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  1. Those are exact weights aren't they? in terms of pounds? those are in 10ths of a pound. A pound is 16oz, so you just have to multiply that fraction by 16 to get ounces. Did you want ounces, grams, kilos?????
  2. I make my own! Much cheaper that way, and I get to "stick it to the man" at the same time:bcb_wink3 cup double strength coffee, chilled 6 ice cubes 2 tbsp flvd liquid creamer, french vanilla is good (2) 3 tbsp lite pwder creamer (2) blend, blend, blend til smooth..... yumm!!! If you wanted, I guess you could use sweetener, but blech:bcb_yuck:
  3. Instead of almont extract, I'm going to try vanilla next. I think I will like that flavor better. I love vanilla extract in things, like smoothies and other baked goods. The berries are so yummy and gooey though!
  4. mmmm, I especially love the raspberries and blackberries in this dish! I'll be making this for the fam in the summer for sure. My sister and I usually make a few complete meals (as in appetizer, main dish, sides and dessert) in the summertime when we're out of school. We'll also clean the whole house on those days so my mom comes home to food cooking and a clean house. She loves it when we're out of school... haha. Anyway, back to the point... this is great for that! Delish, and I can't wait to try it cold for breakfast:bcb_up
  5. Tried Pomegranite Blueberry tonight. Yummy! I may just like the pomegranite flavor (never had the reg juice before), but this stuff was really good! It's fruits and veggies, which is nice to get some interesting vitamin nutrients. 2pts per cup. I know a lot of you don't like drinking points, but I love juices so much I don't mind a glass every day or every other day. Plus, it's faster and more portable than a plate of cut up fruits and veggies.
  6. This is what I did.... cheesecake pudding, instant (sm box) 16 oz frozen berries 1/4 cup 1% milk (same cals as fat free) cup instant oats (what I had on hand) cup ff yogurt tsp almond extract It's in the oven right now, so I will update really soon! Well, about an hour from now:bcb_smile Anyway, the points are... pudding... 377, 0, .6 berries... 227, 0, 16.2 milk... 25, .6, 0 oats... 607, 10.8, 16.5 yogurt... 127, .4, 0 Total Dish: 1363, 11.2, 33.3 Six Servings: 227, 1.8, 5.6 = 4pts each serving That's with regular pudding. With sugar free, 277 calories are cut from the dish. This makes it 181 calories rather than 227 per serving, which translates to 3 points per serving. For Core, b/c I used regular pudding, I'm counting it as 1 pt per serving. This will also help me from eating the whole dish, as it's starting to smell great! Hope it comes out good.
  7. Great work! Most people lose water, muscle and fat all at once when they diet alone. You have incorporated exercise, you're using those muscles... and that old say "use it or lose it" is true! You aren't losing as much overall weight per gravity b/c you are maintaining the muscle you have and working on developing new muscle. Perhaps calculating your percent of body fat now and later to go along with the inches will be helpful. The scale is only one number in weight loss, and not a very informative one at that. http://www.he.net/~zone/prothd2.html
  8. This feeling of guilt is why I prefer the banking system. People didn't feel guilty about following the program. Flex is generally the same thing, you just use them when you want. Unfortunately, that introduces guilt:bcb_down Maybe they will do something about that in future publications. I hate the way it makes people feel. I always use my extras as well as APs. I lose the same no matter what I do- using them or not.
  9. It's pretty sweet on it's own without adding anything if you use ripe bananas. I don't use artificial sweeteners but you are welcome to experiment with different flavorings of course! Not only is this a nice treat, but it counts as a fruit serving I think I'll be making some tomorrow. It's been a while and I could use some ice cream during finals... haha
  10. I might have posted this before, but I don't remember. It's really yummy and has a great texture to it. Slice bananas and freeze in a baggie. After frozen (usually overnight), put in a blender and add some milk. Blend, adding milk as needed, until the right texture. Comes out like soft serve! Really ripe bananas are great and sweeter too Add some chocolate syrup if you want to count the points (1pt per tbsp).
  11. Never had it, but I know I could never eat that crap for the rest of my life.
  12. I made this earlier today for lunch. I only made one to test it, but to be a full meal, would make 2 batches. 1/4 cup cottage cheese 1/4 cup oatmeal (I used instant, but I don't think it matters) 2 egg whites 1/4 tsp vanilla extract bit of cinnamon (personal preference) dash of baking powder I put it in my blender and whipped it up.** Then, put it in a hot skillet, let it set, then flipped it to brown the other side. Afterwards, I drizzled it with a little honey (points count for that), as I didn't have any natural maple syrup to put on it. It was a pretty good pancake alternative **I understand there is controversy over blending and baking ingredients, especially oatmeal to make it a powder, on the Core program. It was necessary in this recipe. You have to decide for yourself what you consider Core on these things.
  13. What do you think the sugar/honey substitute would be. I want to try these, but I avoid things made in labs like artificial sweeteners. TIA:salut
  14. OP means "on program", "on plan". It just means that you are following point guidelines (target+allowance points+activity points) or for core (core foods+allowance points+activity points) POP means "perfectly on program/plan" and tends to include following the healthy 8 guidelines.
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