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  1. You do better than I do! Congratulations to you!
  2. As much as the purists don't like it, I zone into my iPod and it takes me away to someplace else rather than listening to my brain telling me to STOP!
  3. Monday I ran on the TM doing a 60-sec switch. Run for 10 min; then every 60 seconds switch the incline to higher and/or lower.
  4. Ran outside yesterday; the temps were high 60s and into the low 70s.
  5. Ran a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Did not win a pie! I was too slow; however, not winning a pie is a good thing!
  6. The Runner's thread used to be quite active; not sure what happened. Lack of interest? Anyway, I'm a runner (sort of) and try to do some kind of running or elliptical every day, along with strength work outs. Actually, today I will be running on the TM (it's a bit nippy out today) and some strength training. Since I broke my wrist in September, Doc says I can't use weights for yet another month. :bcb_grrrrThat is all.
  7. Quick Recap: Been riding; fell off in September; broke wrist; wrist is healing well; ran Dogige 5K for local animal shelter in October; will run a 5K on thanksgiving day; still going to the gym. Don't like cold weather, already! Time to get out my layers upon layers for running outside (well, maybe running outside). I think I should hibernate until April!!! But,you knew this already! HA!
  8. Sara and I have signed up for our favorite Thanksgiving Day 5K already! Nothing like a good run before eating turkey and all the trimmings.
  9. Survived the Doggie 5K and ran with Jack; Sara ran with Daisy after all. Great time, although we could not control when dogs neeeded a drink and/or bathroom break! Longest 5K EVER! But lots of FUN!
  10. Thanks. Going out for a run today! Saturday I am running a Doggie 5K to support a local dog shelter! Was going to run with one of my daughter's dogs (Daisy), but she is afraid Daisy might pull me down because she is so strong when other dogs re around. I'll run with her and Jack (her other dog) until they leave me in their dust!
  11. Wow! I don't feel so horrible now about when I started to ride (51) and when I started to run (57). Still at it at 63.
  12. Doing what I can; motivation is waning with broken wrist that I got when I fell off my daughter's horse on September 15. I did start running again last week with cast, a pink cast. Great colors to choose from these days. I got a waterproof cast so I can wash it in the shower and not worry about it being wet. Getting a brace put on this Friday.
  13. Good for you! I need to sit down and actually take an inventory of how many minutes I am exercising every week. I mark it down, but I'm not keeping track of the times. I know how many minutes/hours I've gone riding! Does that count?
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