day. I can not wait to eat this for dinner! I was not sure on the points either but now I am thanks so much for posting all the above, Tree:headover: Have to tell you I took like 6 slices Oscar Mayer Canadian Bacon and browned it and added to the bowls for a topping. This soup Rocks!
  3. It used to be at my meetings you get 3 missed meetings within a period of time without having to pay a missed meeting fee. I just joined again a few weeks ago. Good Luck to you!
  4. 1 tablespoon of reg half & half is 1 pt. So look at your pt finder and figure up the calorie and fat content and you will have your pt total. It is not as bad as you think and you should enjoy your cup of coffee. I still have mine, most the time it is black. But I do by the fat free flavored creamer. :headover:Tree
  5. NewMe2005


    Excellent Advice to check it out and decide. Just google and you will find many threads on the sweetners. I have decided to not use any of them, but Aspartame gave me headaches when I drank Crystal Light. So that was easy to give up. Splenda made me horribly sick and crampy last summer. I gave that up, but I am not a diabetic, nor do I bake a lot of cookies, cake or need sugar in cooking. So I just opt to count the points for the sugar. I don't use it in tea, coffee, etc. I hardly drink pop ever, in fact I can't remember the last pop I drank so I just decided if I want a pop I will do the regular stuff. I think that looking into the facts of both will give you enough advice to make wise choices. It is something you need to decide on. Tree:headover:
  6. That sounds just wonderful! I am looking for great ideas for a brunch that might be happening soon at my house. I joined a group called, Lighten Up Iowa and our team is called Chunky Dunkers. Jan 18-May 31 all the people in Iowa who want to work out, diet, join teams and it is to encourage us to all eat and lose weight. Our team is thinking about having a brunch one Sunday a month for good eating ideas, just a fun way to get together. I am looking for any and great ideas for anyone who wants to eat healthy.
  7. Ok, here I go...try Calorieking.com for calorie counting. My daughter did calorie counting last year and it was very successful for her and her friend at work. But, I have to agree with the above posters it seems awful low and very low if you excercise. I will tell you I was trying both last year and did not get very far but more confused on what I am eating. Actually I do believe you can do both, I even set up a excel program to add the points, (someone emailed to me) and I added a column for the calories. I think it very, very important to get the proper food nutruition into your body, as in veggies, protien, water, dairy in a balanced way. If you go to Calorieking.com there is a place for a FREE assesment and it will give you the calorie count for your weight, activity. If you do eat to less of calories you will not loose weight at all. That is why you need to eat good food for the points or calorie counts. The better the food the more happy your body is. Now look at me, I am back to WW and trying to think WW only as I was out of control with all the different diets I was trying to do. But I have learned more about the food groups and try to incorporate more core food into my points. Not doing core all the way but the food is good for you no mater which plan you follow and more filling really/. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. It can make a persons head spin:headover:trying to figure out the right formula for you...Tree
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