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  1. Have you all heard me moaning as I walk downstairs since yesterday? That is my muscles complaining! DS was home sick 3 days the week before Christmas and off all last week so my exercise was SERIOUSLY curtailed. Ran a 5K on Sunday and yesterday ran 5 1/4 miles. Didn't think I was THAT out of shape. Running for a short time on a treadmill is SO different from running outside on the road with hills/wind etc. My quads are killing me (in a good way). I am lifting today (upper body!) I am considering going to a Team in Training information meeting next week, does anyone participate/have any feedback they would be willing to share? Lani
  2. I have a Timex Ironman and love it. It is very accurate. Look online. I found a new one MUCH cheaper than I find it in catalogs. Lani
  3. Tiffany, It's not how much you sweat but how hard you're working. I consider Tae Bo moderate. I am breathing pretty good, but not as hard as when I run. Congratulations on your loss to date, but why are you so hard on yourself with the FAILED in bold regarding the challanges. Focusing on your failures is not going to encourage you but discourage your efforts. You may have failed, but it also presents the opportunity to try again and learn from the previous experiences. Lani
  4. Make an investment in GOOD insulated clothing. Last year I bought insulate pants and my members gave me a gift certificate that I used to buy an longer sleeve (it covers my knuckles with a thumb hole). I ran with this all winter last year and it gets pretty darn cold in NJ. Today I couldn't decide whether to bike or run so I did both. Rode 10 miles than ran 4. I am definately planning on a tri next summer! There I put it in writing so I guess I am now committed. Lani
  5. Listen to your knee! We don't listen to our bodies and end up hurting ourselves more. Lani
  6. WTG Tawnya! I knew you could do it! Bet you feel great (well except for the pain)... I have been incorporating more biking into my workout routine. I love to run but it was getting boring at times. Today I went on my first organized bike ride. A half-metric century (that's 33 miles) through PA on a covered bridge ride. It was the farthest I have ever gone, but it was great. Have to put DS in the shower. Lani
  7. Hi everyone! I haven't been around much, I've been busy with work and DS and birthdays etc. I have gotten back into my groove with my running and am consistently running 5+ miles without stopping. Feels good. I have been riding my bike a lot too and can definately see the difference in my leg muscles. Funny enough my time has increased with my running....HMMMM... Things should slow down soon, didn't want you to think I dropped off the face of the earth. Lani
  8. Your resting heart rate should not impact how hard you work out. The above posts were best MHR = 220-age (the standard rule of thumb). Also, how much you sweat has no impact on how hard you are working out, everyone sweats at a different rate. How hard are you breating. Next, a math problem. If you eat 22 points, but earn 8 AP's. How many pts did your body really get that day? 14. You need to eat enough of your AP's to bring your points up to the minimum you should eat per day. That is why we tell members not to use more than 4 per day without a Dr's ok. Regarding the 8, I tell my members that unless they have just run a marathon or the Tour DeFrance they should not consider their activity High. If you are using eTools I know you only have the 3 options, but look at the slide there is a HUGE range in there. Do you know that the average member underestimates the points they eat by 8 to 16 a day. They also tend to overestimate their activity points. I am not saying this is what you are doing, just something to keep in mind. Hope this helps. Lani
  9. I ran 5 miles this morning without stopping (YEAH ME), depsite the horrid humidity. It is like soup outside. Hopefully the thunderstorms they are predicting will arrive, we need the rain. My GPS (Forerunner) was around $150 but they had just come out. I bet you could find on a lot cheaper if you looked. It comes on a velcro strip you can attach to your wrist, but I do put mine on my belt loop as it is kind of an odd size. Lani
  10. The Forerunner is a GPS system, so no need to set your stride. it calcuates your pace and distance based on actual GPS coordiantes. I was wondering about Texasmom too? Has anyone emailed her directly? Lani
  11. I ran 5 1/4 miles this morning WITHOUT STOPPING AT ALL! Sorry for yelling, but I haven't done that in a LONG time. Between the heat and getting lazy. Wanted to see how far I could go, and kept my pace steady instead of working on speed. The new HRM I got seems to be helping. I also have a Forerunner 201 and while I love it, I hate it. It works great in the winter/spring, but I have been having such trouble with getting readings in the summer due to the tree cover. Lani
  12. NO! Listen to your body. If you are in pain (or discomfort) you should NOT work out. Let your body heal. I know it is frustrating, but you could set yourself back even more if you do. Lani
  13. Why not start with what you know? I started with old Firm tapes then "graduated" to Tae Bo when I was looking for something different. It can be hard to follow at first, so don't get overwhelmed, especially if you are just starting out. Lani
  14. Quinoa is good. It is actually a grain that qualifies as protein. I ran 3 miles this am, and it was hard, the humidty is AWFUL! Got to ride my new bike for 7 tonight though. I will have to see how my schedule works out, I may miss the triathalon in April, but will definately hit the one next August! Lani
  15. So where is everyone???? I have to admit that I haven't run since last Sunday... My father bought me a new Trek hybird bike for my birthday to prepare for an eventual triathalon!!! Having been playing extensively with my new toy!!! Got it last Wednesday and have already ridden over 50 miles. With DS home it is hard to find time to exercise, but have been squeaking it in. Things will improve once he gets back in school. Lani
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