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  1. OK mickee. the chat room is open. i tryed the face book , not my thing. i will chat every evening and make new ww freinds. ya invite all our friends to join us. i do so much better when i have our ww buddies with us. lets get the chat room HOT again. Jane
  2. i am in for the breakfast challenge. i am a lifer who needs to lose 10lb to get back to goal. i lost my weight doing core. i went to a meeting and received all the new material. i am so excited. like the material says "start fresh and forget the old way" i got the calculater, 3 month journal, complete food and resturant guide. i always plan my meals/snaks. monday whole wheat thin bread 3 2 oz chicken breast 2 mustard 0 i tend to eat non-traditional breakfast foods see ya tomorrow Jane
  3. come chat, youngin,, jane

  4. my toe is better. i walked around the neighborhood for 20 min this morning. grilling chick and ground trukey burgers for din din. see ya all in chat, Jane
  5. on wed i think i broke my little toe. so, leslie and millie will have to be on a break for a few days. i will get back to activity as soon as i can. see ya in chat, Jane
  6. great job ,,looking. glad ya got your grab bag.. i did not get activity yesterday, i was sore from the sunday w/o. i am giong to see millie for 30 min after work today. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  7. i saw leslie for the walk and tone dvd. 2 miles with the waist resistance belt. great w/o. i did the intro to kettlenetics with the k-bell. i got this program about a year ago. its tough. i cant seem to get the moves down. i might put it up for sale if anyone is intrested. i put up a pot of navy beans today. having grilled chick and veggies for din din. i hope everyone has a great op week, see ya all in chat Jane
  8. hey, hey, i saw leslie for 4 miles yesterday and today. i walked for 15 min this morning before work, i got there early. SF foods choices has been good. lost .5 this week. yeah great job looking.. ya doing great with your activity. and congrats on the dr. appt. see ya all in chat Jane
  9. hey, hey chatters. i saw leslie on sunday for four miles. i have been making great SF food choices. pizza and bread sticks served at lunch today. i had my lean roast beef, beets, and aspargus,, yum-o. making tuna/salmon cakes and brussel sprouts for din din. see ya all in chat. Jane
  10. i saw leslie for 4 miles this morning. so i am reaching my goal of activity 3x a week. lost 1.5 this week. i am making much better food choices. Great job Smile. see ya all in chat, Jane
  11. i saw leslie for 4 miles yesterday. all SF foods for the day. i will see leslie for another 4 miles after work today. see ya all in chat,, Jane
  12. hey, hey, Great job chatters!! i saw leslie for 4 miles this morning. my food choices has been great all week. hope everyone is have a great week, see ya in chat. Jane
  13. hey, hey, chatters. i was SF all day. i will see leslie tomorrow, see ya all in chat, Jane
  14. good job looking! i bet your garden is real pretty. i saw leslie for 3 miles yesterday. today i took a day of rest. see everyone in chat,, Jane
  15. good job abty and good to see ya join us Smile. i saw leslie for a 3 mile walk today after work. ground turkey meat loaf and veggies for din din. lunch and Bfast was nanner, cherrie tomatoes, yellow peppers, pinto beans, avacodo, fake crab meat. i really struggle with milk, any suggestions. see ya all in chat, Janerae
  16. i saw millie for 30 minutes this morning. if felt really great to see her again. my legs are a bit sore, but its a good feeling. tomorrow i will see leslie for a w/o after i get home from work. see everyone in chat Jane
  17. today we start to log our activity. it's a simple challenge. calling all chatters who needs to get back to activity. post your progress. anyone is welcome to join us. Janerae
  18. i got a George for christmas and just love it. thank ya so much for the quick clean up tip, Blake. even though the clean up is really easy with soap and H20, i think the paper towel trick will work well. i am going to try that tonight after i grill my chick. happy grilling Jane
  19. happy birthday my dear. have a great day..Terrie

  20. i failed to say ya do need to count pts for the blend, i just wanted to share a healthy food i found. next time i will post on product reviews. jane
  21. i found this grain mix, and its the best i have ever had. Harvest Grain Blend, TJ brand. it contains Israeli Style Couscous, Orzo, Baby Garbanzo Beans, Red Quinoa. i know some of these grains are not core, but i wanted to share the find with you all. we core lovers dig our grains, haha give it a try, i know ya will enjoy it as much as i do. Janerae
  22. Congrats, I Am So Happy For You And Your Family. Janerae
  23. hey, hey. sorry i have not posted in a while. i have been very sick with stomach flu. not pretty. i am feeling much better now. so good to see ya E. sorry about the w/i. ya know what to do. sure, life gets busy, so make ww work for ya. get back to activity. ya know this works. Journal, get your h8"s, and try not to get so down on yourself,, you are a loser, but in a good way!!! hope to see ya in chat soon Jane xoxox
  24. Happy birthday emily. i waited for a day to let ya get used to being 40!! hope ya are well. hope to see ya in chat,, i been a bit lazy with activity. i have been reading books,, exercising the mind, yeah hope everyone is having a great day,, Jane
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