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  1. These are wonderful! Two of these at 1 pt. each makes a great dessert, encourages me to drink my milk with them!
  2. I have found these at Schnucks. I really like the raspberry cheesecake and fudge brownie one. One has peanuts and I don't care for peanuts in ice cream. It is easy to imagine a line in the middle and eat only half. Both these and Weight Watcher ice cream are great. Blue Bunny makes both!
  3. My points are the same with the quiz or without. I have 21 points.
  4. Years ago I made lifetime using Winning Points program. I am doing fairly well with Flex now but just wondered others thoughts/feelings/experience. When I was on Winning Points, I ate between 18-23 points per day. This would be a maximum of 161 points per week. Now I get 21 points per day, plus 35 flex points, for a maximum of 182 points. That's 21 more points per week this way. I don't seem to be losing as much on this program. I think this would be good for maintanence. I've heard vaious opinions about eating the flex points. Many say you must eat them, some say eat at least 15-20. Seems wierd to get more points. One week I ate only a few and lost 3 pounds. Last week I ate all and lost .2. Don't get me wrong, I know weight watchers doesn't enocourage that you lose much per week, my first time I averaged 1.5/2 pounds a week. But it is going to take forever at .2 a week. Thanks for everyone's thoughts!
  5. I found these at WalMart over the weekend. What a treat! I didn't realize the turtle one was 3 points when I bought it. I've tried the Chocolate Brownie-yum and the Mint Chocolate Chip, it was good, just not my favorite flavor of ice cream. There are only 2 per package though. It will be about $1 for each one, but if you went to the ice cream store, it would be much more!! Is is made by Blue Bunny if you look on the package. I like their light personals too.
  6. I haven't found the cherry Coke Zero yet, but LOVE Coke Zero. Since doing WW I have switched to Caffeine Free Dt. Dr. Pepper. Maybe we should all email and ask that they offer Coke Zero in Caffeine Free!
  7. Thanks for your help. Now I wonder if I have been figuring soup, casseroles, etc. wrong too. I have figured the points for each item that I put in, added it at the end and divided by the number of servings. Do you just add the total number of calories, fat and fiber and divide at the end? I just love BCB, it is so helpful!! I don't know how anyone does WW without it!
  8. I've just realized I never did this either. Do you double the fat grams and fiber too. I know you would double the calories. For instance I ate 2 sugar free cinnamon rolls this morning. 110 calories, 3.5 fat grams and 1 fiber. Can someone use this as an example? The other had no fiber or fat grams to answer this question. Thanks!
  9. I like both but I think the peanut butter is my favorite! I am not a peanut butter lover either. They actually taste like butterscotch to me. They are 3 points instead of 2 like the chocolate.
  10. Use extra lean ground beef. I always buy Laura's Lean with 4 percent fat. I made a meatloaf the other day and it was very good!
  11. If you buy the chocolate Hostess cakes, you won't have to spend the extra point, they are 1 point also. The yellow and carrot ones are 2 points. I prefer the Hostess cakes.
  12. I started back OP 1-1-07 and was doing fine (1.5/2 lbs. per week)loss. The last 3 weeks I haven't been losing but I'm doing the same things I was. I was put on cordisone for my sinuses about 3.5 weeks ago. I took a 14 day pack. I am wondering if this is why I'm not losing. I know steroids makes you gain weight. Does anyone know how long they stay in your system or has anyone experienced the same problem? Any advice or information appreciated!!
  13. The chocolate ones are 1 point, the carrot and golden with chocolate are 2 points. They are small but very tasty!
  14. I've had the grilled chicken with honey mustard. It is good and 6 points. It is on the small size but nice to have a fast food option.
  15. I must admit that I was skeptical that something with a name like Fiber One could actually taste good. Boy was I wrong. They are very good and much larger than other 2 point "granola bars". I tried the chocolate. YUM YUM!
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