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  1. The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan It's a book about the Dust Bowl. I never knew how horrible it had been, even though the DH's mother survived it, as did all of my birth grandparents. I think everyone should read it; if you have ancestors who survived the Dust Bowl it will mean a lot, but even if you don't, it's absolutely riveting.
  2. I was a member for about 6 or 7 months. It was great for getting me started, but I outgrew it pretty fast. My advice is to pay month to month - don't do the year contract, b/c if you outgrow it before the year is up, you'll be stuck paying until the end of your contract. That said, it's a great place to begin. V. supportive, friendly and fun. If you have several near you, shop around though. Some are better than others in what the staff does and how they operate.
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    Thanks - I'll ask when I go! The Injera bread it doesn't seem to have much in the way of points. It's Teff flour, water, and (usually) wheat flour. The only oil is enough what's put on the pan to keep it from sticking. The flavor is a fermented flavor, I think. (Thus proving again the old adage that every culture has a quick bread recipe.) On the recipes, we're going to Asmara, in Cambridge. They're fairly traditional in preparation, I think. The vegetarian dishes were originally designed for church fasting days. So they should be fairly low points.
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    Hi - Does anyone have any information on Ethopian food, especially Vegetarian? I know that the injera bread is 1-2 pts. per piece, depending on how it's made. I've managed to find one or two of the recipes and they're about 5-6 pts. a serving for the stuff with sauces. The veggie stuff, like collard greens and tomato salad would be maybe 1-2 points a serving? I think that if we get the vegetarian platter (we usually do) I'll eat sensibly, intentionally pick the things that have the lower points and count it as 10 points total. . .
  5. I have two pairs of these pants I ordered from the internet. Ralph Lauren. I thought I'd ordered a size 10. They came in and were a size 8. I never returned them due to sloth and wouldn't give them away because I kept thinking "maybe one day I'll fit into them." And if I sucked in really hard, I could sometimes zip them. (But they were both wayyyyyyyy tooo tight!) Yesterday, I pulled them both out. Tried them on. They both fit like gloves. I have only lost 1 pound in the past month, but I knew my body LOOKED slimmer. Now I have proof! I know it's not a huge thing. But it is.
  6. The last time I "indulged" in pizza by using my flex points I spent the next day with a very miserable tummy! It couldn't handle the fat anymore. Somehow, that stopped my craving for pizza.
  7. Amperage

    Coffee Question

    Sportsfan - Aspertame is a known vasodilator, which is probably what was causing your health problems. You might look up "tyramine". I know. I've had similar problems. Now I avoid foods with tyramine and foods with aspertame when I'm headachy or think I might be headachy and it seems to work. (Mostly.)
  8. My cats and my dog love 'em, especially whisked up into a little milk. Hmmmm. . .I have to bring "special" treats to obedience class. Wonder what my spoiled mess would make of fried egg yolks?
  9. I think it's actually one of those things like "gumbo". In Africa, "gumbo" means okra. In the U.S. it means a dish that's rather soupy in appearance and is mostly made in Louisiana. In Africa, a "yam" is its category of plant. It's a tuber that must be cooked before being eaten. In the U.S. a "yam" is a variety of sweet potato. Neither usage is wrong (language is NEVER static, after all). Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. Sorry.
  10. For calories, yes, they'd be considered the same. A yam is a type of sweet potato.
  11. Just went to an Indian buffet and stuffed myself. I fooled myself into thinking that "it's vegetarian. It's low points." Well it is, and after I sat down and figured out the points, I realized that I'm okay, but that it was far more points than I had thought it was. And then it occurred to me that this is why I've gained weight in the past even when I was trying to do WW'ers. I fooled myself into thinking that I could have things that were "good for me" as much and as often as I want without any penalty. I had a moment of epiphany: not only have I done this in my weight, I've carried that behavior over into my life. If what I wanted was "good for me", I fudged a little and didn't change other behaviors to accomodate. I've done it with exercise and money and (especially) clothes. Everything has a price, but the price isn't always immediately obvious and when we don't pay that price, when we defer that price, we pay in other ways that may be more costly than accepting and acknowledging the cost from the moment we take ownership of the behavior. WOW. Who knew BCB would also teach me about life.
  12. Amperage


    If you're talking about making wraps at home: check the wrap before you buy. There are some truly yummy 1 point wraps out there. (I buy Cedar or Joseph's - local brands. In Louisiana we bought FF Tortillas that tasted the same and were 1 point.) If it's at a restaurant, it depends. Try their website or ask what brand they use, then look it up.
  13. WOW! Congrats! I'm super impressed. You're an inspiration!
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