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  1. I miss these High level activity of these forums... thank goodness the history is still here!
  2. I rejoined WW and I am doing Simply Filling. I lost most of my weight (75 pounds) on Core 10 years ago. A great program.
  3. I'm back as well... I lost 75 pounds back in 2006 and now need to lose it again. Back at meetings too. I've already lost 11 pounds doing simply filling.
  4. Hi Mandy, Welcome. I'm from LI too - Suffolk County. You've come to a wonderful forum. I enjoy the advice and encouragement. I'm finally going back to WW after gaining back most of the 50 pounds I lost the last 2 years. I know you'll love this forum. I know you can do this - we can do this. We have done it before and we're worth the time and energy to get healthy again. Best to you, Dee
  5. I love TJ!!! You've made a great investment! It's fun and challenging and Chalene is awesome. I would follow the book's rotation at first, if you're a newbie. I am already seeing ab definition! Dee
  6. Welcome! Good luck on your weight loss journey... I hope your sis joins you. Two together is always great... You'll find a lot of support here, that's for sure!!! All the best, Dee:salut
  7. I attended meetings but they don't offer e-tools where I live. I also do WW at home now and there are many, many places where you can get online tools, recipes, etc. to help you on your weight loss journey. Sign up at weightwatchers.com and there are lots of recipes and support. I learn so much from this forum as well as other forums regarding healthy eating and WW in particular. Good luck on your journey and congrats for the great job you've been doing for the past 2 weeks! All the best, Dee
  8. I was a member of Lucille Roberts for several years. It was okay, but they kept changing instructors and when I wanted to cancel, it took much doing and lots of phone calls before they stopped charging my credit card. I also tried Curves - it wasn't for me either. Not enough aerobic activity. I found my niche with Jazzercise. The variety is phenonmenal. They keep it fresh with all the new music and great moves. We have body sculpting, do kick boxing, Pilates - all in a one hour class. They offer a free class on their website www.jazzercise.com if you want to check it out and see if there is one near you. Good luck on this journey! Dee
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