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  1. OMG!!! Who would have thought 9 points. I have to rethink my food plan for tonight... WON'T be doing that one again!! Thanks. I am going to save the sonic site... Tammy
  2. I stopped today and didn't have my book with me. I figured it had to be listed somewhere, but since I have been home, I have looked for it and can not come up with it. I thought it woudl be a good choice, fat free yogurt and fruit?? Thanks for your help in advance. Tammy 91
  3. I found the answer to my question in the eating out section. Should have looked there first. Tammy
  4. I Had A personal pan beef and mushroom pizza for supper, I am not sure how many points to count it as. Can anyone help?? Thanks So Much!! Tammy
  5. Thanks for the Super Great information and soooo fast too!! I am headed to tally my points for the dinner and see how bad I did!! Thanks Tammy
  6. My Hubby wanted to go out to eat for his BD and he picked Cracker Barrel. I had small serving of Hashbrown Casserole but have no idea on the points value... Can anyone help me? Thanks Tammy
  7. Sounds Very Good!!! Thanks For Posting!! Tammy PS what do you think about green food coloring them for St. Patrick's Day Potluck?
  8. Thanks Bunches For posting the Recipe!!! Tammy
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