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  1. http://www.picturetrail.com/buttercup76 I need a new photo the last one in my album was taken in September since than I have lost about 15 more #s and have toned up quite a bit. But you get the idea.
  2. Ok I am so confused. For about the past 8 weeks I have been incorporating the WW's smoothies into my daily intake. Typically having one with my breakfast and one after my evening workout before dinner. On the weekend I have used one in the am, midday, and in the evening depending on my day however that is not typical, but having 2 of them is. I like them with just water. I know I am the only person on the planet who likes them this way, they fill me up, and tide me over until I am ready for something else. The are one serving per each packet. 1pt, 110 calories, .5 grams of fat, and 4 grams of fiber. Well this morning I doubled that information on my points calc since I use two of them per day and instead of it being 2pts it came up 4?!? I also ran a typical day through my WW's meal tracker on ETools and it counted them 1 each throughout the day. So do I count them as one or do I count them as 4 total? I figure if I am putting my day into THEIR tracker and it is coming up as 1 per serving since they are throughout the day I should be ok? I am very close to goal and it does not have seemed to hurt me so far but I want to keep my journal very honest and I want to know.
  3. Before 293.5#s Goal 158#s I am down about 14-15#s from my goal picture. I would like to loose about another 3 #s Thought I would share
  4. I have stumbled upon a new ice cream brand after moving out west. Blue Bunny, they make guilt free Fudge Bars and a Fudge and Vanilla Swirl. The Fudge is 50 calories, 0 fat, and 4 grams of fiber The Swirl is 60 calories, 0 fat, and 5 grams of fiber I am coming up with 0 points?
  5. Could you tell me how you prepare it?
  6. Buttercup76


    Does anyone know the recipe for snow? It has SF Gelatin, FF Cool Whip, oranges and pineapple. I remember reading somewhere it was 1pt per cup? I need help finding that.
  7. I went to Dotti's site. I wanted something out of the norm for me for lunch. I went to Red Robin and had their Veggie Rice Bowl. She is saying on her site that it is 7pts. Do you think that can be right? The veggies are probably all zero points, broc, peppers, a few mushrooms, and squash. There were a few chineese noodles thrown in there and a TON of rice which of course I ate. I was guestimating it to be about 2 cups worth? Should I go a little higher on the points?
  8. Hi all. I went out of town last week and have not made it to the store yet. I have had Applebee's the last two days for lunch. I have eaten off their WW menu of course. Yesterday I had the Grilled Talipia and today I had the Grilled Shrimp Skewers and doubled up on the veggies. Bad part was I had diet coke with both meals. I have been craving it lately so bad which I know I should have not had it BOTH days. Do you think because these are WW menu items they are reduced in sodium as well? I mean I can't imagine them putting them on the menu and packing them full of salt? Any thoughts. I am off to the store tonight so I can make some better choices.
  9. Thanks Ladies. I looked on the WW website they are saying 1pt per slice of Rye bread. So I am going to count it as 4 and with the activity points I earn, I doubt it will make a huge difference I still have 24 flex points this week as well. I know with my workout tonight I will get 8ap's! I never use them
  10. I would think it was probably about a tsp. I got a lot of it off. I know it was not lo cal bread. I usually count the bread as 2pts per slice since I don't know what type it is. It was not dripping butter or anything just the norm. With the butter I didn't want to eat all of it.
  11. I had ordered from our local coney island an egg white omellette with all kinds of veggies in it. 1 pt I ORDERED dry rye toast. I grabbed it and headed to the park since it's over 50 here for the first time! Whoo hoo. I opened it up and it had butter on it. I ate 1 1/2 pieces of the toast. I tried to squish all the butter out with a few napkins. I am counting it as 4pts? Does that seem like enough or should I add 1 more?
  12. I have a girl I work with who BAKES all the time. What do you guys figure the points would be on half a medium sized Chocolate Chip Cookie would be, I only ate half and realized what a ding dong move. Tonight is weigh in.
  13. Buttercup76


    I found some medium sized pears this weekend that were awesome! I ate 4 of them in 3 days oops! Pears are 1 pt?
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