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  1. I need help putting together a weekly routine with y recumbent bike. Can anyone help? Or point me to a web site for help? I am having fun riding the bike since I can read the whole time. Also I am using my exercise ball and yoga working on abs. THanks!
  2. The pumpkin muffin recipe at the beginning of this thread is actually 5 points per serving. I ran it through the recipe builder on the ww site. I wouldn't really consider 5 muffins to be one serving either! Kristine
  3. Does anyone have good summer recipes to share? The other day here in Boston it was about 83 degrees and it was not fun cooking in a hot kitchen! So if you have recipes that don't require cooking or very little pass them on. Thanks!!
  4. kchamber2

    Puffin Bars

    I love the puffin bars and actually got 3 more boxes today since they were on sale at Wild Oats for $2.69-WHAT A DEAL-as opposed to $4.39!! I find them to be more filling then Pria Bars but it did take a few to like them. I feel they are more substantial because I only eat 2 point snacks between b-fast and lunch. Try them!
  5. Can anyone let me know how the WW wheat bread is? I am thinking of buying it but don't know if it is worth it. I bought a light bread and found it to be very dry. What do you guys think?? k
  6. Isn't BK's "theme" Have it Your Way?? Maybe next time remind the woman of that!!!
  7. I checked through the restaurants listings for points on bagels from Finagle A Bagel and didn't find it there. I can assume that it is about the same points as Einstein Bros. Bagels. But I was wondering if anyone knew the points?? I am going out to lunch with my 2 year old tomorrow and wanted to plan! k
  8. Thanks, CG! So it is a good way to get in more protein for low points. That will be good for days when I am on the go and busy. Thanks again.
  9. Wow, that is a great site, thanks!
  10. Has anyone found a substitute for the WW shake mix they sell at the meetings? I am looking for one but feel that the WW ones are way too expensive. K
  11. Hi all- Does anyone know the points for a box of instant chocolate pudding mix (not prepared) and Rice Crispy cereal??? I am trying to re-work a recipe to lower the points, thanks! k
  12. thanks so much CG, I am going to try the one similar to yours. we have a health food store nearby that carries tons of dried herbs. k
  13. What is in an Italian Seasoning mix?? I would like to make my own to have on hand and wondered if anyone could help me out. Thanks. k
  14. Paris- Just curious about the points...this is what I came up with: Bacon-Cheddar-Mushroom Baked Frittata Mist of olive or macadamia nut oil 12 slices cooked bacon of choice=16 point 1 large can mushrooms, drained 2 oz shredded cheddar=6 points 4-5 large chicken eggs=8-10 points 1 cup low-fat cow’s milk=2 points ½ tsp pepper ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp paprika 32-34 points total, 4.25 points each Am I missing something or calculating wrong? Thanks, K
  15. Do you need to have the Walkblaster step platform to used the videos? I want to get them from the library to see if I like them but don't have the platform. Thanks, k
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