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  1. So....we recently went back to attending the ww meetings. We heard something new...they called them set points. From what I understand...certain foods have set points which means you are allowed to eat until you are satisfied and you only have to count the set points. Am I interpreting this correctly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You can get a really good filling breakfast for 5 pts...and sometimes for less. I tend to use 5 for lunch, 5 for breakfast, 4 for snacks..and the rest for dinner. Dinner is usually my biggest meal...but it all depends on when your biggest meal is.
  3. smylin_atcha


    I read this on Mayoclinic.com How much sodium do you need? Various organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine, have published recommendations on daily sodium limits. Most recommend not exceeding the range of 1,500 and 2,400 milligrams (mg) a day for healthy adults. Keep in mind that the lower your sodium, the more beneficial effect on blood pressure.
  4. I am currently counting points and I'm wondering if someone knows how many points this recipe would be. Thanks for any help.
  5. Wow...that is definitely a reason to celebrate! Congrats!
  6. lol...oops sorry...didnt mean to laugh...but I can just picture it...lmao
  7. Whats the recipe to your better than sex cake?
  8. My grocery store stopped selling ff sour cream... I've asked them about it and they just say they no longer carry it.
  9. Technically a cube of chicken bouillon is concentrated chicken meat extract. It's very salty and you can find it in normal grocery stores. It is used if you don't have chicken broth. It bumps up the flavor of a soup broth. You can use chicken broth - straight, concentrated chicken broth - add water, chicken base (a kind of paste in a jar similar to cubes but wetter and needs to be refrigerated once opened - I like it better than cubes) - add water, and chicken cubes - add warm or hot water to dissolve. There is also the kind that is in a type of powder..not in a cube. Try looking for Knorr...My favorite.
  10. I have the wii fit and another one thats The biggest loser...with Jillian... both are great.
  11. We like to put it in some foil...add some fresh tomatos, onions, cilantro, lemon...and any other veggies we happen to have....put some lemon pepper on it... You can either cook it on the grill or put it in the oven. Delicious either way.
  12. If you use limewire...you can also transfer that music to itunes.
  13. We just found out what happened. Apparently they did not continue charging her credit card bc the expiration date had elapsed. So now they have the updated information and everything is working. Thanks for your replies.
  14. We checked in the profile but it does not mention a monthly pass. I'm thinking she will have to contact customer service. Thanks for your reply!
  15. Does anyone know how to print out a temporary monthly pass? I was told you could go to the ww site and print one out in case yours did not arrive in the mail. This exact thing has happened to my best friend and we cannot find where to go on the ww site in order to print out the temporary monthly pass. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
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