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  1. Doing good Kyoot! Are you going to join us again?

  2. Kyoot

    HI! how are you doing? I see you're down with a bug, hope you are better soon.


  3. Hello! I don't make the seitan myself, tho I have seen recipes. I buy it already made at the natural foods store. Sweet Earth and White Wave brands are good. Cheers!
  4. Hello! Yes, I am veggie... not vegan, but pretty close. I made the Seitan Soup! It was pretty tasty... lots of Indian spices, cauli, green beans, tomatoes, and this seitan that is kind of chicken flavored. Also, lime! It seems that these boards have really slowed. I wonder where else ppl are going to get their online support. Cheers!
  5. Hi Michelle! You are being so accountable! Looks good, and I can see that you are trying to account for everything. In my sloppy moments, I woulda just forgot about the mints. Cheers! I am doing Flex Core... Pts+ seems "hard"... and I like to be able to not count. My Menu: B: oatmeal, black tea, strawbs, half banana S: coffee L: veggie seitan Indian style soup, with olive oil (3pts) S: apple D: veggie tacos (2pts of oil) at b/c I have to work late S: yogurt or fruit. Okay! Have a good day!
  6. Hello! I dug more holes in my garden. Plan a walk with DH! Cheers!
  7. I dug a bunch of holes in the garden. Also, I drank 5 cups of liquid (tea/water) so far. Spent all morning doing housework. Cheers!
  8. Hi SSKatie!


    Nice to see you here again! You should join us over on Getting Back to Goal thread, in the Buddy Groups section!




  9. Wow Cristena, You have done an amazing job!!! Congrats on the wonderful accomplishment, and keep up the good work! Cheers!
  10. Hello all, I decided to jump in, b/c I am doing everything I can to keep it Core. B: oatmeal, yogurt cheese, tea, fruit S: pear, tea L: bulgar with green beans/brussels/onion/oo, half a yam, red beans, roasted eggplant dip S: apple, tea or soy hot chocolate D: brown rice, veggies, tofu S: tea, fruit again. Cheers!
  11. Hi All, I have found that I have a groove going, and don't "need" the support from different pages as much. When I first was trying Core, I found the forum really useful, but it has been years now, and I don't have as many questions. I still visit Getting Back to Goal daily to check in and read what ppl are doing, but I guess my needs have evolved since the times when I wanted to check in and write 10 posts a day! I still am glad to be here and read and have this thread available, though, so rock on!
  12. I get a lot of my oils in when I make veggies... in a big pan I put 1-4 tsp of oil, plus usually some water for steaming. It works out to 1 tsp per serving or so, and makes the veggies a bit more toothsome. I also use it to saute onions before pretty much any bean dish. At times, I will pour a tsp of really yummy olive oil into a little dish and dip my bread into it. I sautee onions and garlic, etc. in oils before making soups, sauces or any casseroles. I usually use FPs for more oil than 2 tsps a day to ward off the migraines I have.
  13. Hi Ladies, WWCarol! Thanks for that link... plus it was fun to revisit your site. Your recipes are just my style! I make my own versions of yum sauce... I make a peanut/garbanzo sauce, a tahini lemon... but I got more ideas from yours! Cheers!
  14. Looks pretty tasty.... Did you pick it up at Safeway by any chance? ; D
  15. soya

    Monday SFT

    Donna, I kwym about counting point and feeling like you need to eat the points you've allotted for that meal regardless of hunger levels. I hate that. Plus, I get all obsessed about points when I count. SiFi for me, still. wendy: stick with what's healthy and doable! Cheers!
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