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    Hi!! I ran into a similar situation! I fell in love with the WATP tapes, but noticed that I lost inches from the waist down! I started to get nervous about becoming unproportioned...and decided to mix things up a bit! I alternate WATP tapes with Richard Simmons It keeps one set of muscles from getting over worked and made a nice variety for my evenings. TRY IT! XXOO,
  2. Hello Everybuddy! I am beginning to think about purchasing some small piece of equipment for my home. There are sooooo many advertised on TV and I am so skeptical and think that each one is a gimic and will not work. Would you please post the one that you bought and tell me if you're happy with it or disappointed? I would love to read what you all have and use, before I invest any money. Thanks in advance!
  3. Oh my, thank you both so much for your recipe input! Dinner was a huge success! I made the crab cakes, brown rice w/veggies and a salad. Mom and dad are both pleasantly surprised at my WW friendly dinners that I "test" on them! XXOO
  4. Hello everybuddy! I am turning to you for help! I have some fresh crabmeat and want to fix crab cakes for dinner this week. I am ashamed to say that I have NEVER made them before and have no idea where to start. Searching the threads, here, I see salmon cakes...but nothing to do with crab. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi! I have read, so many posts, about charm bracelets....It is a WONDERFUL idea! Here lately, I have been OP, but my heart was not in it. This week was a recommittment for me and I decided to get a bracelet this weekend! My friend owns a gift shop and has beautiful ones..plus she said she would order any charm that I wanted. Im so excited!!!! This is just what I needed to jump start my heart. Thanks for the idea, buddies! :bcbsalute
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