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  1. thank you so much. it is now on my menu for next week. i am always looking for something differant. i'll let you know how it turns out. i bought a new crock pot because mine burned everything. so, i made sure i got a differant brand. i have been wanting to try it out. this will be my first experiment with it.
  2. i just copied this down. have you made it? was it good? it sounds good.
  3. i made the original version with the pumpkin. i have to admit...i wasn't crazy about it that first morning. it was okay, but not something i would make again. i debated tossing the rest out, but decided to divide it up and put it in the fridge for later. well, today i had one cold with ff coolwhip on top. it was yummy. i guess i just didn't like it warm. i am so glad i decided to keep it though. it was a very nice afternoon treat.
  4. i bought both the vanilla and the mocha. i was not impressed with either one of them. i will stick to my cocomotion drinks. i just thought it would be a nice quick change. the thought of a totally calorie free cup of coffee was very tempting. but, it just didn't do it for me.
  5. hi i made these for breakfast this morning. the batter made 6 nice size pancakes. i had one with a little sugar free syrup. i was completely satisfied till lunch time. i hope they will heat up okay because i now have 5 more in the refridgerator. thank you for the recipe. they were the best pancakes i've had on core so far. i tried the ones with cottage cheese and the oatmeal ones too, but they just didn't do it for me.
  6. christine, i have made a very similar recipe. it is great! the left overs were wonderful for lunch too. plus, you didn't even use your once a day potatoe, pasta, or rice. my husband calls it chicken in the corn field. he loves to tease me about all of my core recipes. however, he sure does enjoy eating them all. plus, he has been losing a few pounds too. although, he sure doesn't need to. but, it is making him extremely happy.i printed down your version. it sounds wonderful!
  7. my husband has been asking me to make this for a couple of weeks now. we both love it. i have made it several times and just counted the points for the non core items. but, i am sure some of you talented and adventuresome cooks could come up with a completely core recipe. i use the shredded hashbrown potatoes instead of the tator tots....but, would shredded fresh potatoes work instead.....what about the soup? any suggestions there. i have my grocery list started and am ready to add what ever you think might work for this recipe. thanks!
  8. davinci makes a sugar free pancake syrup. it is not as thick as regular pancake syrup but it is very good. i use it to put in my oatmeal in the morning. it is a bottle exactly like the ones for their other sf syrups. i buy my on line at morningflavors.com. it is zero calories............
  9. thank you joanne. this is exactly what i was looking for. i only have one mold of the little bears....i think i will be heading to hobby lobby after work to pick up a few more. this should take care of my craving for a little something sweet.
  10. a long time ago........i saw a recipe on the boads for gummy bears made with sf jello. i remember i wanted to try them, i even went on line and ordered the little bear forms to make them. then i got distracted and never tried them. we are going to mexico for a week this saturday. this time, i want to be prepared. i am making a batch of mamgirl's oatmeal granola[absolutely wonderful grab and go snack]. at night when we read our books we tend to snack. well, i won't be able to make my core popcorn, so i want to be prepared. dh is taking along pretzels and chex mix....well, i know by the end of the week, this would be very hard to resist. so, i will have the granola to crunch on and fill me up so i won't want any of his snacks. he is also taking along licorice for snacking.....i figured the gummy bears might be just what i need to replace that. but, now i can't find the recipe anywhere! we are staying at an all inclusive. i have my meals pretty much worked out. lots of fresh fruit......lots of salad, luckily i love salsa on my salad so that will work fine. dinner will be a challenge, but i'm sure there is something there i can use to stay as core as possible. i will not come home with an extra 5 pounds. this is a promise i am making to myself and all of you!
  11. hi if you go to allears.net you will find a list of all the restaurants at disney with their menus. it makes planning ahead easy which is what you need to stay op. you will be doing lots of walking and earning extra points. just have a plan and use them wisely. you can do this. we are going during october too. we have gone every october for the last 5 years. we are really enjoying these years watching our grandchildren grow. this year they are 7, 4 and just 8 months. my husband and son in law decided they didn't want to go this year...but my daughter and i are taking the kids ourselves. it should be a blast. we do the meal plan every year. it is wonderful. are you doing the halloween party too? we have done it the last 3 years. the kids just love trick and treating at disney. we all wear our customes and have a blast. yes, there is indeed a 57 year old minnie mouse running around disney at the party. this year the boys will be stitch and my daughter(their mom) will be lilo. our 8month grandaughter will be a princess. the halloween party is a blast! we use our dinning plan to eat at tonys town square that night so we are right in magic kingdom for the start of the party. we also like eating at mama melrose's one night to get the reserved area with no line for the fantasmic show at night. the kids love the sci fi restaurant and chef mickey's. we are also doing the coral reef restaurant this year for the first time. be sure and book the restaurants early....they book up quickly. have a wonderful time................
  12. i can find them here in illinois at almost all of our grocery stores now. they used to be very hard to find, but now i see them everywhere. i guess they are really becoming popular. i love to use them as a pizza crust. i just spray them with one of the 0 calorie olive oil sprays and bake them for about 10 minutes....then add the toppings and pop them back in the oven till the cheese melts...........they are really good! they also make great tostidos. i just spread them with ff refried beans....salsa...and ff cheese then bake until the cheese is melted. and the edges are crisp. both make a great low point meal. plus on core, if you just use core toppings both you only have to count the 1 point for the tortilla.
  13. i absolutely love the original grillers from morning star. i believe they are 2 points. i use them with a slice of onion and a slice of ff cheese on a bun. wow! they are great!
  14. thanks...i'll give it a try this weekend. we are spending 2 days at home working in the yard. as some of you know....i hate yard work. but, it must get done. then monday we are going to the brookfield zoo with the grandkids. i'm just glad the forecast is for beautiful weather for the holiday weekend........
  15. hi my husband has been asking for some baked beans now that summer bbq season is here. can you give me any idea how much of the differant ingredients you added. did you like it? i'd love to try it for the long memorial weekend cookouts.
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