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  1. Hi ladies! Thought i'd pop in and say HELLO! Laura - that's a good plan for this week. eating out is so hard - you never know what the heck they do to your food before they serve it! I swear i've turned into one of "those people" when I order. Can i get that grilled? no sauce? no cheese on the salad, dressing on the side, sauce on the side, can i get fruit instead of potatoes? Half the time they listen and half the time I just know they are rolling their eyes when they walk away from me! OH well - I don't care -I know i'm doing what's right! see ya tomorrow!
  2. Hi Ladies! Wow - it's been awhile since the Divas were in full force - I love to see the thread humming!!! I don't have much time to post today but wanted to pop in and wish you all a good OP Weekend! I know this is the hardest time for many of us - but remember - WE CAN'T FAIL IF WE HAVE A PLAN AND STICK TO IT! I was down 0.6 at WI today - but i was up 0.2 last week - things are tougher as i get close to goal - that's for sure! I have been working out more so i feel that tho the scale barely budges - i am tightening up. WORD OF ADVICE - take your measurements!!! The scale is not always our best friend and also not always an indication of how well we're doing. I really regret that i didn't take my measurements when I started. I DO know that in jeans i've gone from barely fitting into 16's to comfortably living in 10's So that helps! Focus on the big picture!!!
  3. Hands Down - Peanut Butter Bliss Bars. I have never found anything on the market that tastes as good as these - and no weird aftertaste! YUM! I also like the "everything" flat pretzel thingies.
  4. Hmmmm... I haven't seen Roman or Merrita. I will look (but i swear i go thru every package when i'm at the store!) Any recommendations on where to find them? i've tried Ralph's and Albertson's. I do have to add that the thing that was so good about the Wonderlight - was that it was a "white bread" tasting bun. As much as I love whole grain bread and eat it at all times, a whole grain hotdog bun just doesn't taste right with hot dogs and kraut! Thanks again!
  5. I am lost without my Wonder Light hot dog buns (1 pt each). They've closed the factories and any distribution here in Southern California. I have looked in every supermarket and I can't find any other brand that comes close. Best I can find is Sarah Lee for 2 pts each and It bumps up to 5 when you have 2 of them! I have a bread machine and also have made bread by hand, but have no idea what would make a low point bun. Does anyone have a recipe that would work out to a 1 pt hot dog bun? Even if it worked out to 3 pts for 2 that would be livable! Thanks!
  6. Have you gone to the weight watchers website? www.weightwatchers.com You will find a lot of information there about the program as well as the different types of membership (for instance you can go to meetings, or do WW at home) I highly recommend meetings because you will get even more support for your money. If you sign up for the "monthly pass" it works out to about 9 bucks and change a week and you get unlimited meetings (go whenever and however many times you want) plus e-tools which is a section of the WW website for members where you can look up different foods, recipes, exercise and also has an online tracker - incase you don't want to use a paper one. I think it's great - OH - And so you don't think this is some kind of weird plan, YES, you can eat any type of food you want (like donuts) BUT it's all part of a Balance. The plan works just like a checking account. For example, You only have so much in the bank each week, and you CAN go out and spend a lot of money on a watch, but then you'll have to save up some money somewhere else so you don't go broke - get it? I hope this helps!
  7. There's a bunch of kitchen scales on the Target website in the 20-30 dollar range - I'm sure any of them would be fine! (but definately make sure it does grams AND ounces) In answer to pot popping vs air popping.....well, airpopping has no added fat - which is good (if you've already got your healthy oils in for the day, or are low on available points to spend on popcorn). I haven't tried spraying oil on afterwards, for some reason i think it would make the popcorn feel "damp" am I crazy? Whatever works for ya!
  8. for convenience sake I often have the 100 calorie 1 point minibags BUT I agree that it just doesn't taste as natural as the real thing! SO - I usually make 2 servings at once (one for me and one for DBF) I measure the kernels (unpopped) - and use the Nutritional info on the container for points calculation. (i think it's like 30 grams = 1 pt) so get out he ole scale and measure it up! Then for each serving I use about a teaspoon or so of oil, or if I have the points for it, i'll do 1 TBL for 2 batches. SO - 1) take a large pot with a heavy bottom - don't use a thin bottomed pan. Pour your oil into the center, put it on a medium heat. 2) Dump your premeasured popcorn kernels into the pot and roll them around so they get covered with oil. 3) Cover with a lid, BUT tilt the lid so the steam can escape - this is important! if you don't do this it won't pop right. 4) as corn pops, grab the pot and lid and give it a good shake every so often This usually works for me! I know sometimes if my popcorn is sorta old it doesn't pop right - maybe you need to start with a fresh bag?
