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  1. They're on the way, Rhonda! Go Black!!!
  2. Black team results are posted. I had to issue 2 passes but if Nubian and Last try get their weights posted by 10pm, I'll amend. Looks like red is taking this week. Congratulations Red Team on a job well done! April -All that exercise is fantastic, but I'm worried about you going too strong too fast. You don't want to burn out. Melissa -Here's your , now get rid of those cookies and get back on track!
  3. Black Team Results: Week 2 Unfortunately I had to assign passes to the members who had not recorded their WI's by noon today. 1. DestinedtoSucceed ~ 268 (pass) = 268 2. jbp-b ~ 198.8 (-.8 ) = 198 (.40%) 3. bdarwath ~ 188.4 (-2.8) = 185.6 (1.48%) 4. red-d-2-lose ~ 334.6 (+.8) = 335.4 5. tom5281 ~ 242.5 (-2) = 240.5 (.82%) 6. suzeng01 ~ 252 (-.4) = 251.6 (.15%) 7. Melissa73 ~ 217.8 (-2) = 215.8 (.91%) 8. rhonda128519 ~ 226 (maintained) = 226 9. Reallywant2lose ~ 203 (-4) = 199 (1.97%) 10. Last try ~ 198.8 (pass) = 198.8 11. mariposa82 ~ 171.1 (+.2) = 171.3 12. nubian242queen ~ 149 (pass) = 149 13. kris3489 ~ 137.5 (-2.5) = 135 (1.81%) 14. GaPeach ~ 135.4 (-1.2) = 134.2 (.88%) 15. abty77 ~ 191 (-1) = 190 (.52%) 16. lookin2lose70 ~ 238.5 (+1.5) = 240 17. Ga_ girl ~ 218 (-2) = 216 (.91%) TEAM SW = 3570.4 LBS LOST = 16.2 TEAM CW = 3554.2 TEAM % LOST = .45% Congratulations to ReallyWant2Lose for being Black Team's biggest loser this week with a loss of 1.97%! Well done, Really! We lost a little steam this week, team, let's try to pick it back up.
  4. Some very nice losses reported for the start of Week 3! Nice job everyone. I still need WI's for Charlene, Nubian, and Last try. I want to congratulate ReallyWant2Lose on her super loss of 4 pounds this week, putting her into Onederland - way to go Really!!
  5. 3 oz of lean pork chop, without bone, cooked, is 3 points.
  6. Good luck on the scales tomorrow Amy, Tom, April, Melissa, Nubian, and Lookin' !
  7. Great losses, Peach and Sarah - congratulations! No WI for me today so I'll be using my first pass this week. Woke up to snow and a cancelled meeting. I can't say I'm disappointed because my home scale was up and I couldn't figure out why but finally decided that it must be due to the antibiotic I was taking for an infected cyst because I did nothing different this week from last. I'll keep marching along OP and dare that scale to not show a loss next week! Have a great time tomorrow, Amy!
  8. You're welcome, Mercedes. Pam, I believe April was referring to her WW WI. The passes for the challenge are only supposed to be used if we can't physically WI for the week, not so we don't have to report a gain.
  9. Beautiful loss, Mercedes, congratulations!
  10. Thanks for the pep talk, Sarah. I think the biggest thing we have to work on during this journey is our patience. It would be wonderful to lose all of the weight overnight but that's just not realistic. Yowza, Amy!! That dress doesn't leave anywhere to hide anything. Your sister is a sadist! LOL You're going to look beautiful in it.
  11. Well done, Amy! You're an inspiration! April, :water1: I'm glad you were able to get right back on track. As you've figured out, avoiding the scale won't help - we need to face the music when we mess up. Lots of WI's tomorrow and over the weekend so best of luck to all of my Black Team getting on that metal monster. As for me, my home scale does not seem to be budging an inch. Which, as you all know, is frustrating as h*ll. After my unusually large loss last week I suppose my body is hanging on to everything it can this week. I've been OP, journaling, exercising, and drinking the water so I guess I can handle it. Good job, Pam! Baby steps.
