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  1. Pam, I am struggling so much though...

  2. Hey Jen! We are gonna' FINISH it this time around. I feeeeeel it :)

  3. Hi! Does anyone know the point value for Lipton's chicken noodle soup? I caved since I am sick and had some...thanks!( We had no box-Dh always eats it or I would have figured it out myself!)
  4. Sounds like one I will try on my day off! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I am definately trying this one! Thanks
  6. Too cute!!! Kids do say the darndest things..................
  7. Made this..................DH and kids loved it.....too good!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  9. Thanks alot. I am always looking for dining out info.
  10. My leader was just talking about this at my last meeting. Some people swear by them-others never use them. But I agree, if they didn't want you to use them , they wouldn't have them. They wouldn't give you a licence-if they didn't want you to drive:)
  11. Thanks Frisky-All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!!!! Yikes-thank God for flex points!:lol:
  12. Does anyone know the point value of a slice of Coconut creme pie at Baker's square(I am afraid to find out) I looked on their website and there is no info. Thanks.
  13. Hi Angelhugs...I am from Canada and we have Cheerios mix. You can get it anywhere. 2/3 c for a point. We sell it at Costco in a big box.
  14. Hi EveryoneI have a question...I am not sure if this was the area to post this -but I went all through the threads and figured it was a question with WW....so here goes. I have been doing WW at home but would like to attend meetings now. My good friend and I wanted to attend one on Thursday evening and I am a little apprehensive. I am not used to weighing myself in the evening after I have already eatin' 3 meals. I am used to weighing myself first thing in the morning stark naked.. I am sure alot of you ladies attend evening meetings. Any advice.....is the weigh in accurate? Help! The meeting is tomorrow night!
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