  9. How many points does it work out to be for 1/2 cup?
  10. Hi Aimee! First of all let me say CONGRATS! on doing such an excellent job with the program! It's a real challenge to follow it to a T and get all that exercise in, especially when you are starting out - Well Done! OK - now onto some suggestions... First of all, muscle does NOT weigh more than fat. a pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weight a pound - yes? The difference is how much space they take up. I can't remember the exact example but it's something like a pound of muscle is the size of a baseball and a pound of fat is the size of a basketball. SO -the theory is that if you weigh the same but have built muscle and lost fat, you are smaller in size (which when it all boils down is what we all want - right?) Sometimes people think that they are gaining when they start working out, but really what that usually is that your muscles do swell a little when they are exerted and sometimes will hold water and other fluids when in repair - just keep drinking your water and this will all even out. SO - that being said, yes, you are most definitely building muscle with all your exercising. And that's great! because muscle needs a lot of calories to maintain and repair itself and that means your burning more calories even when you're at rest. First thing you need to do is tomorrow morning when you wake up before you eat, take all your measurements. Start tracking that, because it is equally important to what the scale says! SO - where else could there be a problem? Some obvious things to double check: 1) are you really sure you're getting enough water (if you're working out that much you want to have additional water than just the daily 8 glasses - you need to replenish all that sweat!) 2) are you weighing and measuring your portions??? I can tell you - I can jam ALOT into a measuring cup...who am I kidding? SO - I weigh almost everything. When it comes to weighing portions - scales don't lie! 3) you're hitting your healthy 8's so that is great! What are you eating with those AP's you are earning? Are you eating nutritious food with it? 4) Are you eating a lot of sodium? 5) it is possible that you are overestimating your Activity points. Maybe talk to your Leader about how you are calculating them and see if he/she can offer some advice. OK - i'm sure the experts on this board will pipe in with more ideas, but if all the above seem to be in check - then I say - just hang in there! You might just all of a sudden have a fantastic loss that helps average things out. Good luck and keep up the great work!
  11. I have this recipe in my folder - I have not tried it yet. I can't even remember where I got it - maybe here? If anyone tries it - let me know how it turns out! Credit goes to whoever posted it originally!!! I just ran it through the recipe builder online. The original post had said serves 6-8. At 6 servings it's 5 pts, 8 servings it's 3 points. Sweet Noodle Pudding (Kugel) POINTS® Value: 3 Servings: 8 Ingredients 2 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese 1 1/4 cup fat-free sour cream 1/4 cup fat-free evaporated milk 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1/4 cup McNeil Nutritionals SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener 2 egg 1 1/2 tsp lemon zest 8 oz Hodgson Mill Whole wheat bow tie pasta Instructions Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Boil the noodels until cooked to your taste. Drain Well Let cool slightly Combine sour cream, milk, eggs, cottage cheese, vanilla, zest and sweetener in a mixing bowl and stir to mix. Stir in the noodels and correct the seasoning, adding sugar or lemon zest to taste. Spoon the noodle mixture into an 8x12 inch baking dish, lightly sprayed with spray oil. Sprinkle the cinnamon on top. Bake the kugel for 40-50 minutes or until the top noodles begin to brown.
  12. OK - I tried the Tapioca....I have developed a love/hate relationship with it. The color and texture scare me a bit - why couldn't they have put some dye in it so it doesn't look so scary bleach white? But then i eat it and it is delicious. I looked at the regular version and it didn't seem to bad, but i can't remember the stats. I think if the regular was only 2 points, i would opt for that (less artificial) but if it's 3 than this one is definately the winner (as long as you don't look at it)
  13. Actually I think that "country-style boneless pork ribs" are made from pork loin not the rib meat - so they would be much less points than traditional ribs. I only know because i always look at these and thing "man i wonder if they would taste as good as real ribs" I'll try to find the NI for the ribs- OK - here's what I found: http://www.foodsubs.com/MeatPorkLoin.html "...pork country-style ribs = pork country-style loin ribs = pork country ribs = pork blade end country spareribs Notes: These have more meat than spareribs or back ribs, but they aren't as easy to eat with fingers. Allow 1/2 pound per person. They come boneless (pictured) or bone-in. Substitutes: pork spareribs (less meaty and fatty) OR pork back ribs (less meaty and fatty still)..." and from Calorie - Count: http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/item/92760.html Can anyone figure out what the points would be for the recipe? Thanks! (we need a smiley wearing a chef's hat)
  14. Great recipe! well? how were they? did they have the Splenda aftertaste?
  15. I gotta chime in here - e-tools rocks! You can get the most up to date program info, progress charts, inspiring newsletters, recipes - the works. Also - you can use the online tracker - i live by it (unless i'm on vacation and not near a computer.) It's awesome because you can really budget out all your points and track your healthy 8's and your exercise. And it stores each week - so if you are in a slump, you could look back to a previous week or month and see what you were doing then that works for you. SO much better than constantly flipping through the WW books to calculate everything. I also get the package - $39.95/month covers all my ww fees and includes etools - you really have nothing to lose (except fat!)
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