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  1. Me and my hubby like to spice things up a bit... umm, with cooking that is. I like the hamburger idea with this, seems maybe a bit bland for my taste. I don't have a great knowledge of spices. Any idea's on what sorta spice to add to this to jazz it up a bit?
  2. Looking for the pulled BBQ chicken recipe made in the crock with boneless, skineless chicken thighs... anyone have that??? Thanks!!!!
  3. Way to go!!!!! You look fantastic!!!!!!! :bcbsalute :bcbsalute :bcbsalute
  4. Awwweee!! What a cutie patootie!!!! Don't ya just wanna hug him!!!!
  5. Moni, Great job!!!! You look wonderful!!! Keep us updated!!!
  6. Very deviously wicked! Loved it!
  7. I'll have to remember some of those! LOL
  8. I've just checked out your updated pics and I'm still astounded! You are such an inspiration!
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