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  1. The Ready Pac Bistro in the container is one serving for 4 points(190 cal, 10 fat, 2 fiber), the kit in the bag is 10 points for the entire bag(stats 2.5 servings - 150 cal, 12 fat, 1 fiber= 375,30,2.5).

  2. I agree with Kimberley, CJ. I go to meetings and have the monthly pass so I have access to WW online (e*tools) and love it, but I think that getting the new info face to face is best so you have someone readily available to answer questions and clear up any confusion.

  3. I also offer congratulations on the weight have already lost - what a great accomplishment!


    Besides what the other's have said you should also change up what you're eating. Your body will eventually get used to certain foods/exercise and just stop letting go of the weight. Also not eating the exact same of points every day should help. Eat Target one day, 5 over the next, 2 or 3 over the next, then back to target, etc. In this game of weight loss, you have to keep your body guessing.

  4. Dawn,


    I'm always able to eat a large breakfast so can't empathize with your non-hunger at that time, however, you can bump up your breakfast points and still have a small meal. Eat a higher point cereal, use whole milk, add some dried fruit and/or nuts to your cereal. 36 points is quite a few to consume in one day, and may seem impossible to you at this point, but once you learn how to tweak your meals to make them higher in points (regular cheese, reg. salad dressing, etc. instead of fat free or low-fat), I predict that it won't be too long before you'll be re-tweaking to the lower calorie/fat choices to stretch those points - because some day it may feel like there aren't enough points available to you.


    The beauty of your earned AP's is that they are now bankable - you don't have to consume them all in the day that you earned them. So, you don't need to worry about trying to stuff tons in right before bed.

  5. You're not giving your body enough fuel if you're not eating your AP's, and IMO also your WPA. It sounds like your body feels like you're starving it so it's going to hold onto every fat molecule it can. You must eat to lose!


    ETA: Are you sure you calculated your target points correctly? At 265 lbs, 45 yrs old, and mostly sitting, I get 31 - at 288 lbs you get 2 more points than I do, based also on your age of course.

  6. Marla- My leader *always* tells people to not use their APs or to only eat around 1/4 of them. She says that people pretty much always overestimate their APs so we shouldn't eat them all. But I feel like I'm pretty good with calculating my APs (I come in under the POINTSBooster all the time) so I eat them all!
    I let the activity tracker on eTools figure mine out for the treadmill - it bases it on the speed (there's a range of 3.1 to 5(I think) mph and I do 3.3) and my weight - and I'm sweating like a pig and breathing hard, so I'm confident in it's number. I figure my own for the elliptical because eTools only tracks for moderate exertion and mine has a hr monitor built in so based on that and the way I feel, I know I'm working at high intensity - so I input it into their "calculator" and get the points that way.


    Kimberley's leader has a valid point and that's why, even though I'm letting WW tell me how to account for my exercise, I still try to usually not to eat all of my AP's.


    I also let my body tell me when/if I should eat them. I got tons of hard activity yesterday and I was starving last night - so I absolutely ate some extra points. Today is a day of rest, and I'm not really hungry at all, so I won't touch them.

  7. Use the 2 points on lean protein, fruit, or dairy. Even if it turns out that adding the 2 daily doesn't work for you, at least your choices for them would be healthy ones.


    The longtime members, and leaders/former leaders (like CW) are a font of great information. They've walked the walk and have muddled through the trial and error stuff so they pretty much know what does, and doesn't work. I definitely paid attention when I kept seeing people being told to eat most, if not all, of their weekly and activity points - so I do. At first I didn't and had ok losses, but 2 weeks ago I ate them all and lost 2.6, last week I ate all of the weekly and half of the AP's and lost 5.4. Don't be afraid of good, healthy food, Kelly. :bcb_smile

  8. Katie,


    I don't know where in VA you are, obviously-lol, but if you're anywhere near Richmond/Glen Allen, there a TJ's in the new shopping center across from Short Pump Town Center. There's also a Whole Foods just down the road from TJ's heading towards I64.

  9. I finally broke down and ordered the banana and the pineapple since it was free shipping and 10% off to boot.


    I don't care for them much at all and think that Trader Joe's brand is much better.


    I also got the potato crisps --- y*u*c*k!!! They were definitely like eating styrofoam, with no taste. Absolutely not worth the point! Thumbs down from me on both products.

  10. If you're into the Biggest Loser, or even if you're not - lol, iTunes has quite a few different workout mixes from the show for $9.99. I got the Sports Anthems one and love it. iTunes also has lots of free workout podcasts.

  11. It's basically the old CORE program.


    You should check out the Simply Filling board. They can answer any questions you may have over there. I do the points and wouldn't want to steer you in the wrong directions with misinformation.

  12. Since you said you're really pushing yourself at the gym, it's possible that your muscles are retaining water while they repair. Are you drinking plenty of water?


    My suggestion would be to track your points even though you're following CORE to make sure, as Kimberley said, that you're truly eating only to satisfaction.

  13. Starbrite,


    Using the recipe builder on WW e*tools, I come up with 9 points per dinner. 3 for the cup of pasta, 4 for the 1/2 cup of cheese, and 2 for the 1/2 cup of spaghetti sauce. You could get that down to 5 points by using low-fat cheese and tomato sauce with spices mixed in rather than the pre-made spaghetti sauce which has sugar in it.

  14. Welcome to WW and BCB, Klondike. I think you'll find as you get along in this journey, and have been eating healthier choices, that your taste buds, and preferences, will change and that Big Mac may end up just not being what you want anymore. But if it is, Blackbeard is correct, it can be worked in as long as you plan for it.

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