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  1. I am glad I am losing instead of gaining this December. I
  2. I agree! I used to have a coke everyday because it was 3 points and not have a banana because it was 2. I have had 1 coke since the new program started and have had many more bananas. I love that I can just grab a piece of fruit without really thinking about it and having to go find my journal.
  3. I love the Christmas boards!!! I didn't remember till you mentioned it! I hope someone does it!
  4. I had a leader tell me frozen fruits I had to count the points too, turns out the leader was wrong. As long as the ingredients are only fruit. I was dissapointed with today's meeting, not dissapointed with the P+ at all. Love it!
  5. I love it! I needed the shake up too. -2.6 for the first week. It's a great # for me!
  6. Which is prob part of the reason it was revamped the way it was. Weight Watchers deserves to get paid for their work and invention. If I invented something so great, I'd want to be paid for it.
  7. I LOVE seeing lifetimers @ goal at meetings. It's funny though, they all sit in one corner of the room together.
  8. It's been being used sucessfully in the UK for a while now, it's called ProPoints there.
  9. I now this is the 3rd time of used this example, but it's my best example of change for the better. My smoothie ingredients: 2 cups spinach, 1/2 c fruit juice, frozen banana, 1 c blue berries, 2 cups mix of strawberries, mango, papaya and pineapple, 1 scoop plain protien powder. = 10 Points now it's 5 PointsPlus. I'd say the program is changed for the better.
  10. I agree! I've been on since Monday and love it! It's definetly nudging me to make better choices nutritionally. I love it. I feel like I'm back into the honeymoon phase, all new and exciting and maybe just what I needed to make it back to goal. I havn't been there since 2001. Wow, that is hard to say.
  11. If you are a woman (I'm guessing here!) One week may not be enough time. you need a whole month to be able to analyze properly, due to all those womanly wonders. Even one month may not work, if it's not a 'normal' month (what ever that is!!!) You'd prob do yourself a favor if you gave it 3 months.
  12. It's true! Def MORE nrg with no caffine!
  13. I couldn't find it in my little book, nor do I have etools. Thanks again. That's how I was counting it. It took me 3 days to get up the guts to ask, I didn't want to be wrong...then three days in, thought, what if I AM wrong!!!LOL!!! Thanks again!
  14. ? My leader told me that frozen fruits need to be calculated P+ wise because they have added stuff to them. When I look on the ingredients of my frozen blueberries, the listed ingredients are, Blueberries. No perservatives, no sweetener. If I calculate 1c of frozen blueberries it equals 2P+. However, he says, if I stick a banana or other fruit in the freezer, it's P+ 0. It's not making sense to me. Please clarify. TIA!
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