  12. Wtg on the .8 loss, J.B.! Good luck at WI tomorrow, SuzenG & GaPeach! Welcome, Mel!
  13. Hang in there, Pam. Happy Birthday, Amy. I hope your special day is a wonderful one! As for those chips - if you know going in that they're going to be a trigger for you, ask your server to not even bring them to the table. Enjoy your dinner.
  14. Go Black team!! Great first week everyone, lets all make week 2 even better!
  15. Afternoon losers! I hope the scale was nice to you yesterday, Autumn. Good luck and skinny vibes coming to you for tomorrow's WI, J.B & Rhonda! I applaud your determination, Amy, but be careful working out while you're sick. Listen to your body and get better before pushing too hard so you don't relapse. I hope you're feeling better by tomorrow - it sure would suck to not be able to taste your b-day meal. I hope the Black Team is in the zone and ready to kick butt this week!
  16. Amy, You would PM any one of them the same way you would anybody else. The 3 I know from the 100+ forum are CW, KimberleyW, and Joanne (plcm111195). I'm sorry you're feeling so cruddy and hope you get better soon.
  17. Thanks, Tanya. I didn't want to bombard them with the same request from lots of us.
  18. I let the activity tracker on eTools figure mine out for the treadmill - it bases it on the speed (there's a range of 3.1 to 5(I think) mph and I do 3.3) and my weight - and I'm sweating like a pig and breathing hard, so I'm confident in it's number. I figure my own for the elliptical because eTools only tracks for moderate exertion and mine has a hr monitor built in so based on that and the way I feel, I know I'm working at high intensity - so I input it into their "calculator" and get the points that way. Kimberley's leader has a valid point and that's why, even though I'm letting WW tell me how to account for my exercise, I still try to usually not to eat all of my AP's. I also let my body tell me when/if I should eat them. I got tons of hard activity yesterday and I was starving last night - so I absolutely ate some extra points. Today is a day of rest, and I'm not really hungry at all, so I won't touch them.
  19. Amy, Did you PM one of the moderators asking to have the results thread stickied?
  20. Black Team results are posted. We had a fantastic first week everyone, great job and congratulations! Let's continue rockin' this thing!! Those of you who had slight gains, or maintained - you'll get it this week. Hang in there! Goooooo Black!
  21. Black Team Results: Week 1 1. DestinedtoSucceed (Friday) 273.4 (- 5.4) = 268 (1.97%) 2. jbp-b (Wednesday) 200.2 (-1.4) = 198.8 (.69%) 3. bdarwath (Saturday) 190.8 (-2.4) = 188.4 (1.25%) 4. red-d-2-lose (Saturday) 336.2 (-1.6) = 334.6 (.47%) 5. tom5281 (Saturday) 243.5 (-1) = 242.5 (.41%) 6. suzeng01 (Thursday) 254.8 (-2.8) = 252 (1.09%) 7. Melissa73 (Saturday) 217.6 (+.2) = 217.8 (0%) 8. rhonda128519 (Wednesday) 229.8 (-3.8) = 226 (1.65%) 9. Reallywant2lose (Sunday) 206 (-3) = 203 (1.45%) 10. Last try (Sunday) 198.4 (+.4) = 198.8 (0%) 11. mariposa82 (Monday) 173.9 (-2.8) = 171.1 (1.61%) 12. nubian242queen (Saturday) 151.6 (-2.6) = 149 (1.71%) 13. kris3489 (Friday) 140 (-2.5) = 137.5 (1.78%) 14. GaPeach (Thursday) 139 (-3.6) = 135.4 (2.58%) 15. abty77 (Friday) 191 (maintained) = 191 (0%) 16. lookin2lose70 (Saturday) 237.5 (+1) = 238.5 (0%) 17. Ga_ girl (Friday) 220 (-2) = 218 (.90%) TEAM SW = 3603.7 LBS LOST = 33.3 TEAM CW = 3570.4 TEAM % LOST = .92% Congratulations to GaPeach for being Black Team's biggest loser this week! Well done Peach! We're off to a great start, team, let's keep it rolling!
  22. Sarah, Good job tracking and acknowledging the undesirable eating. That's the only way to learn from it.
  23. April, Since I already responded to your post about this on another thread.... Congratulations on the 1.6! You definitely have the time to turn around yesterday's eating. I have faith in you!
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